1. I didn’t think I could live another minute without knowing the story behind that song. Thank god. 60 minutes, you saved my life.

    1. Honestly? While adore ones freedom of speech from the American founding father’s, this is absolutely hilarious. Lmao 🤣

    2. Sarcasm? I guess some people never mature past middle school & still think mocking those who actually experience things like panic attacks, is “cool”🙄

    3. @H K S

      Not shaming. Middle school, song, body and booty, @0:32 seconds random chemistry with a stranger is a one nighter…..then a man with a wife, a child and all alone with a 19 year old talking about her booty and every inch of him is perfect. Yea, ok. #GodBless

    1. Not really the point. Just another poorly written headline. You don’t bother to watch before opining, or you lack the most basic level of empathy with the struggle to overcome a health condition. Not something to brag about, either way.

  2. I had panic attacks for many years I got help this is a great story for all who have suffered panic disorder and being overworked there is a light at the end of the tunnel ❤ great story

  3. Hitting just the right social/musical magic doesn’t happen often. There is actually a lot of intelligence that precedes the delivery of such magic.

  4. Meghan. My first panic attack was nursing school and it took me years to be able to even talk about it. I soon learned all I had to do was learn how to breathe…emergency rooms for over a year before they know what was “wrong” with me. You killed it that year. So glad you did.

  5. Very good interview , with a very important issue , and extremelly emotional subject ! As a anxiety and panic attack sufferer for my entire life , this needs to be taken seriouslly and conscioslly . We are not ” Crazy ” just a little unsettled like the rest of the population on the face of this earth ! With everything thats going on can you blame us ? Final point , be kind and simpathetic to all around you , you will feel a whole lot better in the long run ! Peace ! 😎👍✌

  6. What this failed to mention is she won the Grammy for best new artist two years after all about that bass came out. All about that bass was nominated for record of the year and song of the year her first year and she lost; then she won best new artist the whole year after when she was no longer new. Love her, but best new artist should’ve gone to tori Kelly that year.

  7. She is so down to earth and charming and this interview sheds light on a very important mental health topic. Also, for those knocking the song itself, Google the lyrics. It promotes a positive self image even if you are not a size 2, which is a good message for her target audience

    1. Okay, but it also says that a person size is okay because men like it.
      Instead of saying love yourself for you, it says seek validation from others.

  8. I’m absolutely not a pop fan, but I have to admit every once in a while a sing comes along that is both catchy and amusing. This is one of those. Good for her.

  9. Mental health is a tough nut to crack. When it grabs hold, you really don’t have any control and no idea what’s happening or why. The worst part is NOBODY around you takes it seriously. She’s so fortunate that her team was so sensitive to her needs.

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