Massive on-ice brawl erupts at CIAU hockey championship

An incident at the U Sports Men’s Hockey National Championship has sparked some off-ice controversy. CTV’s Jack Morse reports.

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  1. Obviously ran the goalie hard, intentionally trying to injure him. PEI coach supported that action.

  2. one terrible incident. Running and punching the goalie in the face…
    I hear their making a movie about this game… will Smith is playing the coach…

  3. There’s a dark underbelly in hockey that isn’t there in other organized sports. Hockey shouldn’t facilitate thug mentality any more than other games. Suspend the idiots and let’s get back to actual sportsmanship.

    1. What are you talking about? U of A’s coach is absolutely in the right by keeping his team from the handshake. UPEI ran the U of A goalie, hard. That was clearly to injure him.

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