Marsha Blackburn visits Taiwan amid rising tensions with China | USA TODAY

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn visited Taiwan following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit earlier this month.

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It's the second visit by members of Congress since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip earlier this month raised tensions with China. Tsai pointed to the large-scale military exercises that China launched in response to Pelosi's visit, as well as Russia's invasion of Ukraine, as posing challenges to democratic governments such as the U.S. and Taiwan.

Blackburn reaffirmed shared values between the two governments and said she "looked forward to continuing to support Taiwan as they push forward as an independent nation." Tsai and Blackburn also underscored the importance of economic links, especially in the semiconductor sector, where Taiwan is a world leader and the U.S. is seeking greater investment at home.

China claims self-ruled Taiwan as its own territory, to be taken by force if necessary, and sees high-level foreign visits as interference in its affairs and de facto recognition of Taiwanese sovereignty.

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    1. The GDP per capita in Taiwan was last recorded at USD 71,244 (2021)
      The GDP per capita in China was last recorded at USD 11,188 (2021)

  2. Why are all these senators going Taiwan? Their jobs are to be in the US helping not going to overseas. That’s what Ambassadors are for

    1. Because a free Taiwan holds more value to the US and to you then you may think (referring to chips and other electronics used for all sorts of things)

    2. @drrkzq Not really, even if the CCP takes control of the most advanced technology, CCP will still continue supplying American customers.

    3. @Xi Han Quite bizarre excuses for CCP’s military aggression in the region. Hmmmm. Propaganda fails ! Lol

    4. @drrkzq The incumbent secretary of Dept. of Commerce already said in a press interview that the US (economy) will be miserable if losing Taiwan to China. That’s a strong message clear enough from the most top-ranking official foreseeing the US trade with other countries. No more needs to say or argue about strategic importance of Taiwan to the US national security. All other superfluous points deviating from this key consideration in the process of US policy making are dubious at best, and total crap most of the time. People including many media reporters, think tank analysts, and even academicians, are just ignoramuses rambling harmful BS to the US interest! Americans need to wake up and become really savvy.

    1. @Sonia T You’re ignorant! The Chinese refugees fled to Taiwan from their own civil war only took up about 10-15% of Taiwanese population back to WWII. Nowadays, only 1.3% of the Taiwanese support some sort of “unification” with China while over 80% are against being associated with China. Taiwanese people are genetically mixed with different ethnic groups including SE Asian aboriginal, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and Han people from China.

    2. @Bang 4 Buck We still have plenty to worry. Lol. TSMC in AZ are mainly to produce 5nm, not more advanced chips, and mainly for the US national security purposes, not for commercial advantage to compete in the global market since it’s way too expensive to make chips in the US besides lacking engineers to operate chip manufacturing. I’m giving everyone a reality check. I’ve been a semiconductor investor in the US for over 2 decades.

    3. @GULAG_SENDER lol who are you to say Taiwan is not China’s? US recognises that Taiwan is China’s under one China policy, so does UN

    4. @Steve Chang lol and yet they both came out an publicly said Taiwan is it’s own independent nation. And who am I? I was born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan.

  3. Subtext: Continue to stimulate China until China is dragged into the Taiwan battlefield, so that China’s economy will be hurt and it will no longer be a threat to the United States. Tactics like dragging Russia into Ukraine.😂

  4. Crap, China might issue another final warning over this. A more finaler warning than the last one

  5. Go home. Fix crime, immigration and political corruption in your country. Then go home and do some washing up, ironing and prepare something to eat for the family.

    1. You know theres a big difference between the situation in Ukraine then the one in Taiwan right? Taiwan being taken over directly affects us, unlike the situation in Ukraine where we’re just helping because of beliefs

  6. Blackburn is a weird name. It sounds like how she looks like some years from now, when she enters a very deep place with eternal fire.

  7. To give some context, the percentage of Taiwanese who support unification is less than 10%. That’s less than half the percentage of collaborators in the West who support the Communist Party of China which is at 20%

    1. To give more accurate context, the percentage of pro-unification Taiwanese population isn’t 10%, but a mere 1.3% per the most recent poll. LOL

    2. To give some context, only 17% of Hong Kongers wanted unification, look how that turned out. What I’ve learned, it doesn’t matter how many people doesn’t want something to happen.

  8. Weekly schedule of ccp

    Monday: attack Taiwan
    Tuesday: attack Japan
    Wednesday: attack Filippine
    Thursday: attack India
    Friday: attack us
    Saturday: attack Europe
    Sunday: declare peaceful rise

    1. Sounds like US!!!
      Monday: attack Vietnam
      Tuesday: attack Iraq
      Wednesday: attack Syria
      Thursday: attack Libya
      Friday: attack Yemen / Iran
      Saturday: attack Russia / China
      Sunday: declare US here to maintain peace and stability

  9. these visits are good but not enough. What is really needed is to get the manufacturing base that we’ve outsourced to leave China for other places. Manufacturing is where China’s strength lies and it is what we need to target

    1. @keblin China is moving away from manufacturing anyway and into services. Rising minimum wage in China while poor countries like India are rotting

  10. Every time Xi makes its final warning in response to these trips, send ten more politicians to visit Taiwan

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