Mehdi: ‘Absurd’ For GOP To Claim To Be A Worker’s Party When ‘They Have No Interest In Workers’

On the GOP’s dubious claims to be a workers’ party when they’ve rejected many parts of covid relief that would benefit workers, Mehdi Hasan says "They don't want to vote for increased checks, increased minimum wage, an increase in child tax credit. It's absurd for them to claim to be a workers' party when they have no interest in workers." Aired on 03/05/2021.
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Mehdi: ‘Absurd’ For GOP To Claim To Be A Worker’s Party When ‘They Have No Interest In Workers’


  1. these people want to do away with Union’s , they do not want to give the American people a livable wage these people are no good for the American people.

    1. It’s the Unions that drove up the price of EVERYTHING under the Sun. You can start anytime to put blame where it belongs.

    2. Do you think the Unions in-place now are good for employees? Unions are horrible,the idea of them is great but just like the Government they over reach and the people get screwed!

    3. @Noreb Are you out of your mind? Anyone who wants to keep things shut down either have a high paying job,can work from home or are on government assistance no hard working middle class American wants to stay locked down!!!!!

    4. @Jersey Mike why are you trying to pretend that every union is the same when they are by definition – not….

    5. @Jersey Mike literally no one wants to be locked down you absolute ignorant child. take your fake concern trolling somewhere else. you havent been screaming about the essential workers who have been put directly in harms way to keep idiots like you safe to scream about how hard this is on you. clown.

  2. The GOP in washington have no credible argument against President Biden’s extremely popular and bipartisan supported covid relief bill. If this bill fails, it’s all on the Republicans.

    1. You mean other than the fact that your party aiming half of that “Relief” bill to its biggest donors and NOT The People? Or the part where “Right Now Your Great Grandchild owes a debt to the Federal Government they didn’t make nor will ever be able to pay?” Imagine their surprise when they find out that you said, “No big deal, Gimme some cash now…”

    2. @John Simon as for the debt, you should look at what the orange skin man left us: according to ProPublica, the growth in the annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third-biggest increase, relative to the size of the economy, of any U.S. presidential administration, according to a calculation by a leading Washington budget maven, Eugene Steuerle, co-founder of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.
      According to Newsweek and other sources: When Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, the national debt stood at about $19.9 trillion. As he leaves office this month, the national debt has grown to about $27.7 trillion. That’s an increase of 39.2 percent.
      Apparently, your boy just loves him some debt. My advice to you is to take it easy on the bleach drinking and turn of Fox news. You’re heavily misinformed.

  3. They complain about people on food stamps, then when there’s a minimum wage bill that will take people off food stamps, they’re against that

    1. @Shirlee Hicks The reason I’m content is because I have a Union job paying a good salary and with good benefits, mortgage paid and money in the bank. I didn’t put myself through school to be content to just get by.

    2. That’s Funny, Really it is…. Only complaints there are about food stamps is there is NO requirement to A) Look for work and B) take drug tests to remain eligible. If you can afford heroin, you can afford food.

    3. Again, that’s dumb. Boost minimum wage to whatever you want, The price of things will skyrocket. Just like the California gold rush… The more you can afford, the more they will charge.

    1. The Million Dollar Club, busy pimping for the Billion Dollar – Club! if not some who are already billionaires, themselves?!!

  4. It’s no secret that the Republican party despises the working class American. And if you want proof, pay no attention to what they say, just focus on what they do.

    1. @aarqa agreed. We stay stuck in the past, it won’t be long before we are left behind entirely, and that is already happening.

  5. Their constituents have yet to realize that what’s trickling down on them is not resources.

    1. Sadly, I think most of their constituents are fine with fake trickle down policies as long as those policies affect the people they hate.


  6. The GOP has an interest in workers, they are interested in taking advantage of workers and preventing then from participating in governing this country.

    1. @Omega Lighting “a union is harmful to a company and can drive it into the ground.”

      Lets see, the Japanese auto makers have unionized auto workers, their companies are not being driven into the ground.
      What drives a company into the ground is when a company stops making great products or great services, and the decision to decrease quality comes from the top, Board of directors who concentrate on maximum profits instead of best products for consumers.

      Fish rot from the head down, same with companies.

      Remember the GM ignition switch problem? It could have been solved for a small amount of money, but the top management considered the fix a consumer problem, not GM’s problem. End result, GM had to pay millions for the fix, Gm lost customer’s trust, all for the sake of the know it alls at the top of GM.

    2. UR so WRONG! they DO have an “interest” in workers – its to work us slavishly, while they rake in the profits therefrom, and then tell us that its for our own good that they won’t pay us enough for decent (if even enuf) food/healthcare/housing/automobiles-if we can even afford one…. ok, i’m running out of room here! These people should be called “Exploit and Run” – to the nearest bank to cash in on our production for them!

    3. Oh, did U say that they DO – have an interest in Workers?! my bad! Funny tho, how “their” interest in us, is so very NOT, the kind of “interest” we really want, and need!

    1. Almost sounds like an Ayan rand type of thing. I don’t want it. But then eventually be like. Yes I need xyz now. Bunch of hypocrites. (Edit: I believe it was Medicare or something)

  7. I’m very ashamed of the government for how crooked & corrupt it has become it’s just shameful how they take our money and are screwing the working class every chance they get.

  8. Just recently discovered Mr. Hasan, love his passion! We need more of it, not that wishy/washy both siderism so many newspeople are spewing.

  9. Well, there’s nothing like ‘telling it like it is’ however, far too many workers are so used to being gaslighted by the ruling class that they wont even hear this let alone get it and be moved to do something about it, or even see clearly that reformers are showing them a way out.

  10. “Just remember….What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening,” Trump said on July 24th, 2018. Sounds a lot like the line from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    1. LOL, he was talking about lies like the ones you guys watch and hear constantly on your propaganda news. but then it requires a brain to figure it all out.

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