Medical Expert Calling for Mandatory Vaccination in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - August 4 2021 1

Medical Expert Calling for Mandatory Vaccination in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – August 4 2021

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    1. Yes true, USA open up borders, Jamaica follow, if this country stop killing and unite together and take the streets then and only then our voices will be heard, I will not and who ever I lived with will not take this mark of the beast, no way.

    2. No variant here thank God, why don’t close back the borders then before it comes in, who is this man? God? We have a choice, who wants to take it fine for them, leave the young people them alone god going to strike unuh for unuh wickedness..

    1. I’m not having no needle stuck in me with poison in it, I am very very healthy thank you very much /// iv reached my age healthy I’m never sick and take no.meds so for me it’s no thank you very much.

  1. Damn it comes right back to this government badness on the people them! When will it stop!?????????

    1. What rights? You took the Poliomyelitis vaccine, Rubella vaccine among others as a child to go to school, did you want rights then? When you can’t get a USA visa if your vaccinations wasn’t up to date. Why is the COVID vaccine the one you’re jumping on to talk about rights?

    2. You will really see crime raise more but this time it will be against the government so I don’t believe the government want that

    3. Jumbo GREETINGS, dem can’t mandate naada… Read about the Nuremburg treaty, it’s against di LAW. No one can force you to do anything ie DA jukjabb experiment agenda… Check out Black Sonrise on
      Utube and Share ” Nuremburg code ” explained… Let I know what you think, PEACE..

    1. Because this is the agenda for the world,this is the big move for the new World order. And they are running out of time because JESUS IS COMING.

  2. Don’t tell people what they must take you take it if you want to If anything goes wrong with them the government does not Responsible for them So why forcing someone to take it It’s not even a vaccine it’s a Java

  3. Just look at that road how on earth can roads be build like that, whomever the contractors who build that road should be sued. We pay our taxes and that is type of work carried out, look at the sub surface it is so thin. The Parish Council and NWA needs to be held accountable.

  4. Them taking about covid every second of the day bout it’s rasing that’s just to put fear in the citizens. Jamaican believe and trust in the Lord Amen

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