1. Cort

      How is it misogynistic? He just called her ugly, nothing to do with her sex in any capacity yet you take it to misogyny…… are you stupid?

    2. Michael Wilson

      You do realize what this implies right? That trump gets his entire 1st term and then he can simply get re-elected… and by that time this so called “momentum” from this sham of an impeachment will be gone by then…. also what if when the seats switch it’s even more republican? The dems are literally relying on a coin toss if even that

      Another thing but the fact that she is holding onto the articles kinda proves they don’t have a case for impeachment… since if it really was “damning evidence” then it wouldn’t matter if the senate votes no then they wouldn’t get re-elected because people would “see how corrupt they are”, yet here we are where the senate will vote no because there is no damning evidence of any sort, then here we have the dems thinking they are going to win yet either way they are going to lose purely because they put together an impeachment that simply won’t hold up; it really does make me wonder how they held so much power to begin with… the dems can’t think ahead even 2 steps into the impeachment process… they are like a dog chasing cars, if they catch one they wouldn’t know what to do with it

    3. @Marvin Guigar It isn’t even complete due to elections coming up and when it does I bet they gonna make it a weapon so Trump won’t be re-elected or he be impeached and the senate is going to make Pelosi and her team dumbasses. They say nobody is above the law ummm Rodham Family, Nixon, Buchanan, puppets they hear that follows the leader, and Andrew Johnson.

    1. moscow mitch controls the senators & they vote the way he tells them to. senators make rwohundred thousand a year but mitch is worth $35,7 million. where do you think he gets all his $ from? i think people from kentucky should be asking lots of questions???

  1. I remember when the GOP motto was stop playing the victim card and just grab your boot straps & tighten them up .. Like taking responsibility for one’s own actions .. But as of today we can see the partisan cultist white republican privilege with our own eyes.

    1. @Resident Evil drs sent a letter wanting to testify .they say trump is mentally ill & advancing at such a fast rate. said it could be catastrophic. ever dr on t v said he is dangerous. what are we going to do? wait & find out when it is too late?

    2. @Resident Evil its not funny people are leaving the U S. a tip, canada only wants young people. he will not be elected in 2020. but he will be indited when he leaves the W H. N Y is going after him, his family, his business BIG TIME. he is going to wish he never ran for president. he has a long row to how & he did it all to him self. peison in his future.

    3. @Texas-7111 Freedom and Liberty! against the law for the president to profit from his campaign or while in office.. this will be used against him. he still has 50 MILLION from camp. he is not telling about but that too will come out. believe it!

    1. Is Moscow Obama, get it right, LOL mitch McConnell hasn’t given flexibility towards Putin, like Obama, did.

    2. Ryan Burkart Vladimir Putin is not to be trusted. The dude is a fucking spook that has his political rivals killed in broad daylight. How are you this ignorant???

    3. Pelosi plays her Trumped cards..
      Against Trumpinnocchio like lol

      RUSSIA AND N Korea plays him like a Dotard at checkers.Lol

    4. @Texas-7111 Freedom and Liberty! mitch let russia built a uranium co. in ken.in the U S. his state has more people on food stamps then any other state. he is worth 35.7 MILLION & not on food stamps. he only cares about mitch. loves control & power.controls the senate. no bill get pass unless he says so. he is so not a nice person,dont you see? or you dont want to see?


      Jim and that crying dude that retired because he knew he and others were heading into dangerously in ashamed racial profiling and discrimination when it came to President OBAMA. He said how much he loved the country but vowed to block everything OBAMA tries to do which WAS really for ALL Americans DUH.

      Just think what could have been accomplished if THOSE Republicons decided to work together.

    1. @cjfilmproductions
      That is right. The FBI; DOJ can investigate. Joe & Hunter will be cleared. So, what was Trump really doing? He wanted dirt on political opponent & didn’t care about corruption. If Trump cared about corruption, why didn’t he catch Rudy’s buddies?

    2. Irrelevant? What a joke…completely relevant since it is the BASE of the accusations against Trump. Are you Dems even watching what is going on. Stupid comments.

    3. @Ck Jenks If Republicans, Trump or others had any information or suspicion on Biden (senior and/or junior) did anything illegal in Ukraine then why didn’t they start an investigation when they had majority in the house? Why is it only now, after Trump was caught, that Republicans want to hear directly from the Bidens?
      Numerous witnesses in the hearings have named senior officials in the Trump-administration, people who have information *NEEDED* to come to the truth of this scandal. If Trump is innocent (which he very well might be) then why are people held back from testifying when people under oath have said the very same people have information that will give insight?

      …and the whistleblower, I’m still wondering why it matters who it was and why he/she should be exposed? The information given was collaborated by multiple administration staffers and that’s why the whistleblowers complaint was taken into action by the Department of Justice, which is run by a Trump-appointee.
      But okay, the whistleblower is outed. Then what?
      The whistleblower didn’t do anything criminal.
      The whistleblower says “I heard this from ‘this person’ and I reported it.” -> Then we go asking for ‘this person’? What after that?
      I just can’t fathom any reason to out the whistleblower other than the person being put at great risk…

    4. @MrGlennJohnsen your right about the bidens relevance in a sense but they should definetly be investigated because Hunters position does not make sense and is questionable as pointed out by Ambassador Kent. In terms of the whistle blower the problem with his testimony is he is the only one to characterize the call as an “demand” inwhich no other witness characterized in such way, except Vindman. Who is probably in some sense the whistleblower since he lied underoath about not knowing the whistleblower. I mean if no witness can point to any factual evidence and neither can anyone else, than what facts are there ahainst him. Article 1 of their impeachment is based on Sonderlands testimony which makes no sense, thats why articles 1 is their main argument. I think people dont understand that for trump to get introuble he would literally have to be caught saying ” i want this or you wont get this” . Like literally

      I really don’t like trump either but this impeachment is in no way thourough

    1. ramos1258 Moscow !itch. You mean like Putin’s puppet Obama? “Tell Putin I will have more flexibility after the next election “

  2. when we start calling the witnesses you barred from answering . your whole ship will come apart. captain crunch mofo

    1. Ed G
      Even before trump was a republican candidate actually. Which says allot on the intentions of Dem representatives.

    2. Ed G
      Its like fishing by throwing out a massive treble hook and just dragging it across a stream to catch salmon. Eventually you will hook something, its just unfortunate that dems didn’t wait till they got “something” on the hook before weighing their catch.

  3. When I look at the GOP I see white old men, out of touch, refusing to live in the real world. The last desperate act of a dying entity
    Goodbye and good riddance

  4. This is man is a REAL COWARD!. He can be talked “so bad” by Trump and still go along with what he does and says. Similar to a cop going along with hisher partner when they kill another unarmed person.

  5. Everything is partisan now. Government is so divided it’s all about how many votes each side has, rather than policy.

  6. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”  – upton sinclair

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