Melinda Gates: Covid-19 vaccine needs to be distributed worldwide for a faster economic recovery 1

Melinda Gates: Covid-19 vaccine needs to be distributed worldwide for a faster economic recovery


Melinda Gates is urging leaders in wealthy countries not to forget about the rest of the world as coronavirus vaccines begin to roll out.

“Everybody needs this vaccine,” Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow Thursday. “If we only get it to the high-income countries, this disease is going to bounce around. We're going to see twice as many deaths. And our recovery of our economies is going to be much slower than if we get the vaccine out to everybody.”

The Gates Foundation on Thursday said it plans to commit an additional $250 million to support the “research, development and equitable delivery” of tools to fight Covid-19, including tests, treatments and vaccines. The announcement brings the group’s total commitments to the global Covid-19 response to $1.75 billion.


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    1. @So Mad Alex Was Right Don’t get vaccinated. Get as many preventable diseases as you can, and carry them home to your idiot hive.

    1. @Ralston x

      We had 360,000 deaths under age 55. That’s 340,000 more than covid related.

    2. @Puddles Puddles I applied your own Trumptard logic to your comment which contains facts rearranged to suit my own narrative
      And PeePuddles they said Sir PeePuddles is lying Sir everyone knows that people don’t know Sir.

  1. We always ask who’s “pushing” the incoming administration, but who’s pushing the politicians on Capitol Hill?

    1. She and her husband own 11 patents of coronavirus vaccines . They gonna become even richer while killing millions

    2. A John Hopkins University academic found out that COVID-19 did not actually increase the number of death rates across the United States based on the data gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    1. @Meldrick Edwards Haha. Maybe. You always know that any video with the Gates’ name in it, will attract a lot of stupid people who didn’t even watch the video, but go directly to the comment section to spew their uninformed views. So I assumed that this one didn’t even realise it was Melinda Gates, and not Bill

    2. @Marko Golumbovski So you think she looks like a man? I’ms that it? Yes, I don’t see it. But I appreciate the Gates’ work.

    3. Of course he’s one of the best. Not much difference between computers and humans. I take my cat to the doctor, my teeth to a podiatrist. It makes a 1984 type of sense.

    4. @Black Cat Intuitive Yes, it’s almost like you can open a book and read about a subject to learn more about it. And you can surround yourself with experts to learn from them. And if you have an IQ of 160 or more, probably become quite knowledgeable on the subject quite fast. It’s funny how that works.
      Ask yourself this. How many subject matter experts in virology are out there disagreeing with anything Bill Gates says about Covid or other infectious deceases?

    1. You’ll get more infection from foreign tourists when the borders re-open. And then it will take longer for the economy to recover. How stupid are you?

    2. @casualsuede entertain yourself with a 99.97%.survival rate virus, while all your rights and freedoms are taken away
      Your awakening is coming too…
      Until now.. sweet dreams

  2. Dr death and his “wife” forcing vaccines on everyone. 4 in the test group got ball palsy and the first one in England that took it died. Helll No to the vaccine

  3. Eww don’t trust the Gates or the Clinton family they say one thing and does something different. Up to no good !!!

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