Matt Viser: ‘The Question Now Is How They Build From These Numbers’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Matt Viser: ‘The Question Now Is How They Build From These Numbers’ | Deadline | MSNBC


White House reporter for the Washington Post Matt Viser, former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, and President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton discuss how President Biden’s high approval ratings are boosted by his vaccine response and his assertion of America on the world stage. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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Matt Viser: ‘The Question Now Is How They Build From These Numbers’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Where is Joe Biden . Is he in the basement and where is Joe Acosta who always said his job was to ask the awkward question . put the pressure on . Joe Biden has never been asked an awkward question to Joe Biden. So we the people know nothing about Joe Biden . He gives statements read from TV and refused to answer questions . SO sorry we have no idea what in Joe Biden’s head about anything.

    1. @Maryse Flore He’s in the WH basement while Kamala and Obama are in the Lincoln Bedroom plotting to destroy America.

    2. @Eric Crapton I’ll take dementia Joe actually accomplishing his job over crazy Trump tweeting and golfing every day.

    3. @Elizabeth Stuart All Joe is doing is trying to finish the job his former boss started and that is a race war.

    4. I believe you are referring to Jim Acosta and if you tune into CNN that’s where you would find Jim since this is MSNBC. SMH.

    5. @Daniel dixon Wow he was like a Rottweiler in Trumps . Is he not allowed now are it might not suite the static Quo. Very important .

  2. America is truly blessed to have a decent honorable man like President Biden in the White House.

    1. @David Eby I sure hope you were defending the abused children during the last administration, too.
      Oh, and Hunter is NOT Joe, in case you forgot, they’re two different people.

    2. @Maryse Flore Veggie Biden INVITED the children here only to throw em in cages!!!! You are part of the reason for this disgraceful American embarrassment!!!!! Veggie Boi makes you look dumber everyday.

    3. @liam mt we don’t have to look at offspring. Look at trump! Oh. You donated to me? Great! Let me take take take take take

  3. I like what is being communicated here, however, the people who need to hear this will never hear it. They don’t listen to anything other than what they have been listening to all along.

    1. And everyone knows who Nicole is referring to. Without saying her name.
      But she just raised $3,000,000 from likewise crazies. Scary, that there is so many.

  4. Republicans lawmakers don’t believe there is a pandemic but most people do… We should make it law that you need at a high school education to vote or run for office

  5. Twenty five states now have infection rates above 10%. People need to hold on just a little longer until more of us get vaccinated.

  6. President Biden high rating are for the 1,400 dollar check, but when the uneducated masses realize they also were given the equivalent of 15,700 dollar plus interest tax bill to every tax payer. Now they want student loans payed off another 12,000 or so in tax bill to every tax payer. His vaccine rollout is Trump’s plan with minor tweaks.

  7. The poll is as usual, highly inaccurate….but Trump gave Russia polling data! Not that the DNC paying for a fake Dossier matters, or the ex Mayor of Moscows wife paying Hunter Biden $3M….wonder what Putin thinks of those Hunter Biden pics from his laptop?

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