Mental Wellness Concerns of Children Pressured to Overachieve with Georgia Rose | TVJ Smile Jamaica


  1. Jamaicans have a bad habit of torturing their children with religious foolishness and pressing them on every petty issues, we also have a habit of destroying a child dreams of becoming what they want! We’re always downgrading our children dreams !

  2. Keep the expectations high, if you want your children to be prepared to effectively compete in the world. Use positive encouragement, but there should not be a choice between striving for excellence, or mediocrity. The only choice should be a never-ending march toward excellence in whatever you do.

  3. This is very interesting. When most ppl r killing children to excell there are others who only want their kids to be happy with their journey, and to be happy with themselves. The world has alot of very happy ppl who have others doing all the mental and physical wrk for them.

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