1. Oh good he’s black that’s what’s really important when it comes to running a nation. I’m sure he’d be twice as good if he was black and a trans.

    1. If you is not interested in Trump, you don’t need to MAKE anything,and us will TAKE OUT Joe from our life.

    2. @Nate HBeing black does not make you successful… hard work does. how racist of you to assume I’m white. I’m a black man calling out the truth.

    3. @unlisted junk I never said being black made a person successful. And where in my comment did I say you were white? Who is making assumptions here? In any event, you are correct- hard work does merit success. I too am a Black man and fully acknowledge this truth. Mr. Jeffries is successful because of his years of public service and his ability to relate to others, in large part, the contributing factors to his success as the newly elected House Democratic Leader.

  2. Was traveling with my hockey team in high school when we stopped at a diner for lunch. Hakeem Jeffries happened to be there. Super nice, down to earth, regular dude. Made everyone laugh, and was genuinely interested in how our team fared in our game. By the time we finished our lunch, he had already said goodbyes & wished us all luck. He picked up our teams bill without our coaches or chaperones having a clue. Nice dude.

    1. Hakeem Jeffries wrapped his lips around Israel’s genitals… and he bent over for a Jewish sausage insertion between his buns…

  3. “CNN begins layoffs amid economic uncertainty, cost-cutting pressures from parent company

    The layoffs come as media companies are being battered by brutal economic headwinds that have taken a bat to the advertising sector.”

    Advertising? That’s what you’re telling your staff as you show them the door? Why don’t you be honest and attribute your loss of advertisers to your failed war on Trump.

  4. He’s a great choice. The more leftist wrong of the party I think would do well to get behind him and help him. He would do far more for their interests Pelosi would have, less than what they would want but the broader majority is more like this guy.

    1. She is welcome at my family’s dinner table any time. Not because she is perfect. Because she kicked Republican a%% for decades.

    2. @Kevin Brown
      Does it really Matter what a Republican or Democrat means the last couple of years there merely the same , and we the people are buying into the division

  5. Brooklyn is considered the bottom third places to live- the crime has continued to get worse since he was elected. Perfect Choice for the Democrat Party- empathy for criminals, condemnation of Law and Authority

    1. @Phil B. – of course, you want me quiet, because the truth is abysmal leadership- a damn joke on the Country- this guy leading Democrats. 😂

    2. @Phil B. – The Fact that CNN is ignoring the rise of violent crime, sexual assault, theft in Brooklyn is exactly why Americans can’t trust the media- oh he’s Black..how Historically Awesome!! Screw that- Americans Deserve Way Better in the House of Representatives

    1. Because it’s true. Trumpo dumbo made history for being the most vile and evil person ever occupied the WH.

    1. It would be nice but if these Trumpster republicans still keep acting crazy and spewing thier hate and racism in preparation for Thier dictator Trump/Hitler can he help reform them cause that’s cult stuff. Watch M.T.G. isn’t going to like him cause she’s Trump/Hitler’s key Good Little Nazi with her Propaganda Racist Nazi mouth remember M.T.G. made reference to shooting Pelosi let’s see if see wants to shoot him too.

  6. The entire position of House Minority leader is a complete joke no matter what party it is. Seriously, can anyone name a single time where the person in that position did anything significant?

  7. I support the Minority leadership for people masses even Democrats. Be bipartisan we needed the kind of leadership to equality right.☝️🤠👑✝️⚖️🧐

  8. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans–born into plutocracy, tempered by corruption, disciplined by pay to play, proud of our servitude to donors–and unwilling to witness or permit the representation of middle and working class Americans, and to this we are committed today at home and around the world.

    1. @Liberals haveitallbackwards The Democratic and Republican parties are not opponents. They are tag team partners on Team Upper Class. They are garbage for middle class and working class Americans.

    2. @Rick Rude
      That’s why Trump was so great.
      That’s why the combat vets, military, the cops, the firefighters, the farmers, the blue collar workers love Trump, cuz he worked for them, not the establishment, not the authoritarian left, not the status quo right, Trump worked for Americans.

      That’s why so many RINO swamp monsters and war mongers hate Trump.

  9. Guys like this claim they are looking out for the poor people who need Government to help them – but their supporters are the most vulnerable to get robbed, assaulted and murdered. Democrats in turn, back the criminals…so much bloody empathy.

  10. Rep .Hakeem as a New House Speaker .He look very Intelligent Guy Representing Democrats.We need a Very Strong Positive Person that will Handle those Republicans coz I noted most of them are Arrogant

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