McCarthy says Biden was trying to ‘goad’ Republicans during SOTU

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) spoke to CNN's Victor Blackwell about President Biden's State of the Union address and House speaker Kevin McCarthy's comment on Republican's negative reaction to Biden's social security and medicare remarks. #CNN #News


    1. @Matt T it is a world wide increase caused by circumstances of the past two years, it has nothing to do with Trump being better. He would have had the same increases if he stayed in power, maybe even worse. Canadian here just pointing this out as we have the same inflation issue and other too.

    1. @E Garza belive all woman cnn. We stand behind the chumos and Biden. Accept the results/Russian collusion! Need I go on?

    2. @E Garza Just this week, former VP and Presidential candidate Mike Pence put out a statement saying that it’s time to cut SS.

  1. If the trust funds are getting exhausted as he claims, with hundreds of millions of Americans paying into the system, who else has been dipping into the caufers.

    1. @Jar of Mikeys yes, you are being obtuse. I’m pointing out ABUSES in the system and you think I’m referring to people with disabilities and mental health problems. I understand that there are people WHO DO NEED AND DESERVE the help of our government. I HAVE NO PROBLEM HELPING THOSE WHO GENUINELY NEED IT. Also, I’m at work as well. I happen to be a government contractor who works in transportation for the military. A big part of my job is waiting to get loaded at point A so I can drive to point B and C to get unloaded

    2. @Francis Hurley It’s not obtuse to point out that you are missing facts. You are operating under the assumption that you can trust anything said on a whim over social media. You’ve based your grievances around a mother who was too broken to live a normal life. That lack of drive in people isn’t a decision they make. Who wants to be viewed that way? I’m not denying people do receive benefits they don’t need, but those cases are nowhere near as common as you seem to believe. The vast majority of people receiving social security are elderly individuals who were screwed out of retirement or didn’t have the option to work under circumstances where they’d receive any non subsidized benefits. On the other side supplemental security income is meant for people with lifelong ailments inhibiting their ability to function normally in society to receive and it is generally the bare bones necessary to survive. It’s not some lavish stipend. It’s not a flawless program but it is absolutely vital to the survival of many, many people.

    3. @Jar of Mikeys I don’t have ties with MAGA. You wrote something about my Trumpy friends. I assumed you thought i was MAG. I refuse to associate with anyone with those views. But what I’ve been trying to tell you is that I’ve seen it first hand. And I continue to see it. Perhaps the problem is a matter of perspective. Perhaps it’s because of location. I live on the border in Texas. My entire adult live I’ve known of people abusing the system. It happens more than I would imagine

    4. @Francis Hurley I can understand the disdain for abuse of institutions. I’m just adamant the resolution isn’t to tamper with the foundation but to ensure that qualified employees are put to work reviewing cases to make sure the cases of fraudulent acquisition are dealt with. There is too much risk in opening the doors to those who wish to abolish programs that keep people alive. And I owe you an apology for jumping to conclusions. I have trouble restraining myself on topics I feel strongly about and encounter a lot of hecklers. I assumed you were for the abolishment of resources. It wasn’t justified.

  2. If The Government hadn’t used Social Security for their own benefits and left it alone BECAUSE ITS THE PEOPLES MONEY,us common people in the working class wouldn’t have to be worried about not having the money we paid in from the moment we first started working at the end of our workforce time. This program and Medicare should not hve been touched by law!!

  3. Mike Lee is on tape saying exactly that Rick Scott has it on paper and Ron Johnson is very vocal about it

    1. @Betty Everett Those things are also readily available on Twitter, and most likely on other social media as well.

  4. Of course he was, he did it _Brilliantly_ and THEY TOTALLY FELL FOR IT 🤣🤣🤣
    Dark Brandon PLAYED those fools 👍

    1. Traitor Joe forgot to brag about the 13,8% inflation? It was 1.4% the day Traitor joe took office.Weird. Republicans showed Traitor Joe the respect he deserves,zreo, wokie/her/she/goofy/him.

  5. BAIT THEM??? They jumped into the trap with both feet and hollering! The real advantage is, the Dems have the videos and legislation proving it. Dems should run commercials CONSTANTELY showing Lee and Scott speeches starting with-Who’s lying? Then run the tape.

  6. Yeah, he’s goading them, by telling the truth. They lie so much they don’t remember their own lies.

  7. I’m still waiting to hear what our Senators and Congressman are willing to give up from their own benefits to help the American public. Such as late night raises and extended benefits from insiders.

    1. @Bill Robbins Yes, the first order of business, before talking about what trouble Social Security is in, should be to restore whatever funds were taken out.

    2. @John L why the name calling? Was that necessary? Just like TFG, who childishly lies and name calls as easy as breathing. This rep here is not being totally honest either. The GOP has borrowed from the SS funds for years. Pay it back? no way. Cut medicare and SS everytime they get worked up about the deficit—-gotta cut expenses. Never is it their salary or benefits, or the defense fund, but these “entitlements”? oh yeah. It gets discussed if not acted upon every single time. Being disingenuous is not helping.

  8. Calling the Republicans out is exactly what we need to do. Now there won’t be any more back room deals thanks to the New Republicans.

    1. RepupliCONs are always triggered- makes it easy to cause them to freak out. And Biden pulled a Dark Brandon move on them fools. Yeah baby.

  9. Do we honestly think that if he hadn’t mentioned social security, they weren’t going to act like fools? It was not a matter of when, but who.

  10. What a statement for a leader of a party in the house to make. He goaded us into it. It reminds me of pre-schoolers spreading blame onto others and not their own poor choices.

    1. After the first lie from our mindless leader the channel was switched to reruns of Happy Days!! We heard all his lies during Obama and this is just a repeat these guy sicken me!!! All of them

  11. “Waaah! Biden goaded us and we couldn’t control ourselves!” Please, that doesn’t hold up in grade school. The GOP house members need to do time out standing in the corner, like children.

  12. I remember McCarthy saying they were looking at cutting ENTITLEMENT S. The GOP considers Soc Sec and Medicare as entitlements. Soc Sec is the workers money. Congress pay is too high. They don’t deserve what they get now. How about ending their benefits?

    1. Rick Scott was on CNN trying desperately trying to walk back his comments on cutting Social Security and Medicare.

  13. I love the way you interviewed him as well as how you fact checked the congressman with data including a chart ‼️ Thank You for knowing how to interview a republican who doesn’t the facts and who wants to play the “blame “ game

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