May on NDP defections: ‘They organized this themselves’

May on NDP defections: 'They organized this themselves' 1


Green Party Leader Elizabeth May discusses several NDP members defecting to her party and responds to Jagmeet Singh's statement.


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45 Comments on "May on NDP defections: ‘They organized this themselves’"

  1. May is a UNPA supporter & Trudeau Foundation member.

  2. With all due respect to Mrs May, the solution for the country is not Green stealing members from the NDP or the other way around for that matter. Neither of these parties has any chance to become an alternative on the Federal level separately. Only if they unite in some form as a large party, they can become a serious alternative to the Libs and Cons with a future realistic chance on the Federal level.

  3. NDP is trying to deflect from the fact 9 members crossed the floor. I believe the 9 who defected were told by the 5 they’d join them too. It’s not unfathomable to see how the 5 infiltrated the group of 9 prior to the announcement from the 9 defectors. Not is it hard to believe the 5 after discovering the mass exodus told their party leader. It was likely his decision to have the 5 continue to act as defectors until after the announcement was made. However, it still doesn’t neglect the fact the NDP had a mass defection.

    Stop blaming the Green for being the best choice of parties for defectors.

  4. Ron Christensen | September 8, 2019 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    The greens and NDP are all fairy tales and unicorns !

  5. Where will your energy come from? will someone do an actual interview please.

    • They can’t provide that answer.

    • @Paul Evans Bc it doesn’t exist yet? … 🙂 or bc the unicorns are a national secret 😛

    • Easy …hydro … natural gas … solar … wind … geothermal …. conventinal oil… BC actually has all of these … we don’t need dirty oil from the tar sands.

    • @Guy Souriandtquestion: why do you think humanity went for oil and gas? and also…what would happen if tomorrow ALL the oil and gas were to disappear? How much of ALL of the above would you need to power all of BC

  6. Have another drink Lizzy…no one cares what you tink.

  7. between leftist fight, the ground and most Canadians believe the PPC principals… XD..

  8. CCP the only choice this fall👍

  9. There is no dam climate emergency!

    • Marylee Macpherson | September 8, 2019 at 7:02 PM | Reply

      The environment has been a fear factor in elections for over 30 years.Jagmeet shoulent listen to MSM,

    • Al Gore… David Suzuki… none of their world ending predictions have ever been close to true. Every generation has a bogus climate apocalypse, but what about the communism apocalypse? Plenty of proof of those.

  10. Crazy that the green party just openly accept defectors …seems a little desparate!

  11. May please get some new teeth you look like a beaver

  12. Can’t listen to a drunk . Weren’t you also charged with Protesting on Private property and weren’t you charged with Trespassing and still running in the Election. There is no Climate change . 4 Seasons still a year .

  13. PPC the only choice this fall 👍

  14. After reading the Green Party platform (not just about the environment) it’s just plain scary. Basically wipe out the natural resources industries and the agricultural communities too. Western Canada will become a graveyard!! Six months of winter and no Fossil fuels??? Electricity is the answer?? How’s that working in Ontario???

  15. Christine Robyn Lane | September 8, 2019 at 9:42 PM | Reply

    PPC 2019. This is the only hope Canada has for the future.

  16. Nobody in politics works as hard as this amazing woman.

  17. Driven by one sided false science led by someone that was willing to step aside for Jody if she wanted her job…how serious is she ?

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to haveca world stage debate about this? Both sides could bring in all their expert and televise it for all to see, instead of the Marxists ramming it down our throats, including brainwashing our children too.

  18. Rachel Notley on roids. Don’t come to Alberta you’re less than welcome here. Criminal

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