Melissa Lucio, Texas death row inmate, granted stay of execution | USA TODAY

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Monday issued a stay of execution for Melissa Lucio, on death row for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter.

Melissa Lucio, 53, was scheduled to be executed Wednesday. The court ordered the 138th Judicial District Court of Cameron County to consider the new evidence presented by Lucio's legal team, and issued a stay on her execution "pending resolution of the remanded claims" in her habeas application.

Lucio was convicted in 2008 for the murder of Mariah, who prosecutors said suffered physical abuse leading to her death. In clemency appeals, Lucio's legal team has claimed new evidence shows the toddler's death was an accident caused by an undiagnosed injury sustained after falling down the stairs two days prior.

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    1. Dude, she’s possibly not getting offed because she’s saying she accidentally beat her daughter to death rather than did it on purpose.

  1. Still waiting since 1964 to have my adoption nullified And take back my legal birth certificate. And not have that authority or custody be given back to my biological relatives or their relatives.
    As a child I was legally removed from one abusive and dysfunctional group of people. And placed into another group of abusive and dysfunctional group of people.
    I am in need of a lawyer to represent me. I am okay with going to the United States Supreme Court. This is as important as: Brown vs The Board of Education.

    There should have been federal legislation written centuries ago; that allowed adopted people to have their adoption nullified. There should have been legislation in the United States Constitution or in the Ammendments; that allows adopted people to have their adoption nullified. Regardless of their age.
    Several law enforcements, the AG of CA., and the ACLU are a few organizations that ha been informed.
    Why doesn’t my birth certificate have the word: Adopted? This should be mandatory for all adopted people.

    The United States government and judiciary system failed to inform adopted people; upon being adopted their legal problems would begin.

    1. Your situation got mothing to do with this. Death row inmates usually play all the long legal games to stay alive a little longer.

    2. @Samson Soturian People are allowed to give up their United States citizenship; give up their child for adoption. People are allowed to disown someone; get a divorce. People are allowed to quit their jobs.

      Absolutely, people should have the right to have their adoption nullified.
      There might be thousands of people, now or in the future; that want their adoption nullified.
      Federal legislation and an Ammendment to the United States Constitution; might help millions.

  2. This is horrific. She looks so beaten down. Her old photo shows her with light & joy in her eyes. May you find your way back.🙏

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