McConnell Is Refusing To Protect America From Election Interference | MSNBC

The Senate Intelligence Committee reported that Russia targeted voting systems in all fifty states in 2016. So why does Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell keep blocking bipartisan efforts to pass legislation that would safeguard future elections?» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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McConnell Is Refusing To Protect America From Election Interference | MSNBC


  1. I ask myself why the American Politics is im russias hands. Where is america. Are they sleeping – i don’t know. I know that Trump is criminal America. Stand Up and search the politics. America is nothing. The democrates are better for America. The politics are since 2016 nothing.🙋

    1. U.s. government has meddled in elections of 81 different countries. the Obama Administration interfered of the elections of Israel.

    2. @Mark Bodder When the president of a country is helping, that president is a traitor.
      Putin is doing his job, traitor Trump is the enemy within that should be tried and executed for treason.

  2. Republicans rely on rigged precincts and chicanery to win elections and know that the same protection against Russian meddling would protect against republican election scams.

    1. Trump would have won the popular vote if three million magical Mexican zombies hadn’t voted illegally and left without paying for the wall.

  3. More proof that Donny is an illegitimate President.
    He had their help last time and needs it again.
    What a sad state of affairs for decent people in the USA.

    1. texas thunder:
      ⚠️ TROLL ALERT‼️⚠️

    2. This has been a bad year for the Dims. They have had ZERO accomplishments since they took majority. They are useless.

    3. @Miles Davila I also wondered which recent time period is referred to by the “great again” trope. I too came up with the 50s, even with it’s many social ills there were many things that can be copied. A centrist (Middle Way) president, a liveable minimum wage ($.75/hr and you could pay rent with 1 1/2 weeks labor instead of 3 1/2 weeks today), high marginal tax rates (not so much for collections as it was a means of controlling income disparity), and huge national infrastructure projects. Make it great again? Sure, let’s go! No slogans, let’s really do it…I am so tired of political division bc nothing gets done. We’re just wasting time with gamesmanship. The power of ‘we the people’ is gone if it ever existed at all.

    4. Fake President Amen! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    1. How much Russian money did Obama take to use the excuse, “we didn’t want to make it look like the fix was in for Hillary.”
      Our democracy was on the line and all we got were political games and political excuses.

    2. These comments are incredible. U.S. democracy is being threatened and some of you are throwing the blame at Democrats. Clearly it’s Republicans who are bringing the country down. Then you want to talk bad about Obama who has been out of office for almost 3 years. Look in the freaking mirror if you want to know where the real fault lies. The faullt lies in everyone who is ok with this crisis. I’m amazed that brown people are defending this administration after all of the harsh and bigoted statements that have been made. Unless you’re also too ignorant to know you’re brown. Out of 45 presidents; why do you think the Russians chose Trump? No need to guess. Because they know that he’s ignorant and shallow that’s why.

    3. Breaking News: Trump announced he will be naming a new US Navy Aircraft Carrier. It will be called “The Exoneration”.

    1. Thomas Smith : Which makes them a Clear And Present Danger, by definition. They should be gunned down, like any threat to security

    1. @Babba Ganoush , Mueller Investigation didn’t REVEAL Russian interference. The FBI ALREADY KNEW. Rosenstein delivered the DOJ Report in 2017. “Half the Face Book ads were made AFTER the election. And No AMERICANS WITTINGLY WERE INVOLVED” And this is the BEST: ” There is NO EVIDENCE that Russian involvement INFLUENCED THE ELECTION”. That’s not good enough for you? A House Investigations, a Senate Investigation, and an FBI Investigation, all revealed the same. No one is fooled by Dims or Fake News anymore. Dims have jumped the Shark too often.

    2. Can any of Wussolini’s cult defend Moscow Mitch blocking these bills that would protect our election from Russia ? I know that Fat Donnie will accept help from the Russians again.

    3. Giovanni Soave Amen! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    1. @Peace and Truth I’ve honestly never had a reason to call Republicans in general traitors before, and I haven’t heard that as a widespread attack before so no, the only election since this has happened has been the 2018 midterms where Dems spanked you. Sorry, the shoe fits until the president acknowledges the problem and Moscow Mitch stops blocking measures to protect our election

    2. @eurekajim #VoteBlue Aren’t you supposed to be picking something or cleaning something?

    1. Dutch2go : McConnell is technically a Clear And Present Danger, now. He should be dealt with accordingly

    2. Crimdor are you trolling for attention or do you genuinely just not get it? I mean you seem like you can spell, so it sort of seems like you’re just a lonely little troll trying to pick a fight rather than just mentally handicapped. Try addressing what the other grown ups are talking about and not some conspiracy theory bs. Come on man, be better.

  4. Sounds like to me that Republicans rely on some kind of cheating when it comes to voting to win, why else would they vote against any of this

    1. getting entertainers to say stupid kack letting women get away with murder allowing antifa to do anything and repeating the same word using biased words on google and attacking anybody who likes trump in my opinion lost dems, the vote 2020 shamd I cant vote from 🇬🇧

    2. @Ice- well it was english, muslim english, 2019 english, feminist english, and sjw english it help when I talking to the left

    3. I would argue that the electoral college is one of the mechanisms that Republicans are using to cheat and it needs to be abolished for that reason.

  5. Republican and democrat Americans gave their lives to protect democracy, secure the voting process!

    1. And GWBu$h invaded Iraq to hear him tell it, to bring democratic elections to Iraq…maybe some country will invade the US and bring back our free and democratic elections. We obviously need outside help to oust every Republican from DC.

  6. Another example of Moscow Mitch and the Russpublikan Party are traitors to American democracy and freedom. Pathetically following their dear leader pres.t RUMP

  7. Without a corrupted election there wouldnt be a repub party. Gerrymandering, russia, whatever it takes, they are fake Americans

    1. Clintons payed One Million for the Dossier and obama knew when will they get them in jail ?

  8. And just think, we are actually paying Moscow Mitch to undermine our democracy. Let that sink in for a moment.

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