1. I hope Mitch McConnell looses his re-election and end up in jail for this conduct and along side him trump

    1. @SnyperDan “propoganda”? Do you understand what the Democratic party is trying to do to the electoral process? Do you think it’s a coincidence that Bolton’s book selling starts now of all times? What happened to “cover-up” and other inflammatory statements? Did those originate organically or were the intentionally perpetuated?

    2. @Benjamin Agosto More right wing bullshit. If hes innocent then present the evidence that exonerates him.

      You wont, becssue you can’t.

    1. But the American people were not voting for Merrick garland. They would be voting for Donald Trump. Merrick garland is not on the ballot. You are comparing apples and bananas

    2. @Charlie Kirk The American people voted for Obama, you fucking idiot. And Obama had the RIGHT to appoint someone to that seat. Garland, who was favored by Obama SPECIFICALLY to be a compromise and concession to the do-nothing-but-obstruct Republicans, was nonetheless wasn’t even allowed a vote. The criminal, corrupt Republicans STOLE that seat and they got away with it because the “rule of law” means NOTHING anymore.

    1. @James Shoulders Trump was free to open a investigation into Biden at any time. He could have ordered the DOJ to contact the Ukranian justice department and formally open an international investigation. If he used the proper channels he’d have his investigation and it would have been legal.

      So why didn’t he?

    2. @Charlie Kirk not even worth fighting them… they are for a communist regime living in a Nationalist country and they will never rise above.. they call us inbred but like everything else its them that try to reverse their own faults.

  2. In other words, it’s ok to commit crimes in an election year. Also they keep forgetting how he lost the popular vote

    1. Now when I say kill you say golf. #kill #odd #future #wolf #gang. Hi fSgssssssss. #usa #team #world #wide. #nwo. #nwa. 🖕😎🖐️

    2. Bovine One – The Democrats have a dark past, they love controlling minorities and pretend to embrace them as their own in order to keep their vote. It’s what Malcom X tried warning people of.

    3. There was no crime. The only reason this is going on is to stop trump winning in 2020 (which seems super likely so far)

  3. Sounds like the “I Accuse” moment, at the end of a game of Clue.

    “Mitch McConnell, Behind Closed Doors, with The Republicans.”

    1. No, this has dragged on long enough!! He won’t get convicted, just end it!! They would try to impeach over a traffic ticket at this point !its over,stick a fork in it

    2. @Thomas Kemer if he won’t get convicted, whats the difference in taking their time to make sure he’s innocent, especially in such a weighty manner?


    1. I’d want a SCOTUS trial. Republicans weren’t rabid enough to approve impeachment without a trial. *You are.*

    1. @Zachary Isbell Couldn’t care less who’s feelings he hurt. He is a deeply troubled man, and his eyeballs freak me out.

    1. That was exactly what the house said…. then handed out pens and took pictures signing the articles. Anyone complaining about the senate without saying anything about the house….. is a liar, fake and has no clue what fair is.

    2. @Cheerio Smith But Pelosi said it was urgent and thus they couldn’t go to SCOTUS.

      But the Constitutional job of the Supreme Court of the United States is to handle issues between to co equal branches the executive and legislative when they are at loggerheads.

      And precedent was established in Nixon’s time to do this on top of their constitutional power and prerogative.

      the Democrats thumb their nose at SCOTUS and said that they were going to charge Trump with obstruction of Congress.

      And they lied and said it was urgent. But during impeachment they took a month off then two weeks then 10 days off.

      Then Pelosi sat on it.

      So don’t be a liar.

    3. House Democrats: “ Trump is a threat and he must be impeached immediately. So let’s withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate for 33 days.”

    1. @Trevorkian He has but no one really needs to. Breach of Trust is good enough for Impeachment to be valid. I think Trump’s lies are up to about 20k right now. If you don’t even see one of them then you are an idiot or a zealot.

    2. @Dem Lem’s the evidence is overwhelming, unless you believe that the whole world is out to get Trump and everyone on the planet is lying except Republicans

    3. @Trevorkian you got that 100% false, it’s Republicans that lie and commit crimes. Reagan, both Bush and Trump administration are in prison, not Democratic administrations. So suck on your big lie (Fake News)

    4. IKR, it seems like he’s trying to use Moscow Mitch logic on Merrick Garland appointment. So sad that it doesn’t work here.

    1. Can they call Trump to testify (lie)on the stand.Trump is perjury personified.I want to watch as the Bible he puts his hand on burns up.

    2. Mueller had the truth… but then he did not deliver what the democrats wanted so they threw him under the bus.

  5. Did Y’all catch at 2:14 where homie called ERIN “Anderson”??? Lmao 😂🤣😂🤣💀 did u see her face ? Lol if you ever called your date another name? Yup that’s the look & oops sorry! 😬 May I still live please??

    1. @JK F1 Trump was proven guilty and impeached. The Senate’s job is to punish him. Instead, they are trying to block witnesses from testifying and documents. They are corrupt!

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