Mayor Carter: The Healing ‘Goes Far Deeper Than Just This One Case’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter joined Andrea Mitchell to discuss the healing process for his community after the death of George Floyd. Aired on 06/05/2020.
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Mayor Carter: The Healing 'Goes Far Deeper Than Just This One Case' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. They need to update the courts as well only allow evidence and facts not lies from prosecutors stop jailing black peoples or fun

    1. I remember what Richard Pryor said about black people in prison. He said that until he filmed Stir Crazy he thought Black people only went to prison by mistake. He said afterwards he was just glad there were prisons.

    2. As things are, you may as well wish upon a star… it may have the same effect, unfortunately, because “THEY” don’t want and won’t do it unless “YOU” as in “WE THE PEOPLE” do it.

  2. Not that difficult: investigate and suspend All cops with a ridiculous number of complaints. Review all cops who have a 50% PTSD rate or higher. Hire ONLY minorities until the violence stops. Yeah, not that hard to comprehend.

    1. @RR Really? You mean I can open up a business, and hire only white people? Lester Maddox must be smiling from heaven.

    1. @Shawna Weesner If you are arguing against change, and Abraham Lincoln then I’m with you. Because I hate both of them. But I still don’t see how rioting in the street, and burning down people’s livelihoods, and murdering police officers is going to bring about a racial Utopia. That seems more likely to fill people with animosity, and cause a civil war. What do I know. Just because I read a history book once.

    2. @Shawna Weesner Like we are doing right now. By doing away with all the BS and speaking with each other honestly. That’s how we cure it. We may never agree with each other. That’s unimportant. The important thing is to live, and let live.

    3. @Shawna Weesner I ran out of room on that last answer. If there is ever a draft I’m all for women being in the military. Send one in my place. Gung ho. Thank you young lady, for being intelligent enough to read what actually wrote. I don’t run into that very often. You are unique.

  3. Black people are always Healing and White will get amnesia next week and do it all over again and say I don’t understand why Black people are always so angry !

  4. Register NOW and show up in person to cast your vote or it will NOT be counted. Spread the word please.

  5. The Police needs to make an effort towards reaching for the sunny spots and the high grounds. Most people in society rarely get involved within a criminal class, mainly because most people know there preventive measures and can determine the time and place when they need to take them. unlike an ordinary person, trained police should know how to avoid judging based on overly generalized norms, the sort which is almost completely composed of stereotypes and ill-logic. your approach to any given situation cannot be any wiser than your evaluation, before your approach. And, in turn, your evaluation is mostly based on your ability to account for all of the relevant factors at play, identify the situation as complex and then simplify the problem, through educated assumptions, so that the problem could be solvable…because nothing is impossible..

    you need to seperate the talent acquisition process from the on-duty conditioning which a new recruit is treated to, by accepting the groups beliefs and customs, one may conform momentarily, however, experience under competent supervision is needed inorder to develope the framework of acceptable behavioral practice, keeping in mind that at each instance of interaction with a member of the civic society, your license to serve your community will be judged in the court of public opinion. if I cannot trust my police, than i have just as much of a reason to be weary of them, as i would be over a criminal or a bully.

    That man’s death could have been avoided, if and only if there was something that could have been done to prevent the officers from acting so brutally.

    thoughts and prayers for his family, the mayor and their city and state.

  6. You may never heal I bet.Replacing statues with your own. Not worried about recruiting white supremacy. Drunk on power and entitlement.

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