1. @Mark Peter look marks peter, bath that would suck hard marks peter, to have the name you have, MARKS PETER. Have you had your peter marked on? Do you make Peter marks on you understand? Dont bring humanity in this. This is about America damn it.

    2. @Darcy O’Kweef Biden did actual work. Guess that’s a surprise to you after seeing the Cheeto just play golf and tweet his presidency away.

      That was one term wasn’t it? A huge loss in the Senate, the House, 60+ court cases AND the presidency? What a bunch of winners the republicucks are 😂🤣😂

    3. @Reid Earl <— moron right here. Funny you say that when Trump backed the facists last summer where they chanted “soil and blood”.

  1. If she would’ve apologized from the beginning, this probably would’ve turned out differently. Instead, she had to basically be forced to apologize.

    1. @Msgt D Oorah those same machines that got republicans voted into office .your boy trump lost the popular vote twice .

    2. I haven’t seen a single apology for any of the atrocious thing she’s said or done. Have you? Am I missing something here?

    1. If you have see the movie Casino and have concerns about what the House Democrats did, maybe move her down the trough. But Education and Budget? How about ‘conservation and forestry’ and ‘water, oceans and wildlife’.


    2. @John Edward kinda like maxine waters, nancy pelosi, kamala harris, joe biden, ilhan omar, and aoc with all their violent rhetoric?

    1. Gooo MAGA… Manipulated American Gullible Aholes… She’s as sorry as Sadam Hussein… Choices do have consequences.

    2. @Upper 90 What the hell are you talking about??? I am not joking–I honestly do not get you. “The media” didn’t SAY the things psycho Marjorie Green said; they just have SHOWN her expressing her lies, conspiracy theories, and anti-democracy bile. If we despise fuckhead Greene, it isn’t because of the damned media. It’s because of GREENE! Stop passing the blame. “The media” is not the reason the GOP has become a circus; the clowns and dancing elephants in the party are the only ones to blame for that.

    3. @Tatey Ambrose but the media does teach you how to hate the other side now don’t they, every time you turn on the news media it’s always hate speech. You’re telling me you can’t see it

    4. @Tatey Ambrose I’m just saying she made a good point, that the media all they do is preach hate speech, she’s right no matter how crazy she is, what’s so hard to understand about that.

    1. @M C You deleted and changed your initial comment completely. You attacked illegal immigrants and called them criminals. Anyway, I have to admit you did a good job in describing Greene ..She encompasses everything you mentioned ..

    2. Joy Simpson well said. I just look at this woman and all my food came right back up to my throat 🤮, seriously 😒

  2. All this proves is that she cannot think straight, she’s easily influenced by fake things, and has no critical thinking skills.

    1. Paula P , excellent observation and 100% on point! Sad day for her district in GA. She’s taken a page from her idols play book, however she didn’t realize that she’s new to this “game” in DC!

    2. Q is REAL!!! Why is the Left so Brutal to this young, pretty, defenseless, woman?? She suffered enough bullying from you people!! We need Unity with us Conservatives.

    1. @Rob Cotton im not American. I dont care. Im sad that the ex leader of the west is now a commie far left country

    2. @The Truth Huh? Ex leader is far left? I don’t think so. He leans waaaay to the right (almost as much as he leans when he stands in his awkward leaning-forward posture).

  3. She talks like a psychopath. Like everything she is saying seems so perfectly insincere. Why are you conveniently sorry now?

    1. Why is her arms shorter than her body mommy?????? Mommy does she put conditioner in her dried out bleached hair???? Mommy, Mommy will the money she raised for the campaign be used to fix her upper teeth. It looks like her chicklet teeth are real fuqed up. Daddy is she tweaking??? She says YESTERRRR-DAY real funny mommy!!!!

    1. @R F Speaking of racism why did the l i b t a r d s tear down statues and burn cities over racism yet vote for the party that invented it ? The DNC spent 140 years out of 193 years in power in Slavery then Jim Crow then oppressed black communities to this day

  4. uughh Ohh EM GEE, she sounds like a 60 year old who talks like a 16yr old ditzy rich girl like omg seriously, its like EL OHH EL

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