Mary Simon's first speech as Canada's next governor general 1

Mary Simon’s first speech as Canada’s next governor general


Inuit leader Mary Simon will be Canada's 30th Governor General, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday. She is making history as the first Indigenous person in this country to take on the role.

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  1. I feel like her lack of speaking French might hurt the liberals in Quebec. Which is fine with me.

    1. @Pauline Weinberger oh Pauline, your English is so basic… take your BBQ and your beer, the Inuits are coming for… oh such a f.. problem

    2. @Alvaro Vasquez The sign of intelligence is to be able to explain complex things simply. You don’t think a Governor General should be able to speak both official languages?

    1. @Synchro Metanom Get used to it. It won’t be getting anymore British, less, tied to the legacy of the family saga, known by them as, The Firm.

    2. should everyone who took an Oath to serve the Queen in Canada be charged with their alleged crimes ?

    3. @david macdonald That makes no sense and you know it. But I was wrong. It’s not in the preamble, but in Part III.

  2. She was asked about her lack of fluency in French. She stated, she never had the opportunity to learn Canada’s other official language while in a institution. How many Canadians in the Canadian school system or went through the Canadian school system can speak French fluently?

    1. Victim of Residential School system: “They made me learn a foreign language! I want an apology.”
      Our new GG: “They would not let me learn a foreign language! I want an apology.”

    1. Aww, did your mother build the statues? They Will tear it down and nothing will happ. This is Canada not the UK. Move there if you don’t like Canada

  3. Is the Governor General just symbolic? why did she say she’s Commander and Chief of Armed Forces?

    1. The Queen is commander in chief and as the Sovereign’s representative in Canada the Governor General takes on that role during their time in office.

  4. “The Governor-General may dismiss an incumbent Prime Minister and Cabinet, an individual Minister, or any other official who holds office “during the Queen’s pleasure” or “during the Governor-General’s pleasure”. … The Governor-General can also dissolve Parliament and call elections without Prime Ministerial advice.”

    1. @Millie Me it did once. The governor did order the opposition to form a government but it was denied. They do have actual power but it’s never used ever.

    2. @Mark Great Oh c’ommon, the Inuits could take your pool, your BBQ and your beer?? oh Such a f.. problem

    3. @The Weasel You would have to check what the law says about her powers during an emergency. Secondly, in the case of electoral dispute.
      Although previous governments have treated the position as ceremonial, there is also power in being the Queens own representative. She has the power to dissolve Parliament and remove PMs. As well, the Queen may not want to be seen to interfere in Canada’s affairs.

    1. When she becomes “Governor-General”, she would have the power to fire the Prime Minister, not the Prime Minister firing her.

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