1. @Piktor Music you’re comparing not wearing a mask to pouring chemicals down a sewer…. Just stop. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. @Drewstein69 Do you conveniently ignore the experts when they say the vaxxed and boosted are the ones in hospital with and dying of covid? Not the unvaxxed.

    3. @GMW Renos Do you know how the immune system naturally works? You know, basic human physiology? Something tells me you don’t, however, I’m down to be proven incorrect 🙂

      You can dunk on whatever experts you want but if you can’t even explain the basic functions and processes of the immune system, why should your opinion even matter?

    4. @Hairy dude You said that already to me, bot. Seriously, have you driven a crayon up your nasal cavity lately? You still haven’t given your address for a peaceful 3 week protest.

  1. It is my choice. I will take what ever precautions that work for me my health is my responsibility. Mandates do not work. We still had covid spread with the Mandates. Masks restrict you breaching.. it’s not just an inconvenience.

    1. The real-world data is unequivocal: mask mandates correlated to HIGHER case counts of COVID, not lower. Whoops. The exact opposite outcome mask proponents claim should result.

  2. And it’ll be only 14 days to flatten the curve, right?
    And I cringe every time this “doctor” mispronounces “respiratory”.

    1. Flatten the curve didn’t mean “eradicate the virus”, it meant ..slow down the deluge into the hospitals and then allow the hospitalizations to level off.
      Then we loosened up and it happened again. And again.

  3. This message seems odd. There is a huge difference between kids catching a virus and being sick for a few days and getting sick (with who knows what since this story didn’t report those numbers) and ending up in the hospital. Also kids are the lowest risk group for colds and covid.

    1. @Mom Tur no but not everyone gets to live a long life. Wearing masks and taking injections will not save the children. Sorry.

  4. This ‘doctor’ should be wearing a mask in his own home while is alone, because he’s indoors. He should also wear it in the shower, while he’s eating, and while he sleeps. Because, they work!

  5. So if a whole room is NOT wearing a mask, and 1 person feels bad about wanting to wear 1, you think mandating a mask for the whole room instead of letting the 1 person fend for themselves is the way to go?
    How did you get a medical degree?

  6. What about micro plastic inhalation? What about the bacteria and plethora of microbes that build up on masks, especially kids who touch everything and their masks? How can that be healthy?

    1. All these mask wearing is what will likely cause bacteria pneumonia from all the bacteria and microbes being collected on the mask then inhaled.

  7. He is all about wearing a mask, we get used to “things” – he says, so that’s why we should wear a mask . This guy has the convincing logic of a child and smugness is showing too.

  8. Why is the healthcare system only being talked about now? I remember well over 15 years ago waiting in the ER for over 8 hours..

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