McConnell Threatens Biden And Dems With ‘Scorched Earth’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

As the filibuster fight in the Senate drags on, Minority Leader McConnell is threatening Democrats with a 'scorched earth Senate.' We discuss that with former U.S. Senator and MSNBC Political Analyst Claire McCaskill. Aired on 03/17/2021.
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McConnell Threatens Biden And Dems With ‘Scorched Earth’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Thus spake the grim reaper, unholy gatekeeper of bills not destined, per his whims, to gain entry to a hearing, let alone a vote, in the full Senate.

    1. @Ash Roskell We see that Trump the private citizen is still living rent free in your head 🤣. That’s ok since your joe’s fulfilling his promises to the CCP by making the next Weimar Republic X2.

    2. @Bill Styles : Copying my comments from other threads is the sincerest form of flattery, according to Oscar Wilde. I guess if MSM didn’t live rent free in your head, you’d have come up with your own material 😋😜

    1. @Yeptoo 11 Or you could actually give him a direct link to an article that contains the evidence he’s asking about. Just telling someone “do your own research” doesn’t help if you don’t give them somewhere to start.

    2. @Brian Steen Proof it was James and Hunter and even nothing was proven illegal by DOJ investigation. But if Trump says so it surely is true. Did Trump tell you China and the NRA financed his 2016 election when he said he so rich he was self-funding? $500 million from China and $54 million from the NRA. But things are starting to unravel.d we don’t know about Russia. What does Russia have on Trump that is ” Kompromat ” and Trump did not even defend the US Army who had Russian bounties on their heads. And what about the millions he siphoned off his cult, that he said they were special and loved them very much. Will he pay their court fees with all the collected cash from his cult. He needs the money for his own lawyer fees coming up.

    1. @Aeroldoth3 no both parties are not as bad as one another. If you’re a millionaire or big corporation trumps for you but for the majority of citizens the Dems are their only hope. That’s why Biden won by a landslide, with more votes than trump in 2016.

    2. @Erika Lee We are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. You’re parroting a manipulative phrase Left wing media loves to make headlines out of. Tying back to my previous comment that our true threat is the media. WaPo admitted this week that they fabricated lies about trumps phone calls with Georgia governor, after the tapes were released. After those stories came out Georgia lost both Senate seats to Democrats in the run off election. If he’s so bad, why do they have to keep lying?

    3. @Fran Simms
      The Ds help the poor a teeny bit more than the Rs, but that ignores their continuing failure to do SUBSTANTIAL change to our country.

      Most of this nation’s wealth is in the hands of a few, and that was accomplished with the help of BOTH parties. Good cop/bad cop routines are distracting people from how much better things could be.

      The Ds are in charge now and the Rs cant’ stop them. Yet no 15 min wage, let alone 20? No M4A? No UBI? They wouldn’t even do the 2K check promised, which is already FAR less than what millions of people need? A 20K check for all 130M households in the US would cost 2.6T. Give the aid to the lower half, and that’s 1.3T, less than the 1.9 bill. THAT would help the millions facing evictions and homelessness, not a piddly 1400.

      Nothing’s stopping the Ds from greatly helping the masses, yet it never gets done, always excuses. BOTH parties are bad.

    4. You hit the nail on the head, mitch, and trum are the greatest threat to America. You see, they would rather see it destroyed than integrated.

    5. @Taino137 He said integrated lmfao. Big tech and MSM fuel modern day Democrat led segregation with identity politics and censorship. Calling your ideological opponents racists and white supremacists is the exact opposite of integration. It’s divisive and creates animosity on both sides. Think about it, bro.

  2. 0:02 right off the bat his bias is exposed.
    “Though you’ve done nothing to deserve this…”

    1. You swallow the bullcrap msnbc spoonfeeds down your throat and happily ask for seconds. Your bias showed when you clicked this video for any reason other than to 👎 and report it for nudity

  3. So it’s not about representing the people, it’s about fighting tooth and nail for power, and screw the people!

    1. @Steven W then talk to Mitch McConnell. ~1/3 of Republicans wanted the stimulus aid, but not a single GOP Senator voted for it.

    2. Off2u4ea almost EVERYONE wanted stimulus aid. The extra trillion plus in pork spending was what was opposed. Big difference.

    3. @Steven W like the promised “scorched earth” in the senate by the Republicans is “common ground”?

    4. Tony Clifford no, the scorched earth would be in response to Democrats effectively excluding them government participation by eliminating the filibuster. See my original post.

  4. I think McConnell crossed that rubicon when he stole a Supreme Court Justice. The earth is already scorched.

  5. It amazes me how somehow politics turned into a war between parties in Congress while the people suffer

    1. @Max Headly He is actually not worth that much compared to others in Congress say like Pelosi and look where her state ranks in things compared to his. Internet is a wonderful tool you should try it sometime.

    2. when you come to the realization bolth parties work against we the people then your on the right track.we have never been free.

    3. @William Springer Sooooo Democrats were the ones who pushed slavery bud and were literally founded to support Andrew Jackson….of Trail of Tears fame? Ever heard of that? Then They lock up Japanese in WW2(talk about Asian hate) and nuke Japan after firebombing Tokyo….again talk about Asian hate.

    1. I know he’s really fond of being known as the grim reaper, but Moscow Mitch is just catchier somehow…….

  6. Mitch is running scared…empty words from him…the people see through the old rhetoric of a dying dinosaur.

    1. Then why can’t they see through the media’s bias ness ?? Is it because Trump was a common enemy?

  7. He’s just mad that he’s not Majority Leader anymore to get his and his party’s way. Nothing he can do about it

  8. Alternative title: Mitch wags his finger at democrats and Biden, reminding them he is a feckless turtle.

    1. Will you please stop referring to him as a turtle. It’s simply impossible for him to be one.
      Turtles are members of the phylum Vertebrata. That’s Italian, means critters with backbones!

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