McConnell blocks effort to quickly increase stimulus checks

McConnell blocks effort to quickly increase stimulus checks 1


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blocked an effort to quickly pass a measure to increase direct stimulus payments from $600 to $2,000, though the legislation could be voted on at a later time or date if McConnell so chooses.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, attempted to pass the change to the omnibus spending bill through a unanimous consent request on the Senate floor, but any senator can halt passage of legislation that way. McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, objected to the request.
The House passed the increase to stimulus payments on Monday with wide bipartisan support. Democratic leaders have cited President Donald Trump's criticism of the $600 payments as too low and the GOP President's push to increase the stimulus checks in their effort to pass the change through the Senate.
The measure could be scheduled for another vote in the Senate at a later date, and what McConnell will do remains unclear as of Tuesday afternoon. Many Republican senators objected to an increase in stimulus payments during negotiations for a Covid-19 relief package throughout the year, citing the growing price tag of the plan. However, multiple GOP senators — including two members facing runoffs in Georgia next week — have come out in favor of Trump's push to increase payments, even after the previous legislation passed Congress last week.
McConnell said on Tuesday that the Senate would consider three of Trump's priorities — further direct financial support for Americans, reexamining Section 230's protections for technology firms and ballot integrity effort — this week. The reexamining of Section 230 came as Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act over not including revisions to the law that shields internet companies from liability for what is posted on their websites by them or third parties.
McConnell's remark about bringing Trump's priorities "into focus" was not a commitment to bringing votes on the issues. The standoff leaves action on the Senate NDAA override vote in question, and the majority leader might have to file cloture to overcome objections and set up the vote for later this week.

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  1. This is why McConnell should have never been re-elected.

  2. Please Georgia get out and vote American needs you!!


    • better check his votes again and also voter fraud , was very close race, should have had a vote count on him…repubs need to be checked for voter fraud , We need democrats to win those 2 seat in Georgia

    • @Bruh Nah why don’t you go to your local library or enroll in a u.s.history class and really look at what our Democratic Party and past Presidents have done for America we do believe in change for the better and our Medicare and Medicaid along with SSI, SSD and S.S.for our retirees are all ran on social programs.And if you have taken advantage of our higher education it’s also ran on a somewhat social programs a lot of the programs were established when FDR pulled our country from ruination and established many social programs. I hope you get the point we have not nor have our democrat party has ever been communists there’s a huge difference between the social programs our country as always depended on and yes that includes the republicans also cause if they really had thought these programs our families have depended on throughout our history their party had many chances to do away with them till now that has not happened,so I say to you form your own opinion and quit parroting Fox News and the turd man president.

    • Georgians are in a unique situation here. They’re not just voting for senators in their own state, but for the majority in Congress.
      I’m not a historian, but I don’t expect that the balance of Congress has ever been squarely in the control of voters in one state.
      You Georgians have an awesome responsibility to your entire nation with this election. And you can bet if it is close, it will be contested, so please get out and vote!! And I’m not saying which way, so don’t label me one way or another. Just saying that YOUR vote is for America more than it is for Georgia.

    • Trueguru the king | December 29, 2020 at 10:31 PM | Reply

      @FOR YOUR EYES ONLY very can hear the pain in his voice. That man really cares about Americans. And Mitch still cold heartedly said NO!

  3. So 1 man can decide the fate of this bill🤔 I think our government has failed us.

    • @Nancy Samuelson yes the majority did, by blindly following a dictator that told them German citizens were superior to everyone else. Hmm…..sounds familiar…..sort of like Trump, McConnell, and the Republican Party.

    • @Nancy Samuelson If America isn’t careful, we’re going to need another country to come and save US.

    • Nancy Samuelson | December 29, 2020 at 8:47 PM | Reply

      @Doctor James Hehehe!! You made me laugh. In that case I need Trump to leave office asap because the last thing we need is Putin saving us, and injecting us with an UNPROVEN Covid vaccine.

    • @Nancy Samuelson Trust me, I agree with you 100%.

    • @Jerome Crockett agreed

  4. martin mbokazi | December 29, 2020 at 4:00 PM | Reply

    MITCH McCONNELL only cares about increasing military budget, he does not care about the suffering of ordinary AMERICAN people

  5. The whole time during Bernie’s speech, Mitch is thinking.. “Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care.. need to go drink blood. Wrap it up, Bern…”

  6. Mitch the grinch who ruins every thing in his path too vote him out Georgia

  7. Mitch McConnell is a joke. He eats in excess while Americans go hungry. Despicable!! Bernie Sanders we appreciate your words.

  8. God bless Bernie Sanders, he has the American people in his heart.

  9. This is what you get for re-electing Moscow Mitch.

  10. Elizabeth Wallace | December 29, 2020 at 5:17 PM | Reply

    If the shoe was on the other foot,I know the rich people wouldn’t want to wear those shoes.

  11. Who the hell are the people actually voting for this guy?

    If you know them, shame them.

  12. McConnell is a walking corpse
    he needs to start his trip to hades

  13. Michelle S. Hawkins | December 29, 2020 at 5:23 PM | Reply

    Is anyone surprised McConnell is blocking money to everyday folks. He got his 5 martini deduction in this bill, skip us.

    • Really🤔🤔🤔

    • I hope ppl see that this is just a game…the blame game to get points for Biden and Dems. They were never going to do. One side is told to do one thing, the other is told to do the opposite. Good cop bad cop. The ppliticiians are pawns. Bernie Sanders stand up now, why didn’t he stand up when they cheated him and gave his nomination to Hillary. His supporters made noise but he quickly conceded like a coward. They McConnel to be the bad guy to make them look like the good guys. This stimulus would have helped Republican voters. You think that McConnel was following their wishes. In these uncertain times no way. We got to stop being led by emotions and look at it from all angles. There ain’t no damn side. It’s the people against the. Banker oligarchs and multi-national conglomerates. The people are only a means to an end. We are seen as units of production…replaceable. Look how many so called Republicans stepped across the aisle to go against Trump. They are bought and paid for. Why did both sides support bail-out of small businesses. Instead they gave billions to corporations. Stop going by lip-service and go by they actions and decisions they make. See this is what waking up means to me. Getting past emotions and stereotypes and blaming each other. We have all been given a set of circumstances and obstacles, banking on the fact, that those wigh any type differences would form their own groups and go against each other. Then the elitists using the media, incited things. The Justice system has incited things. Knowing that if you give one side different treatment than the other, they would resent the other. Just like siblings who aren’t treated the same. It takes a lot of strength to get past conditioning and pettiness. But if both sides really wanted it, this wall could be destroyed. Brick by brick. We just gotta to see that we playing their game. We didn’t create this game or the rules we playing by. We being manipulated by tricksters.

    • Yeah their dinners they’re little Martini dinners is probably more than $600 this is one greedy self-centered man

  14. It’s time for McConnell to go. He’s a horrible human. He needs everything taken from him so he understands reality.

  15. Tangela Carter | December 29, 2020 at 5:33 PM | Reply

    I cannot stand Mitch McConnell! The sound of his voice is cringe.

  16. We obviously have a lot of pure evil people in America.


  18. Maggie Scouras | December 29, 2020 at 6:44 PM | Reply

    McConnell is a disgrace! Very sad day for the American people.

  19. Favire Funny Farm | December 29, 2020 at 6:56 PM | Reply

    “BREAKING NEWS “ The people passed their own bill to stop paying politicians and throw them out of office and divide that money out to American 🇺🇸 Families

    • That is exactly what I do not understand. How is it that we elect these people, our taxes pay for their income, the stimulus is our taxes, and we can’t get help. How is it that “we the people” are not stopping their pay as you say. There has to be something the American people can do other than just vote them out.

    • We could start with a mandate to make all citizens vote. If there should be one thing you must do as an American citizen to keep your citizenship, it should be voting. Don’t want to vote, find a different country because you’re not helping. It’s mean and I wouldn’t know how to do it, so just say ‘magically’.

  20. Mitch McConnell is the biggest anti American politician that majority of folks don’t know.

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