Maroons Speaking out | TVJ News - August 13 2021 1

Maroons Speaking out | TVJ News – August 13 2021

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  1. Jah is real peace hw ur my black kings n queens n family al g pray n bless up yrself n family stay safe. to the Jamaican government soldiers police judges lawyers doctors teachers pastors business industry u u n u stop disrespect our four fathers n mothers souls they died in slavery for Freeman n woman in our own Island Jamaica. u al need to have some respect n if u dnt please dnt cry out about the young generation dnt have manner n respect cause they r listenin n learnin frm u al. to b wicked n evil like u al. the Jamaican government is playin a sad selfish game i dnt see r ear the Jamaican government doin any ting to stop the guns frm comin to Jamaica like hw him keep putin tings in place to fight against Corona sickness hw he is nt Putin tings in place to stop the guns frm comin into Jamaica putin some ting in place to stop the killin. To the government of Jamaica a question do u u love humanity do u u love us black Jamaican kings n queens? i think ur goin to say yes u do love us black Jamaican n we r apart of u. Please dnt keep foolin yrself u the Jamaican government dnt love us the black Jamaican kings n queens. U give n show yr love to the western governments n the vanity ur takein away frm Jamaica n Jamaicans poor kings n queens. U the Jamaican government along with the darkfose western governments make the young man n women of Jamaica dnt care if they live r died i rember many of my friens say they dnt want to live no more in the poor sufferin life. i pray n begin them please dnt think n talk like that. But i could nt stop them they die. u the Jamaican government take away my black poor friens lifes. nw check what is goin n with the US dollars n the pounds its just keep runnin up up up… a Usain bolt the government of Jamaica who dnt ear wil feel thats my mummy words i listen i ear n im tryin to keep positive thinkin n talkin n tryin to do positive tings. to the government of Jamaica pray n do n say positive tings. the time is at hand the most high of the highest love peace unity overstanin forgiveness Marcy toward eachother humanity.

  2. There are many laws of Jamaica that need to be reviewed, as many from the colonial era remain in force, which have no place in modern day Jamaica post independence, example the 1843 Town and Countries Act ( Amended 2014 ) and the Obeah Act 1833.

  3. The government orchestrated this move by officers… them want to bring this maroon territory in focus because of something them goodly have on paper…Mr chang give the public a hint… the maroon them fi defend them land by any means necessary..

  4. Rightfully so.
    Alot to discuss.
    I doubt any parliamentarian have adequate knowldege of the Maroon Treaty.
    But, I think it’s for all of them to talk.
    The Government of Jamaica shud show respect to Maroons and have some real cultural relationships with them.
    Just understand the lines and have some decent dialogues

  5. The government of Jamaica is placing and exerting their energies in the wrong area. How about fighting crime and corruption? How about creating more jobs? How about stopping the further depletion of our natural resources to overseas entities? Why interfere with a part of our rich heritage. This government has an upside down way of thing. As the saying goes “dumpy know who fi frighten…”

    1. Jamaican government does not make any actual decisions about our country, the are just the face to keep trick the people the British does it all at this point Jamaica if just a big stock split between a few investors and we the people are the motor keep the investmest passive and now the want the last piece of land that is keeping the island alive, just think about Haiti and say that not how I want my kid to live in the future

  6. Horace Chang you will regret your foolishness and the JCF don’t have Jurisdiction over the Maroon the Maroon freedom is forever not until the Government feel them want the land…

  7. I think the issue really is that the police went to steal the people’s ganja.
    This is wrong.
    Legalize ganja fully.

  8. As a member of the diaspora Dr. Horace Chang owe the Maroons and the people of Jamaica a public apology. A group of people needs to go to his office and give him a good history lesson. Any child who is fully conversant of Jamaican history can do that in a few minutes. In short Dr. Chang, the Emancipation Day and Independence celebration that we just had is all on account of the Maroons. The fact the you can hold office as the Ministry of Security can be attributed to the Maroons and all those who fight for our freedom and independence. With this sort of attitude no wonder the government is hell bent on mining in the Cockpit Country.

    1. When the maroons captured and returned runaways like themselves? They caught and returned Paul Bogle. I am not impressed by their action then nor am I now.

  9. I’ve never heard the Maroons speak out against anything done to Jamaicans in Jamaica! Always speak for themselves and themselves only! Because as far as they’re concerned, they’re not JAMAICANS

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