1. I will never encourage my children to join the Canadian military. It has become such a politically correct gong show.

    1. @Shawn Marla
      Yup, retired at 50, self made, trade e-mini futures, and no debt. Weak? Keep flippin those burgers, Shawn.

    2. td603 td603 haha yea didn’t no you could retire from welfare. I’m retired won the lottery 10 million dollars richer.

    3. It’s OK, they don’t have a division for kids on the Spectrum anyway. Tell him to go play with his plastic blocks and try not to eat glue.

  2. This is beyond stupid. Diversity doesn’t make unity. We are Canadian. Keep the multiculti in your homes. And what’s with the helicopter looking like it’s on fire? What the hell kind of message is that?

    Be Canadian. Act Canadian. That’s what creates unity!

    1. cheri sulker You are ignorant and you are probably the racist. So quick to label someone what you probably are just because they speak the truth.

    2. cheri sulker ah the old liberal resort to calling people racist because they don’t agree with you.

  3. Negativity…. is like a VIRUS… Mental health is more painful as we do not see the problem until its to late. Now…. with our
    younger generation. Our negativity and stress is past down to them. they loose…..HOPE!!!! As a world… were dying. Mentally and
    physically. As a whole…. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!!! NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE!!!! Have FUN ALL. I see.. 18 thumbs down and 3 likes…. Not to mention…. The comments? Time for PEACE!!!!

  4. Watching this video is like accidentally putting my finger in my butt while wiping apoo.
    Feels great at first. Then it stinks and you feel ashamed for doing it so long.

  5. Shame Canada is too dull to have its own “rich culture” . Canada is a follower! Not a leader! Has nothing new to offer -Just copy others

  6. These troops should be charged under QR @ O’S. I have seen troops charged for less then this. The military is not like it use to be to much politically correct crap. Troops are for defending Canadians and Canada thats their job not doing a gong show. Now on the other side of this they could have done some thing more effective to show all cultures in the DND

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