Matteo Messina Denaro arrested | Violent Italian mafia boss caught after decades on the run

Italy has arrested one of the most wanted mafia bosses, Matteo Messina Denaro, after three decades on the run. Paul Workman reports.

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  1. It took 30 years to capture this Mafia boss because when you ask an Italian to do something they allways say “dopodomani” or the day after tomorrow lol.

  2. Follow Jesus, not empty worldly things. Jesus truly loves you and the stakes are high. life is too short to never secure your salvation in heaven

    1. No one is projecting. You learned a word and you repeat it.

      Why are you sharing your silly religious beliefs with a strangers on a news channel?
      You are a delusional uneducated unlogical person trying to find yourself in some new found hocus pocus that appeals to you and you are gleeful about it. Keep it to yourself.

      No one asked you to start talking your self righteousness.

    2. @Mary Magdalene narcissism about your beliefs. It’s about you. It’s your narcissism. That’s still how uneducated and low your psyche is that you can’t even grasp that and it shows by how susceptible you are to foolishness

    3. @Marcin Kiersnowski how can someone have narcissism about something other than myself that doesnt even make any sense. I don`t think it makes me a better person, I am a sinner too.

  3. Only in Canada do they look all the way to Italy to find newsworthy criminality…When they have Justin Trudeau as PM…Ahahahaa

  4. there is someone taking his place.anyways the violence will not stop because he is in jail .. more will die becasue he has been arrested

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