Members Of Congress Shouldn’t Contemplate Where They’re Going To Be Buried While At Work | Deadline


  1. If nobody’s held accountable about Jan 6th then they absolutely will learn something, namely that they can get away with absolutely anything and anytime.

    1. Hey Democrats, drop your fake outrage about Jan 6.
      Stop saying “5 people were killed by Trump supporters”
      The only one killed MURDERED, was an unarmed woman by a Barney Fiff police.
      Meanwhile 1000s hurt, killed, burned out, lost black owned business, and black jobs.
      You Liberals = Hypocrites.
      And what was the name, race of the person who murdered the unarmed women? Media Crickets.
      How many of the 1000s rioting ” held accountable “?

    2. @CShield less than 200 nut jobs. While media and Democrats paint 30k there for Trump speech….racists.

    3. @IHC Terra less than 200 charged and most will be charged for trespassing on public building.
      How many charged in Portland, Kenosha, Minn, Chicago, LA, etc ? Right they were peaceful protesters with bricks, fireworks, frozen bottles, boards, guns, knives.
      FBI seems to not investigating Federal crimes in Democrat cities.

  2. Matt Gaetz will be buried in a Pauper’s grave in a prisonyard with his prison ID number on his marker.


    2. @Thomas Harte possibly. unfortunately the cultists get everything upside down, inside out and backasswards at the same time.
      the stuck caps key and the language implies a true believer.

  3. Turns out that the real reason Matt Gaetz got so upset about Dr. Seuss being cancelled was because he would actually read them to his dates.

    1. @Hubert Sang “No part of a creep in the family”??? Oops! What’s wrong with that picture???

  4. All the lawsuits and no court cases yet!! When do they get convicted?!!
    The justice system needs fixing for sure!!

    1. Patience! They are building a case against them all. They may use special rules to bring up charges as a group instead of individuals. If we rush this there may be some who get off so let the case build against them. They just got someone to turn evidence against the leaders and more may flip before long. Then we will have more damning evidence that may connect to Republican Leadership. Those are the heads the DOJ are looking for. Not the morons stupid enough to follow the orders of those hiding their involvement who funded and fueled their hate.

    2. Be patient about the lawsuit, longer you investigate better chances of snitches who give up the king pin. Let the squirm, sleep less nights, depression, nightmares, etc. Some spoiled people who can’t handle will do the job themselves!! Americans can save lots of money, more space for the incoming enablers of 45!!!

    3. The big tough right winger dingers, are tripping over themselves to rat eqch other out! Lool La-oosers!!!

  5. amen! the pendulum of justice is about to break free from the chains placed on it by the gqp and again correct its course.

    1. With the made in China LABEL! Hats ,shirts, all trump paraphernalia made in china!!!??? Make a China,maca. nese account

  6. It also allows a state legislature to overturn the will of the voters with a wave of the scepter. *Legislative oligarchs.* Different form of tyrant, but still tyranny.

    1. Exactly!! The GA law permits vote nullification. Voters can choose the Dem candidate, but the legislature does NOT have to accept the election results. They can choose to ignore the votes and determine the Rep candidate as winner. Unamerican, undemocratic.

  7. We are repeating the same voter suppression with a new Jim Crow on steroids. It has got to stop and the people bringing it back should be held accountable for their actions and I’m glad they are bringing up the lawsuits.

    1. Would you mind elaborating further? Or perhaps making some comparisons or contrasts between specific sections of the new law and the corresponding/similar/related section from the old jim crow laws.

  8. Progress is always two steps forward, one step back. These Georgia voter laws are one step back. If all red states do likewise, it will be three steps back.

  9. When is Jennie Crudd going to jail?? Anyone know?? Has she even returned from the Mexican Riviera yet??

  10. If people don’t pay for their crimes on 1/6, the current Congress deserves to “live in fear” for their on the job safety.

  11. He should also be held accountable for lying about Covid and altering CDC documents. I’m sticking pins in a Cheeto, pretending I know Voodoo🤬🖕🤬

    1. I wonder; would a civil suit be an idea? Just putting this out there. A Civil Suit or class action against trump, put together by family of COVID-19 victims?

    2. @Michael Shigetani that could be coming. i wonder if people won’t test those waters in the coming months ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. “Members Of Congress Shouldn’t Contemplate Where They’re Going To Be Buried While At Work”

  13. With regard to this subject we need to clone Miss Stacey Abrams because let me tell you something that lady has it down pat as to how to organize and get things organized I admire her so much she has done so much for this country and the state of Georgia if people would just start listening to her in Georgia that would be real good too. The other issue here is she can help and appoint someone from each state or then they appoint someone from each County to make sure that people want to vote have your candidates the ones you want to vote for reach into their pockets red buses they can get a super deal if they do Amma quantity people just need to get on the bus and go to the polling stations bring your cooler and your chair and oh yeah plenty of water I was born in 1953 and I am not going to stand for the clock and voting rights to be turned back to the 1960s I refuse to accept it and I will fight till the day I die to make sure it doesn’t happen this is has to be a national law that every state has to abide by when it comes to voting day same machines same hours and of course some sort of Watchdog group because we don’t ever want anything like poor djt to get screwed out of another election did this is even an issue now just absolutely Cuts me to the Core it disgusts me

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