Maxwell: The Filibuster ‘Is Standing In The Way Of What A Multi-Racial Coalition Of Voters Want’

Zerlina Maxwell joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the filibuster rule after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) threatens to use the talking filibuster to block voting rights legislation. Maxwell says “Lindsey Graham is harkening back to a really ugly period of American history.” Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Maxwell: The Filibuster ‘Is Standing In The Way Of What A Multi-Racial Coalition Of Voters Want’


  1. Everything Ms. Maxwell said should be in advertisements on all media platforms reminding Americans WHO is standing in the way of changes Americans WANT every day until 2024

    1. @Brian Jones..We’re a Republic with Democratic vote of each form of government where ultimately majority rules..That’s the way it used to be, anyways !!

    2. @disposablehero43..Who idenifies themselves by sexuality and why ??..Then, how many genders are there needs to be established ??..In the end, who cares unless asked..Just Sayin’ !!

    3. @Dennis Janda majority rule BALANCED with PROTECTION of minorites

      Please understand this before you make irreversible mistakes

    4. Majority rule refers to the largest vote winner. It doesn’t mean that cuz theyz more whites than blacks (for example only) that whites win. It means that the majority vote winners get to rule. We really need to stop referring to people by color chart and start referring them as a citizen from New Mexico or Iowa or something. I don’t even know if there is a medical need for race identification. When I grew up my parents didn’t teach race. There were neighbors, friends, associates etc, but not black white yellow, or red. I learned about racism after joining the military and from the racist crap people like MSNBC and Faux News preach. For years I was confused why so much of the world was filled with violence, bigotry and hate, then y’all came and cleared it up for me. Its duh white man’s fault.

  2. We have these out of date politicians standing in the way of young people that want every person in America to be able to vote.

  3. The constitution says it is abhorrent and a crime to do anything to hinder a person’s right to vote. The fact that we discuss the issue instead of arrest the guilty says all we need hear.

  4. The filibuster needs to be reformed or removed a minority shouldn’t have power over the majority.

  5. It is said History repeats itself. We The People must repeat the civil rights movement and begin marching as was done in the time of Dr. Martin Luther King. We have much at stake not only arre our civil rights being threatened so are our Human Rights as well

  6. I know that there is a big concern about the “what if” it turns around and its the Republicans that get a free pass later. THAT would be suicidal.
    BUT it seems that IF you do it right and make CERTAIN that all eligible voters can vote… The Republicans will NEVER get anywhere close to 50% of anything, ever again. Except in a few States, at State level, for a while until it disappears.
    Your best bet is to get MORE than two parties from now on. The Crazies end up in fringe parties that have to deal with the majority. Like in Canada and other sane Democracies. BTW: The USA is NOT a Democracy. Its a DUOcracy. One party is for Democracy, the other is for a corporatist entity run by lobbies (Corporate Liability Immunity, in exchange for a stimulus ???). There are NO extra choices to make it representative or to allow minorities their own voice. It just groups 330 million people into TWO diametrically opposed entities. BAD for the morale in the long term. As you can see.
    Another negative result of tat two party joke, is that when the crazies are in the same party as the rational ones.. They sometimes take over and destroy everything. Because a major National party has a lot more potential to do evil than a small fringe crazy haven of Qs and Militias on one side and Cancellers and Ultra-Left Extremists on the other end… And to all generalists, Traditional Progressives are no worst than my Canadian elected officials AND we have a way better living standard and lower stress level here. Must mean something. Extreme-left people are NOT progressive, they are disruptive. Just l;ke extreme right freaks are.. Don’t put everyone that is LEFT in the same pot. Just like not ALL Republicans are crazy MAGAt bigots.
    I think we have seen how far into corruption a country can get.
    You want an example of what multiple parties can do for minority rights and demands? In the 90s, in my Province of Quebec. A Federal party was created called the BLOC Quebecois. In 1993, a provincially focused Federal party, became the official opposition in a Federal election.. Crazy. But its what having CHOICES allows. A CHOICE!

  7. Career politicians are the real decision makers. To rid ourselves of this type of welfare recipient, we must pass legislation that limits the number of years they can serve.

    1. @Jan O’Hare
      Yep! That’s what we’ve been dealing with for decades, people who learned all the wrong things.
      We have had too many politicians and not enough Statesmen.

  8. LadyG would talk until he fell over or someone could tell him Don the Con was coming and he’d bend over.

  9. Simple solution! Get rid of the filibuster as a rule, do all the right things that need to be done. Create a more fair and democratic filibuster with clear rules finally as law, just short before the next elections.
    Problem solved, no GOP interferance and to easy rollbacks of the just implemented laws for a long time. Get smart people, get smart…..

  10. How about population-based cloture at 55% of the voters?
    But the Democratic Senators represent more than 55% of the voters.
    Presto chango, filibusters over.
    #EndTheFilibuster #StopTheBlockheads

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