McEnany: Trump's Claim Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab 'Consistent' With Reports | MSNBC 1

McEnany: Trump’s Claim Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab ‘Consistent’ With Reports | MSNBC


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that President Trump's claim coronavirus could have come from a laboratory in Wuhan was consistent with intelligence reports he had received. Aired on 5/1/2020.
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McEnany: Trump's Claim Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab 'Consistent' With Reports | MSNBC


    1. Better than the scruffy haired extra large woman with the airhead question about pledging never to lie.

      I like women who spend some time in front of the mirror and take pride in how they look. If they are astute as well, like this woman, all power to her! Well done!

    2. Better than the scruffy haired extra large woman with the airhead question about pledging never to lie.

      I like women who spend some time in front of the mirror and take pride in how they look. If they are astute as well, like this woman, all power to her! Well done!

    3. Better than the scruffy haired extra large woman with the airhead question about pledging never to lie.

      I like women who spend some time in front of the mirror and take pride in how they look. If they are astute as well, like this woman, all power to her! Well done!

    1. @El Nubian Whatever you say PumpaDump. You Won, Won !
      Feel better? Go catch some Covid-19.

    2. henry ortiz Well you better recognize, the one who gives love always win. Anyway, should I catch CoVid from you? You already have it dear, remember that. Now go sleep and have sweet dreams about me because it may be your last. Cheerio.

    3. henry ortiz I thought you splintered, scurried, slinked away a while ago? Do you finally have something logical to say?

  1. This administration is a reality show you can go from being a commentator to press secretary what a jk

    1. @NemeanLion no, how many haters has he gone through, that’s the real question. And youre one.

    2. John Days Yeah, he hires “haters”. That’s why his entire cabinet has been turned over multiple times. Enjoy living in Candyland 🍭

    3. @NemeanLion hey candyland, the hater he goes through are you not the ones he hires, but dealing with peoplelike you. You live in La La land.

    1. gmanthatguy – she IS aware that we have been through her type before….?
      Bring back spicer for fun…

    2. @One Drone Pilot – Spicer was fun, and there was a streak of sincerity in him. Trump did not like that. When she stated that she does not lie, when she clearly was telling lies before and after that statement means that she will fit in just fine in their regime. ; )

    1. @nelson blake Bottom line: Under democrats we get more low wage latino’s thereby killing higher wages. We’ll also have less jobs thanks to their $15 minimum wage…. while raising inflation for the middle class. The result they want is for everyone to be dependent on them. That’s why they’re for off-shoring manufacturing and enabling bad behavior.

    2. @nelson blake After all the BS the Dem’s, FBI and their colluding media put this Country through, give me one good reason to vote for them?

    3. @Freedom & Liberty Bot It won’t take that long. SDNY has a head start. As far as wages when has the working class gotten a fair wage? I’m sure you are one of the people agreeing China is paying the tariffs. I earn a fair wage that Trump or Obama had anything to do with it.

    4. @nelson blake I have no idea what this is in regards to….. I don’t even have cable so what FOX has to do with this beyond stupid. Common sense is all you need.

    1. When: Multiple times
      The claim: If the economic shutdown continues, deaths by suicide “definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we’re talking about” for COVID-19 deaths.
      The truth: The White House now estimates that anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die from COVID-19. Other estimates have placed the number at 1.1 million to 1.2 million. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. But the number of people who died by suicide in 2017, for example, was roughly 47,000, nowhere near the COVID-19 estimates. Estimates of the mental-health toll of the Great Recession are mixed. A 2014 study tied more than 10,000 suicides in Europe and North America to the financial crisis. But a larger analysis in 2017 found that while the rate of suicide was increasing in the United States, the increase could not be directly tied to the recession and was attributable to broader socioeconomic conditions predating the downturn.

      Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes: Trump can’t even imitate a normal president

      Blaming the Obama Administration

      When: Wednesday, March 4
      The claim: The Trump White House rolled back Food and Drug Administration regulations that limited the kind of laboratory tests states could run and how they could conduct them. “The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we’re doing,” Trump said.
      The truth: The Obama administration drafted, but never implemented, changes to rules that regulate laboratory tests run by states. Trump’s policy change relaxed an FDA requirement that would have forced private labs to wait for FDA authorization to conduct their own, non-CDC-approved coronavirus tests.

      When: Friday, March 13
      The claim: The Obama White House’s response to the H1N1 pandemic was “a full scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now.”
      The truth: Barack Obama declared a public-health emergency two weeks after the first U.S. cases of H1N1 were reported, in California. (Trump declared a national emergency more than seven weeks after the first domestic COVID-19 case was reported, in Washington State.) While testing is a problem now, it wasn’t back in 2009. The challenge then was vaccine development: Production was delayed and the vaccine wasn’t distributed until the outbreak was already waning.

      When: Multiple times
      The claim: The Trump White House “inherited” a “broken,” “bad,” and “obsolete” test for the coronavirus.
      The truth: The novel coronavirus did not exist in humans during the Obama administration. Public-health experts agree that, because of that fact, the CDC could not have produced a test, and thus a new test had to be developed this year.

      @joshua stanley

    2. @ REAL TIME Yo bruh, Sup? We believe all women, right!? Yea! Wait, are we still doing that? But but all women.. believe… we believe them don’t we? Or.. or sometimes. Oh… ok … believe all women when it’s convenient… k… got it… sorry… I’m tryna be a lefty… sorry… it’s confusing… I’ll do better. F*#knTrump n all dat!! Yea! Abortion rules and stuff and censorship and and all cool and F}*k black republicans and um Trumps mean and he lies! See, there’s hope for me dog

    3. Wuhan Institute of Virology just a few miles away from the wet market is purely coincidence. I’m sure that President for Life Xi and the Chinese Communist Party are being more than cooperative with the investigation being headed by the very competent World Health Organization.

    1. @Tami F – Here in Silicon Valley, most of us hate O.T., (orange turd). 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world. Pretty hard to do without knowing how to read. Duh.

    2. Dont They All Read Notes Or Teleprompters?…Give Her A Chance…She is dealing With Evil Media….

    3. @MIKE BARAN – Evil press? I just saw a report the other day on the national debt. Obama saw a gain of $9,331,212,506,446 during his time in office (Debt on Inauguration Day 2017 – $19,958,089,555,359). An average monthy gain of $97,200,130,275.

      Today’s national debt will top $25 trillion … today, May 3, 2020. That’s using U.S. government stats.

      So, the national debt has risen $5,042,900,000,000 in just 39 months. That means that orange turd’s national debt has been rising $29 billion per month more than Obama ($126,177,648,040 per month vs $97,200,130,275
      per month). Is that why they are evil Because they report that? FAKE (Fox) doesn’t report that. They slammed Obama daily about the debt. Who’s evil?

  2. Starting out in the same path as Spanky Spicer and the Huckster. PT Barnum would be proud….

    1. it is a collection of clowns! Spicer, Scaramucci, Huckabee-S, and now this ! lolol What a bunch of pathetic individuals.

    1. @Old Wong fox and intelligence dont belong in the same sentence unless its “people at fox lack intelligence”.

    2. The Chinese did an incompetent job at their bioweapons lab. Are we really surprised by that given the quality of Chinese goods?

    3. @Don Francisco You should send a nuke towards Shanghai, just dun nuke Singapore. Hehehehe.

    1. @howard lederer and they predicted up to 2.2 million would die. That’s a statistical success.

  3. Um…”high degree of confidence” vs “still investigating” are not consistent responses.

    1. You can have a high degree of confidence in what an investigation is leading you to believe though. After all, confidence is nothing but an illusion lol

    2. seriously? you don’t grasp her statement? she is essentially saying they believe they have the answer, but are continuing to investigate the matter. and that is going over your head?

    3. @governmentcheese411 These dipshits are in denial. The virus was either released intentionally or accidentally from the lab in Wuhan. That’s where we are now. The sold out media will now begin downplaying the seriousness of the virus in order to lessen the culpability of the communist government in China

    4. @governmentcheese411I understand what she is trying to say, but the replies are two different replies. Your supervisor…I have a high degree of confidence that you got the position. The reviewing committee…we are still reviewing all the candidates. Would you quite your current job?

    5. @Someone Anonymous no… YOU’VE contrived that on your own. any rational person clearly sees what she is saying. they have evidence suggesting one thing… BUT… continue to investigate the fact trail to see what else is uncovered. i.e. the greatest possible explanation for what actually happened and who is most responsible. example, lets say the facility did leak it. who leaked it exactly? was it on purpose or accidental? if on purpose, did they act alone or under direction from higher powers? hence, her comment is completely on point and coherent. unless you apply leftist spin, bend and twist to it. then we get…. well…. you.

  4. Here we go again… they have put another muppet in front of a mic.

    1. @benny pitt
      You do realise that Trump has reduced the most powerful nation on the planet to a laughing stock all around the world don’t you !

    2. Looks more like a lying Barbie to me. But whatever … Another Trump propaganda machine is born.

    3. @Phil Demetriou Wow, you really need to get out of your echo chamber if you really believe that. “Trumpism” is taking over the world bud, Europe is seeing a wave of leftists getting defeated, Australia just a while back SHOCKED the world by having a pro Trump figure win, my God just a few months ago leftists in the UK election suffered their worst defeat in over 100 years. I can go on and on here.

      I hope you prepare yourself for what is coming in Nov so you don’t freakout again like in 2016.

      Let me put this into some perspective for you:
      2010 Dems lost more than 700 seats, lost big in the House and the Senate and Obama heading into re-election was DOWN 18 points…..Obama easily won 2012.
      2018 GOP lost around 350 seats, lost in the House and GAINED in the Senate(something only done 3 times in last 105 years). Trump heading into re-election is UP 15 points…… And you think Trump will lose LOL, that’s cute.

      NO President has ever lost re-election when their approval is higher than when they first entered office…NOT ONE. In fact since WW2 only 1 President has entered re-election with a higher approval and that was Bill Clinton with a 1.2 point increase…Trump’s approval is up 15 points which not only is the record but the record by FAR.

      I understand people not liking Trump, i really do and there are several ways the left could counter him but every time you use the fake news media to attack him Trump comes out stronger EVERY TIME.
      The Russian “now proven” hoax exposed…Trump hits highest approval to date.
      The Ukrainian hoax exposed(even the Ukrainian President called it fake news for Gods sake)….Trump hits highest approval to date.
      The fake news try attacking his virus response and that is getting exposed…..Trump just hit his highest approval to date AGAIN.

      I used to get upset with every fake news narrative and attack but now I love them..keep em coming bud, they are only making Trump stronger.

  5. trump: This is China’s fault, right?
    Intelligence: The first confirmed case was in China, sir. We are investigating.
    trump: That’s what I said, its China’s fault.

    1. @jyashin yea, after all those Italians went to china and had a private meeting… Youre saying “europe” as if its a country… Europe is 12 of a continent… You have no point bro.
      And ive seen more chinese people in various comments telling the truth and windfall of the truth than any other person in the internet… Wtf is wrong with all of you? Its sad to see the level of non-investigation amongst the human population.

    2. @Proper Secretary of State Pompeo just released a huge statement that supports my comment… But im sure youre already on some new news video running your mouth and calling people names… Dont worry i dont expect a reply back from something like you. But for the readers, look up the article. Its published today. 2 days after i made my comment.
      You fools dont know a whistle when you see it… Sad.

    3. @White Alliance Europe has half of China’s population. And approximately the same land area. So yes, it is absolutely an accurate comparison.

      And your “truth” is not truth. It’s just lies that you want to believe in. You gonna start linking some wheels as sources next? Lol.

    4. @jyashin the truth comes from the source & maybe re read my comment cause you read it wrong.

      I said there is more truth coming directly from Chinese people than from any other people after-the -fact.

      “When a man tells you what they are, believe him”

      Chinese people are saying their govt did this. They kiiiild the whitle blowers and the doctors. They know what they did.

      But sure, some speculation from someone like you, is totally more trustworthy…
      Humans like to make things simpler than they actually are. Enjoy the complexity of whats going on, if you have the education level to comprehend it.

      No drugs are moving, no counties are fighting, no church, no school…

      Try and pretend to be a genius for 2 minutes… Look deep into the future and the ramifications of the past 4 months. A great bright light will be in the night sky, in 2 years. This light will judge all of you. G_D gives man specific talents. And My personal talents do NOT go to waste.

      Be thankful for my words. Amen

    5. @White Alliance Hey look! I know black people! Therefore I cannot possibly be racist!

      Guess what, I know white people that directly state the virus came from Ft. Detrick. I see Trump firing his FDA director, nurses getting fired for posting their dire unpreparedness in handling CoV, or military personnel silenced for blowing the whistle on the outbreak.

      Hey, I’m an American! I can guarantee you the US government engineered this virus! Therefore it must be true!

      Don’t make me laugh. The WHO has already commended China on its amazing actions throughout this entire ordeal. This is literally the most objective, third party source, but the moment it deviates slightly from American propaganda look at how many people say “it’s bought by China! It’s not objective!”. LOL.l

  6. “Intelligence is just an estimate” sounds like “Alternative facts” to me. Fine when your target is a blond bimbo, but not for Covid-19.

    1. She’s a lot smarter then you Bubba. Awww..your feelings hurt that blond bimbo isn’t a crybaby little panzy liberal like you..

    2. @k T It’s “than”, though. “Smarter than you”, but maybe you’re spelling it the alternative way. I’ve seen evidence those are just different spellings of the same word.

  7. The only reason she was hired… she looks like the daughter Trump would screw if she wasn’t his daughter.

    1. You guys are just angry cause you can’t even get a job cleaning toilets at Dunkin Donuts.

    2. Actually, I have a job. Have had, in fact. University professor. Thanks for your concern though.

    3. @Cultivating Curiosity yeah, I’m one of those too and the last guy I made a comment to was a neurosurgeon.

    4. Cory Allen Perhaps if you learned the basics of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation…

    5. @Cultivating CuriosityI’m not writing a letter to the Queen of England, I’m only commenting to a loser on friggin YouTube.

  8. “The information is consistent from the reports we’re getting…..from Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends”

  9. Let’s watch this video months later, I hope we still remember she promised not to tell a lie.

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