Maya Wiley Explains What It Means To ‘Defund The Police’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Her explanation lost me… Are they meaning “retool” like a new definition of what the police are and what they do? If that’s it, I agree.

    1. @Cyndi yes you got it. Changing the way police are trained is another important part of reform, by focusing on descalation and conflict resolution and eliminating the “warrior” mentality thats taught to them as well as an emphasis on psychological screening for recruits and mental health support for active duty officers.

    2. @Noreb I really appreciate everybody taking the time to explain their side of this. Now maybe I can help other people to understand! Because it’s badly needed!! The REFORM!!

  2. Here in Australia we have one police force per state and come under the state government so much easier to control one law for the hole state

    1. Except you don’t. Australia has three levels of police, federal, state/territory and local. Exactly the same as the US. George Floyd was caught with meth and had a prior conviction of violent home invasion while look for money for drugs. George Floyd would have ended up in the custody of the state police and would have likely been convicted in state court and gone back to state prison. I do have a question? If your local laws officer discover a serious crime, do they allow the suspect to leave or do they wait until the state police show up?

    2. Dularr local police has the right to arrest anybody for any crime one police force for each state and Northern Territory comes under territory police what I am saying that each suburb or town does not have its own force it’s the Victoria police force or New South Wales police force .There are suburban stations but come under one force

    3. @Dularr Police have the right to arrest. What they don’t have the right to do is murder in cold blood or to use police brutality against an unarmed man, woman or child.

    4. @Dularr You are guilty untill proven by a judge and jury, NOT BY A KKK POLICEMAN!

  3. If we need videos after videos explaining what ‘Defund The Police’ means, there is something wrong with the ‘term’ itself.

    1. Some departments are so underfunded that they use personal vehicles. It’s rarely the case that they are loaded on cash to spend.

    2. @Seth except no, especially if you start from the ground up and “under funded” departments are a VERY rare thing. Also i specifically said “Every department is different and will require different approaches and combinations of fixes.” thats why boiling it down to a simple phrase like “defund the police” and just assuming the definition is silly… You are taking a simplistic view of what ALL these ideas represent and ignoring that these ideas and proposals are not new. Everything being asked for has been demands and suggestions from experts and activists alike going back to 1915.

      If you want a better understanding of this, watch Last week tonight with john Oliver from this past sunday on youtube. Whether you like him or his show it addresses what you are asking far better then i can.

    3. @Noreb You claim that, but yet not at all elaborate. It’s not a tough ask. If you have a claim be precise with it. As far as I see it I provided a well elaborated theory, with specific steps to address them. While providing proper reasoning for them. While you try and call me out. When asked about details, you pass off the responsibility to someone else. Yet you are the one with the claim that what I said is bs. It very well COULD be. But, when all you do is seemingly be vague and at the same time play gotcha games like the ‘facts am I right’. Like I’m not being as fourth coming on on elaboration of ideas. If the idea is to bring about good. The best you can do is defend your point in a straight forward honest manner. Which you don’t seem so easily accomplish. What is wrong with exactly with what I said? I’m using these words on purpose, ‘exactly’, ‘specific’. As the devils are indeed in the details. All my initial things I proposed have evidence that they work. Hand to hand makes it less likely that someone will not pull out a gun as quickly, as they will be more comfortable in their abilities. Jujitsu has been proven to be an amazing martial art form. Maintaining PT requirements will make people be fit for their duties. Fact: Training costs money. Fact: many, if not most are under funded(I.e literally any PD outside of the major cities in the major states) . Fact: APC is not a military weapon.Fact: Typical Firearms owned by police are semi-auto, which makes them civilian. Fact: Most PD’s have all if not most of the reasonable demands implemented. Fact: Lesser calls can easily become major calls.

  4. But she just said police budgets and staffing have been growing, then said crime was rapidly dropping???? What!?

  5. What about all the crime in minority neighborhoods where young men are killing other young men of same color? Defund the police in these neighborhoods also?

    1. @Dularr it was still NOT the officers job to MURDER him. That is why the cop was prosecuted and charged with 2nd degree murderer. Served him well!!

    2. @Dularr everyone is making george floyd look like a saint, and hes not. What the officers did was horrific, but I’ll tell you he was gonna die in some neighborhood shootout over meth or an OD or something. Plus everyone forgot that he was using a counterfeit $20 bill. People, look a both side if the story. We think we can solve all things with counseling and social work, what we really need to do is figure out how to get drugs, pay day loans, and other things that keep the black community down out of their communities. And most of all, there needs to be a change in attitude, stop victimizing your children and families and start working harder and shaming drugs and that violent rap music that encourages sexual violence against women, drugs, and violence. Thay is the black communities real persecutor.

    3. The left and BLM wants victims… they have openly stated that 1). they want expansion of welfare 2). Dissolution of the western family ie, encouraging single parent homes to keep us on the Democratic party’s welfare plantation, and 3) not able to us school vouchers to go to private schools. 4) defund the police and more injustice will result.

    4. @Maja-Danmark we need jobs, school vouchers to get out of the hood, dual parents ie, fathers… not social workers and psychologists.

    5. @Dularr After the Sept. 11 attacks, Congress authorized federal funds be allocated to locae took advantage of funds allictl law enforcement agencies for another purpose; to guard against and respond to terrorist attacks.4 hours ago

  6. You don’t think the drop in crime rates is tied to the fact that our police have the funds they do? It’s like if we noticed an increase in national IQ even though not everyone is smart so we decide to defund the education system.

  7. Every left wing person being interviewed right now trying to explain what “Defund Police” mean. Every single one of them explaining it differently. I think this was bad move for the left, especially just a few days after looting and rioting could not be contained until nat’l guard came into the cities.

    1. Maybe you need a picture book to help you comprehend it. They’ve been explaining what different communities need. It’s a really simple concept.

  8. 911 Call: I would recommend going to a hospital outside the city. The police are no longer funded to provide security to the hospital or fire department.

    1. @john sweeney hospitals have lots of drugs you can’t get at pharmacies. They literally have cocaine, it’s used in some surgeries

  9. There is a strong correlation between inequality and violent crime. Thus, spending more on policing and prisons isn’t the answer. The answer lies in making the system more equal. But the elite don’t want a more equal society, as evidenced by their tax avoidance schemes and support of militarizing the police, while increasingly privatizing the for profit, prison industrial complex. For them it will always be them versus the rest of us. If this mentality doesn’t change, crime will continue to erode America while police will try in vain to solve this systemic problem the only way they know how–by fighting violence with more violence.

    1. If any white ‘Karen’ woman can call 911 for any stupid reason for arresting a black/brown man, this system is f..d up! Also the way a lot of kkk policemen (among the good policemen) react really shows the system is f..d up!
      Having both these KKK KARENS and KKK POLICEOFFICERS and yet doing absolutely NOTHING about it shows the system is f..d up.
      *Welcome to the American nightmare!!

  10. The new York police couldn’t even stop 10% of the riots in new York…. let that sink in…

  11. Police have used the practice of notifying the public that they will be running speed checks and extra patrolling in specific neighborhoods. So… perhaps the police should post the addresses of the city counsel men/women that support ‘Defund The Police’ and state that they will no longer provide police protection for those addresses.

  12. The reason they use the term defund is a simple one. They want to give it the image of a punishment for the police department instead of a benefit to other aspects of the community. The language they use is very indicative of the tone they are trying to convince voters they are using.

  13. Here is the problem. There are many people explaining so many variants. Here is the other issue. The are some that do not want any police at all.

    1. It’s now “Reality News.” Anyone that takes what one news channel says as gospel is being manipulated. They love to leave out important details to match what they want you to believe because each news organization has an agenda (and it’s not a good one for you).

  14. The reason we have Decades of lower crime and a historical low if because we’re funding the police department! If you take the money away and give them less resources the crimes going to increase it’s just too easy to understand.

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