Merrick Garland Says He Will Prosecute Rioters, White Supremacists Who Stormed Capitol | MSNBC 1

Merrick Garland Says He Will Prosecute Rioters, White Supremacists Who Stormed Capitol | MSNBC


In his opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Merrick Garland promised to supervise the prosecution of the white supremecists and rioters who stormed the Capitol. Garland also said that he will try help communities of color and other minorities that are discriminated against. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Merrick Garland Says He Will Prosecute Rioters, White Supremacists Who Stormed Capitol | MSNBC


    1. @William H Music 2021 Fascist left. LMFAO.
      See, this is why true Americans call you Trumpers gullible and duuuumb af.

    2. @Kyle Peterson Because they all believe Fascism is actually on the left side of political spectrum. Why? Because they are uneducated idiots who “do their own research”.

  1. And rightfully so, they should be prosecuted. I mean…I thought this was a nation of laws. Well….laws that favor the wealthy and privileged !

    1. @ღSwnsasyღ _ democrats lump all Republicans together all the time, just read these comments. So what’s the difference. I’m a republican therefore it’s assumed I’m an insurrectionist. So with that logic all democrats are antifa rioters.

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ Kamala directed people to the Minnesota freedom fund. Not lawyers. I realize she gave no actual money, but she did encourage people to donate to bail them out, which is technically fundraising.

  2. Good. The nation needs to have equal law for all citizens. These people not only broke the law but published the evidence and bragged about their crimes.

    1. @Mark False equivalence. In MN there were many INDEPENDENT events, at which DIFFERENT GROUPS did different things. The Capitol Insurrection was one event, and no one is talking about arresting those who ONLY attended Trump’s rally.

  3. I hope top of Merrick Garlands agenda is investigating Donald tRump and William Barr and prosecuting them if necessary!

    1. @Harold Moore He didn’t say anything, but a quick look at his executive orders says that he is clearly mobilizing troops to the Middle East. Just because the news didn’t tell you something is happening, doesn’t mean someone isn’t happening. As for calling me and folks like me “trash”, I take any insult from you idiots as a compliment. If I’m hated by people like you then I know I’m doing something right.

    2. @J.T. Martin All of the subpoena that were served to Trump were ignored. so it stalled most of the investigations. But now he is not protected, just a civilian like you. He has said that he has nothing to hide, but fought and fought to keep his taxes away from the investigators. A person that had nothing to hide would say go ahead, do your best.

    1. @Wisconsin Man What Joe Biden actually said: “Look, the range of challenges Europe and the United States must take on together is broad and complex. And I’m eager to hear — I’m eager to hear — I’m eager to hear next from my good friends and outstanding leaders, Chancellor Merkel, about her thoughts on the way forward together. ” You are aware it’s an easy thing to goggle the transcript right?
      It’s the 7th paragraph up from the next question asked. Don’t believe everything a guy in his basement tells you lol

    2. @Wisconsin Man : You have had your lies pointed out to you. Your pathetic ” whataboutisms ” do not alter the simple fact that you are an intentional liar !

  4. My Pillow Guy just got sued for Billons of dollars and Trump has to produce his Tax records for the last 8 years to the Grand Jury.
    Great News Day!

    1. @Marcela Vargas if rich old white guys are held accountable. Regulations and policies will go into effect to protect our democracy, protect us as consumers. It either will lower our taxes, create new ways to help us, or increase the help through programs we already receive. Your welcome

    2. @BOOM7STAR7 what the he’ll does citizenship matter? Most of them were born here anyways. They just need to rot in prison

    1. I watched this entire hearing. He was honest and humble but strong too. He will be a perfect Attorney General

    2. @Debbie Miller Walsh I think so too. It’s refreshing to see Biden nominate competent, sane, professional people for a change, rather than the motley parade of dingbats Trump has presented us with.

    1. @Mark I’m sure they were prosecuted under the trump administration. Much tougher laws were brought in by trump for those who chose to attack state buildings and historic statues. The SWEET irony is, those same strict laws will now also apply to trumps loyal maga foot soldiers. Do you think trump will pay their legal fees?

    2. @Jen Vicinity I believe it. Trump people probably thought making those protests violent would work to his advantage.

    1. Great let’s prosecute all responsible for summer of riots as well as those that supported, encouraged, and paid for it. Only fair right?

    2. @Doncroft1 and you know that for a fact? No Antifa’s or BLM’s dressed up as trumpers when they were posting how they were going to do it on the web? Even CNN had aired that about Antifa doing their part..but it’s ALWAYS the

    1. What a shame that this man was robbed of a Supreme Court seat by the likes of Moscow Mitch. Real pity and disservice to America.

    2. Man, If I was you, I will be ashamed to be American. Because your country lose the credibility to protect democracy on the world by acquiting the greatest criminal in your country. And half of your population’s country support him even if he still bullshitting them

    1. @TheDiamond2009 I wasn’t knocking you, it was just an observation and experience for the most part, that’s all. Enjoy the remainder of your day or evening.

    2. Ah, how very civil of you! I didn’t expect that at all. I’ve been attacked so many times on these pages for expressing my opinions with unbridled spite!

      And you too, enjoy the rest of your day. Ah, how very sweet!

    3. @TheDiamond2009You’re welcome. I know the feeling, but I always try to be as civil ‘as I can be’ depending on the subject matter. Civility is an uncommon commodity these days.

    4. @TheDiamond2009 An insurrection is a violent uprising against a government, typically in response to a regime change. Trump’s followers violently rose up to stop the certification of votes to overturn the election and install Trump back into power. They were openly calling for the assassination of any politician that didn’t “fight for Trump” and murdered and seriously injured officers who were protecting the capitol. It was obviously an insurrection. It was a failed insurrection, if that’s the point you’re making.

    5. @Another Random Person Trump said ”I am a stable genius”. A real genius doesn’t say that. So ignore this so-called ”highly educated moron”

  5. As stated below, “I feel so protected now that President Biden is in the White House. My vote counted, thank you, Jesus”

    1. @G H I canceled my television service in 2013… I explained in precise detail to the customer service department their failures to provide service for me. I can pick up the news in two hours online. I refuse to listen to Fox because I value my IQ and sanity.

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