Matt Gaetz associate likely to strike plea deal, attorneys say 1

Matt Gaetz associate likely to strike plea deal, attorneys say


Joel Greenberg, a central figure in the ongoing investigation into Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, is likely to strike a plea deal with federal prosecutors, his attorney and prosecutors said in court Thursday, potentially putting additional legal pressure on the congressman.

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  1. At the moment QAnus are in the back yard, pushing Cheerios into the ground and waiting for donuts to grow.

  2. Oooh, his buddy Greenberg probably has been singing like a bird.
    I can’t wait for all the nasty & seedy details to come out.
    My popcorns are ready.

    1. @Terry Merritt Haha you believe our borders are controlled by Cartels hilarious. Sir Matt Gaetz would like your young female relatives phone numbers to just say hello also hahaha

    2. @Don Nwzad Yes yes of course just like Q’s arrests, we are still waiting for dumf to be president again go eat some more of Willy wonka’s fantasy sweets!

    3. @Sonya J The tax collector is about to sing like a phantom in the opera.. Sing canary, sing! . The first one to the table, gets to eat. 4:37

  3. He’ll still be using the “do you know who my daddy is?!” line in the future, he’ll just be referring to his cell mate.

    1. @Don Nwzad Trump’s impeachment trials were political procedures where his own party members had the power to give him a pass despite his guilt, a guilt that Republican senators BOTH TIMES admitted Trump was guilty on the record as they simultaneously voted to acquit because they could because it was a political procedure performed by the legislative branch in Congress. It was not a judicial procedure performed by the judicial branch in courts where judicial judges and judicial juries must adjudicate according to the facts, if not there is a mistrial or the judgment is vacated because it was arrived at without regards to the facts.

      If what happened in Trump’s two impeachment trials had happened in a judicial trial, the trials would have been aborted and the juries discharged and the judgment vacated. Also, some jury members would have been charged (juror Lindsay Graham during the first trial for stating he will not be an impartial juror, and juror McConnell during the second trial for assisting and coordinating with the defence team) for obstruction of justice, perverting the course of justice, and contempt of court, and thus would be facing criminal charges themselves.

      The judicial system’s trial has rules and procedures that cannot be escaped. The political system’s “trial” is allowed to make its own rules up and throw rules out.

      But back to Gaetz. Gaetz will be facing the judicial system. I believe the alleged facts with Gaetz are that a child or children under the age of 18 were flown to him from state to state and also abroad where Gaetz then had s3. xu@1 relations with them.

      Even if the children were technically above the age of consent in the destination jurisdiction, that is a mute point because if they were flown there across state or international borders, those age of consent laws become irrelevant. They’re voided.

      And so far, that 17 year old, which is the one we know of so far, remains a child for the purposes of trafficking legislation.

      Then there’s the fact of payment, meaning prostitution.

      Prostitution by itself is a crime across the overwhelming majority of the USA, no matter the age. Engaging in it is unlawful.

      And when it comes to minors under the age of 18, the age of consent again become irrelevant because anyone under 18 is a child for prosecution purposes of the person paying or procuring a person under 18, because age of consent is not relevant to prostitution prosecutions.

      As soon as the person is under 18 and there’s payment, that’s paying a minor for it.

      The age of consent laws are not applicable to prostitution because you can’t legally pay someone for prostitution in the first place, and if they’re a child under 18 being paid then the age of consent is inapplicable for one simple reason: Paying someone under 18 for prostitution voids any age of consent which might state 17 or 16 years of age, because the ages of consent are not to consent to prostitution. They’re to consent to lawful s3. x. That’s how Gaetz might come undone, assuming there’s not also children fully under the age of consent with or without prostitution.

      And all this is what the investigation at the DOJ is sorting out. And remember, it was started under Bill Barr during the Trump administration. And Barr didn’t stop it even on partisan considerations.

    2. @Don Nwzad You clearly haven’t even read the Mueller Report, or you wouldn’t be mentioning it. It resulted in 34 convictions of trump’s cronies. Even heavily redacted, it is scathing towards the trump administration’s interractions with Russia. Over 200 pages devoted to describing “numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign.” It also found that trump obstructed justice. Mueller found at least four acts by trump in which all elements of the obstruction statute were satisfied – attempting to fire Mueller, directing White House counsel Don McGahn to lie and create a false document about efforts to fire Mueller, attempting to limit the investigation to future elections and attempting to prevent Manafort from cooperating with the government. As Mueller stated, “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also DOES NOT EXONERATE him.” trump couldn’t be further investigated at the time as he was president, but those investigations have been revived since he lost. Your messiah is going down.

    1. @Lar M Last president to leave office with a budget surplus. Yeah, I was happy w/ that. Also was instrumental in authorizing bombing in Serbia, heading off Europe’s 3rd war in the 20th century. Yes, I’m good with that also… but you would not know A N Y of that, would you?

  4. Uh-oh… lots of GOP members are feeling a bit uncomfortable at this moment. They’re trying to remember if they asked the young lady’s age before they bought her a plane ticket to come visit.

    1. GOP rep: Oh Lord God almighty, I come to you on vended knees knowing that I am mere wretched mortal. I admit I am a sinner . Please please God don’t let me be implicated in this thing. Please God let it go away please. Please let the investigation go another route, please don’t let my name be mentioned. I am very sorry oh Lord. Please rescue me this time, and I promise I will never do it again. Please father have mercy and hide my secrets. I swear I won’t do it again.

    2. Instead of voter id laws they should have been using a “We Card” program for their women

    1. @David Galehouse- the problem is that you don’t know me or anyone you are trying to hate.

    2. @Scott Harrison I know enough about you to know I don’t want to know any more about you.

    3. @CORONAPHOBIA is the real PANDEMIC! Oh I see. Like 30,000 lies from Trump, covid is bullshit, build the wall, Mexico will pay……those kinds of lies?

    4. @CORONAPHOBIA is the real PANDEMIC! So you think Greenburg’s lawyer is lying too? Or CNN is lying that Greenburg is in trouble? Not sure how you think CNN is lying about this story? Sorry but it’s a fact Greenburg, if convicted is facing serious jail time. Matt Gaetz should be shitting himself right now.

  5. Well birds of a feather always flock together, And when one gets caught, He rats the other one’s totally out !

    1. I Cannot wait to See Chinese News Network CNN fail once again ! Folks Remember “ Russia collusion “ the Lightweight Robert Mueller REPORT was such a big blow to CNN Fake narrative!!

    2. @Don Nwzad no, but I do remember the big lie.also I hope you are one of dumpies money fools. He loves his supporters or I mean money.

    3. @CORONAPHOBIA is the real PANDEMIC! you have to admit that this is wildly entertaining. Maybe if Matt Geatz wasn’t such an a-hole, it wouldn’t be so enjoyable.

  6. No wonder Matt gaetz was hating on dr Seuss so much- he reads that to his girlfriend

    1. Has any right wing conservative republican scumbag ever been properly punished ? I’ll believe it when i see it.

    1. Their really going to be remorseful when a unfriendly sausage corners them in a cell, and they have nowhere to run. Sorta like that 17 yr old girl felt in another state and no where to run.

    2. @Lar M : If Gaetz is indicted and appears in court just facts and evidence will be in the frame. That is what prosecutors must show and all judges are interested in and will allow.
      Always prudent to allow for the possibility he is not being framed.
      Less egg on your face, and no need to come back and retract that comment.

  7. Ahhhhhh finally this guy is finally about to crack, awesome, very smart move.

    I am lapping up all this Gaetz scandal, it’s good one of the loudest swamp rats is on borrowed time

  8. Greenberg has a sense of remorse and a sense of responsibility? Really? Is it because he and Matty have been caught?

  9. Here’s the ultimate truth. No matter how good you believe your friend to be, when faced with life in prison, they WILL give you up. Congratulations Matt Gaetz, you deserve whatever you get.

    1. Yeah it’s not like Gaetz has the power to Pardon his mate’s, so no loyalty amongst thieves in this case, couldn’t happen to a nicer sleaze bag.

    2. My Father once told me: “Trust no-one, not even thine own father!” He only had to tell me once!

    1. @MrMferg240 the fact that you defend this by deflecting is disgusting, maybe sex offenders are normal in your family, that’s why you feel the need to defend

    1. @Mike Peterson name one case of underage girls with hunter and clinton,but possibly many with your dear

  10. Gaetz: I never paid any woman for sex
    Greenberg: I paid the girls and in return Matt did certain political favors for me.

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