Members Of Congress Lack Legal Standing For Donald Trump Emoluments Suit | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

A three-judge panel of the D.C. Court of Appeals has unanimously tossed out the emoluments clause lawsuit against President Trump filed by Democrats in Congress. NBC News’ Pete Williams reports. Aired on 02/07/20.
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Members Of Congress Lack Legal Standing For Donald Trump Emoluments Suit | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @David Hale Fascism: An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Trump’s a fascist and the modern Republican party has embraced fascism.

    2. @Progressive Humanist so are you saying that ppl on the left could never be a facist just because they ate left leaning?

    1. You obviously dont know the meaning of pandering. Or if you do know it’s meaning, then you’re just a hypocrite. Either way, you look fckin stupid.

  1. Every time a lobbying group or foreign national book rooms at a t’rump property, that is basically a check written to the president’s private bank account.
    What a surprise, for the most corrupt president in history! 🤣

    1. When will trump be accountable…..vomit on this evil…45=666 man with mental illness and too much power….

    2. @jeg5gom Where did you cut and paste that from? Seems like all you got there chief. This _crime-wave of republican corruption_ will keep coming down after the _2020 election_ , and Moscow Mitch and the boys are being _investigated_ . Add some of those words to your list, because your gonna hear them a lot. Enjoy.

  2. Trump has been violating the Constitution since noon on January 20, 2017. His decision prior to his inauguration to keep ownership and control of his businesses —a move that went against both long-standing historical practice and the advice of career government ethics officials—put him at odds with the Constitution’s original anti-corruption provisions the moment he was sworn in.

    Emoluments Clauses, prohibit the president from receiving any profit, gain, or advantage from any foreign or domestic government. Impeachment, as outlined by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 65, is a political remedy for a president’s egregious violations of these prohibitions.

    The Framers of the Constitution were very aware of the dangers from foreign influence on any president. This is why they created rules to prevent foreign governments from purchasing undue influence on a sitting President.  Essentially buying a sitting President, which is basically what Putin and Saudi Arabia have done withTrump.

    The rule prohibits anyone holding any “Office of Profit or Trust under the United States” from receiving any “emolument” from foreign powers. An emolument, for purposes of the Constitution, according to two courts, is any “PROFIT, GAIN, or ADVANTAGE.  This rule is what has become known as the Foreign Emoluments Clause, and is located at Article I, Section 9, Clause 8.

    The Framers of the Constitution were also worried about undue influence from individual States in the union, and by officials PROFITEERING from federal offices. The Framers were concerned that a powerful state might sway the president’s decision making to its own benefit. 

    To prevent against these types of abuses, the Framers developed the Domestic Emoluments Clause, at Article II, Section 1, Clause 7, which is a blanket prohibition against the president receiving any sort of advantage from any state government, or PROFITING from the federal government.

    Not only have U.S. and foreign governments spent money at properties owned by Trump, but Trump’s own political campaign and affiliated political committees have also spent about $16.8 million at his businesses since he launched his 2016 bid, according to an analysis of federal election spending records. Republican political campaigns and PACs have spent just under $1.8 million at Trump-owned businesses so far this year in the 2020 election cycle.

    A recent example of Trump’s emoluments clause violations came last year in August when a visit from Saudi officials to Trump’s Trump International Hotel in NYC helped boost the hotel’s quarterly revenue by 13% in 2018’s first quarter. The bump came after two straight years of booking declines for the property.

    Since Trump took the oath of office, the Saudi government and lobbying groups for it have been lucrative customers for Trump’s hotels. A public relations firm working for the kingdom spent nearly $270,000 on lodging at his Washington hotel through March of last year, according to filings to the Justice Department. A spokesman for the firm told The Wall Street Journal that the Trump hotel payments came as part of a Saudi-backed lobbying campaign against a bill that allowed Americans to sue foreign governments for responsibility in the Sept. 11 terror attacks..

    Fun fact: The emoluments clauses are our country’s original anti-corruption laws. They are written into the document that created our government and defined our system of laws.

    At a Cabinet meeting, Trump blamed the backlash and outrage over his attempt to profit from holding the G7 Summit at his Doral resort on “you people with this phony emoluments clause.”😲😲

    A perfect example of the utter contempt that Trump has for our Constitution, and the rule of law.

    1. Very well stated. @David J He never should have been allowed to run for president without turning over his tax returns. Anyone with ¼ of a brain knows that his excuse was BS. Could have made a quick call to find out. Wth?

    2. @Pricilla Shivvers-Triplett he will release them when Hillary releases her emails……that’s what he said and it looks like he means it!

    1. @Max Covfefe We want to destroy the racist weirdo left and that is exactly why we are doing……….just wait until the arrests start being made in his 2nd term…..
      Bye bye Hillary and a bunch of others!

    2. @Dead Mic Live *That’s NOT A CHOICE, it’s a regime.* And a rather short-sighted plan, imo. I don’t mean that as an insult. I’m speaking as an independent, and the thought of a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM scares the crap outta me. It’s bad enough we’ve only got 2 viable parties to choose from, but now you wanna limit our choices even more? To me, no offense, just my opinion: that sounds crazy. I think you’re buying into one party’s narrative too much. Again, no offense, just how it looks from the outside of the tribes. some countries have as many as SEVEN parties to choose from. How did we get to this point of not allowing more than 2, and now people wanting only 1??

    3. @Dead Mic Live Was that a serious comment about Obama leaving federal judge positions open? You can’t think of any other reason why they were unfilled before he left office?

    1. @Over It can’t desifer things well. Obviously fat fingers OR auto-correct Try again Donny Jr.

    2. @sam getalong I tried to show my pet dog your reply to see if he understood and could translate it, and he told me they should have never taken prayer out of public schools.

    3. @ritemoelaw_books83 YOU talk to your dog. And can’t make him understand me or read my post? Cause your a moron!

    1. sam getalong in prison.
      When he’s not like you claim.
      Will you be man enough to admit you were wrong and accept it and move on like a adult male?
      Or you just gonna continue your childish tantrum like you been for last three years?

    1. Hey, let’s all look into that, I sure will. If I find anything interesting, I’ll come back here.

    2. There’s a common law doctrine called, “vicarious liability,” which makes the employer liable for their employee’s wrongful conduct. In other words, the remedy is to sue Vladimir Putin directly.

    3. Yes you can. And it’s going to be dismissed for having no legal basis. AND you will need to pay expenses for wasting the court’s time. Go ahead.

    1. @Rod I’m fine but thanks for thinking about me. It must have been refreshing to think of someone other than Hilary.

    2. Rod – Yeah, you fascists are pretty darn active. You make fascism proud.

      Hope we get more than a Volkswagen, freeways and Bayer Aspirin out of it this time.

      But mostly I hope the killing doesn’t escalate or the world break out into global war. And I hope the Jews of this era seeking refuge find it.

      Of course, guess I’m wasting my breath. You don’t care that 138 asylum seekers were killed after Trump (via ICE ) were deported back to El Salvador. You don’t care that probability says that it’s actually exponentially higher since more than 1000 people go missing without a trace each year, and 138 was all they could verify. # humanrightswatch

    3. Rod

      Before Hitler targeted the Jews, he targeted, in this order —

      1. Communists.

      2. Socialists.

      3. Union organizers.

      Otherwise, there four countries are staunch US allies:

      1. Britain.

      2. Denmark.

      3. Norway.

      4. Sweden.

      Those four countries’ systems consist of:

      1. Monarchy.

      2. Democratically-elected parliament.

      3.. Socialist economies.

      NONE of them is a “tyranny”.

      Thanks for the opportunity to refute your anti-Americanism, Fascist.

    1. @James McCabe The haters have gone full blown psycho. Voters are fleeing the psycho party in droves. Keep up the good work!

    2. TheBase1aransas
      Yes, they are. The republican party is done. The Democratic party is larger than ever. Each year millions of new voters join the democratic party as they turn 18. We saw this in 2018 in the midterms, and we will see it again.

      BLUE WAVE!

      You can thank trump for destroying the Republican party. I now I am. That’s the only thing he did right. So glad he is no longer a democrat.

  3. Americans can never again brag about how great a Democracy they live in because Trump has truly shown the world how flawed the American System is from the Archaic Electoral College to the bias and downfalls of a Two Party winner take all system, without at least one other middle ground party to balance votes. America may have one of the worst political systems in the world.

    1. 100% correct! The Trump cult wants a dictatorship. They want this incompetent semi-illiterate criminal who doesn’t even know basic American history being the president. Our political system will never change because of greed, racism and outright stupidity. The people’s vote doesn’t even count because of the Electoral College. Trump actually lost , but because of the stupid Electoral College, we now have a incompetent racist criminal and his goons running the country! It’s embarrassing.

    2. America is like an idea for an invention a bright but underachieving student might have, lots of potential to make peoples lives better but in practice has so many flaws the inventor hasn’t caught in testing that it fails when humans finally get their hands on it and begin to use it in many different and unintended ways.

  4. 45* charges secret service members $650 a night at Mar-a-Lago, $17,000 a month at Bedminster…to mention just two instances of OUR tax money going directly to him.
    Tens of millions so far for him and his family stolen from taxpayers.

    1. @Over It it does……and he also donates his entire presidential pay check….only president in history to do so! Trump2020

    2. No, he was allowing them to stay for free. Democrats just didn’t like that it was owned by the President. You’re lying about what your are saying, and you probably know you are. How pathetic.

  5. The judges closed their eyes to Trumps emolument violations. When Trump decided to go ever weekend to Mar-a-Lago and upped the membership a hundred thousand dollars that was clearly ussing his office to profit personally.

    1. If I remember correctly, he is only charges costs (no profit) and he also doesn’t own it anymore. He signed everything over to his son before he entered office. It would be equivalent to buying a well known and used hotel after you left office. Doesn’t sound like an emolument violation does it?

  6. Give me a break! They know they can come up with some bull$hit excuses! SMDH. That’s OK though, he won’t be President too much longer and then it’s game ON!

    1. @Angela Mitchell,
      That’s right! In 2024 let’s see if you can drum up a Democrat candidate that’s colluding with America for a change!

    1. @Rod the case is still valid. Just needs new plantiff. Tossed out not dismissed. And the dems will appeal to Supreme Court
      Its not over… And the SDNY too

    1. John Webb No, we’ve been watching the destruction of the Democrat party. What a bunch of clowns! 🤣
      Did you see the jobs report today?

    2. @Rod Mussolini made the trains run on time. And he was a facist dictator.

      It isn’t democray alone that is under attack by the openly-criminal Trump gang and the Republican Party: it is the Constitution — the rule of law itself.

      Get a clue, moron, having a job and no rights is not freedom. And YOU are not exempt from the consequences of your mindless cheering of the Trump criminal enterprise.

      Let us guess: your real name is Judas.

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