McConnell Accepts Reality, Trump Still Won’t Concede To Biden | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

McConnell Accepts Reality, Trump Still Won't Concede To Biden | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

As Joe Biden heads to Georgia to campaign for Democrats in that state's Senate runoffs, Trump still refuses to concede he lost the election as Sen. McConnell finally acknowledges Biden's win. Aired on 12/16/2020.
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McConnell Accepts Reality, Trump Still Won't Concede To Biden | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

74 Comments on "McConnell Accepts Reality, Trump Still Won’t Concede To Biden | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Reality TV President won’t accept reality. Go figure.

  2. i see she still sips the kool aid

  3. 36 DAYS!!!!!!

  4. AC/DC “Hell’s Bells” comes to mind.

  5. So much of none sense. Unbelievable!

  6. That *itch is crazy.

    • Remember this: Loud And Clear… Just because Biden moves into the White House, doesn’t mean We the People will be listening to the fool or abiding by any of his B.S. legislation’s and/or following ANY of his executive orders! Why? He didn’t win the White House Honestly, Fairly or Justly! Biden is NOT our President! Trump is!!!

    • @Shaunoffrange You are pathetic.

    • @jain thorne Its a free country and they can do as they please. Whats so pathetic about that? Your just not liking that this person doesnt think like you and thats whats wrong with this country. Be more accepting of others you POS.

    • @Shaunoffrange anybody with any brains Biden is our president yeah all of you little mute idiots can go on with your delusions if you want tronald dump is headed for a prison cell what is wrong with you stupid people man that dude is the biggest piece of garbage in the history of the US presidency every last one of you idiots that support him need locked in a padded room Biden is the president you might as well get used to it and shut your stupid mouth tronald dump is finished and you know it

    • @Shaunoffrange 36 more days mental dude

  7. Monsters are real!

  8. Would an orange jumpsuit render Trump invisible?

  9. McConell is a disgrace…to all trutles.

  10. Nobody should care what the orange Karen does here. It’s best if he’s at home pouting.

  11. The old turtle accepts reality but first he needs permission from his master….life is funny period! back to you brain

  12. Putin finally speaks and the Republicans followed after 😂

  13. Mitch McConnel, now we know what the serpent looked like in the Garden of Eden.

  14. No more private calls with Erdogan or Vladimir Putin at the White House

    • Jean-Marc BERNARD | December 16, 2020 at 2:07 AM | Reply

      Perhaps, but extensive cyber attacks on US agencies have taken place – with Trump’s approval?
      And when I see McConnell grinning when asked if he spoke to Joe Biden, I sincerely hope no hidden arrangements have been discussed between the two men… You know, such as no investigations into the Republican Party … and Trump after January 20th…? Shudder at the thought.
      So let’s hope Georgians will make the wisest choice and vote blue to get rid of those corrupt “politicians”.

    • You know what’s really scary? Biden as president controlled by CCP who released a genetically engineered virus, owns software companies dominion uses, evidence shows had access to election through internet, and has spy’s in our own government. But that isn’t enough for some. Get ready for mostly peaceful Marshall law (unless you’re a traitor)

    • @Peace Dæmón no, not a single credible source reports any of what you said. The end of this election could serve as an eye-opener for you guys about which reality we actually live in. You just have to be ready to see it.

    • @SaintKines they dont have any credibility, period, they voted for a non stop liar loudmouth crook and did it without any qualms…

  15. Here’s a fact that should make Trump happy: Trump’s reign as leader of the USA has now lasted longer than the reign of Caligula as Caesar of the Roman Empire. Now there’s one for the books!

  16. Walter D. Petrovic | December 16, 2020 at 1:54 AM | Reply

    Isn’t it odd that as soon as Vlad Putin acknowledged the Biden win, out comes Moscow Mitch doing the same thing?

  17. For whom the bell tolls! I’m so sorry to all those impacted by this pandemic.

    • @Laci Adams You’re so beautiful Laci.

    • @Peace Dæmón In April, Harris takes over. After she has Joe removed. Then the real plan begins.

    • @Laci Adams great Laci,thanks for that useless piece of information!

    • @Laci Adams by the way lacy, that guy that called you beautiful doesn’t think you should do news just because you are a woman. 😂

    • @U.N Owen , Im sorry that you found my “Fun Fact” comment to being useless. I actually enjoy documentaries, as do others,saw this comment and responded bc others might find it useful information. Its a shame-nowadays- people are unable to be civil towards one another.

  18. Moscow Mitch and his Csar send their regards….

  19. georgia vote blue in georgia runoffs i am republican and i am voting blue

  20. Isn’t that makanini who said trump will still be president on January 21 😂

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