Mayor Says Cost Can’t Be An Issue For A Person Getting Vaccinated | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Mayor Says Cost Can't Be An Issue For A Person Getting Vaccinated | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. No stimulus package? Blame Pelosi. She’s the one who played politics last October when Trump proposed $1.8 trillion. Then she comes back post-election with a proposal half that of Trump’s and with zero stimulus for the American people

    2. @Lloyd B
      You are fortunate that the Democrats exist.
      At least they are not going to take away your entitlements and food stamps like Trump was about to do.😎

    1. @The Tweatles In your freaking moron. Texas better concede from the union and take the 16 states with them. Evangelicals can fast, pray, cut their flesh, scream and cry God will not interfere with this matter. He will not overturned the decision of 80 millions people. He can not and will not override the will of the majority of the people. That is a fact. Now take your proprio back on those conspiracy and evangelical websites can I am running things over here. Now get to steppin.

    1. He did, but then he forgets what he’s said. I think the medical companies may still charge for administering it, I guess he couldn’t speak for them. I sincerely hope it will be complete paid for by the US govt.

  1. Kentucky……………where the men are men, the women are few, and the πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ are nervous

  2. Cost is never a problem for the rich. But it is a serious problem for the lower middle class and poor. But since when have the problems bothered the rich

  3. If you aren’t talking M4A I’m not listening. Progressives need a clean break from democrats to save them from themselves.

    1. No, actually, Trump did this. People blame him for everything else. They have to give him credit for this. Can’t have it both ways

    2. @B. T. I watched her grill the man about testing and free vaccinations. He caved and said yes! She’s such a badass!

    1. LUCKY U! Our Entire Healthcare System is a Debacle&the Fact that it is tied to our jobs! Business as usual in USA!😒

  4. We already know it’s going to be free. Why are they even talking about this? Must be a slow news day. I have an idea- harp on helping the American people constantly til it gets done.

  5. those major corporations didn’t come up with these fake vaccines out of the goodness of their cold black hearts

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