Mesmerizing northern lights color the sky above Minnesota | USA TODAY

A rare solar flare directed at Earth means 30 states could see the aurora borealis, or northern lights, as some lucky Americans see them in Minnesota.

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The Space Weather Prediction Center issued a G2 (moderate) geomagnetic storm watch into Sunday night, with a chance of a G3 (strong) developing later in the night.

The center has a five-level geomagnetic storm scale, with G1 storms registering as minor and G5s considered extreme. A G2 storm typically happens 360 days every 11 years, the center says.

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    1. Afraid you’re going to have to travel to at least northern Maine or Alaska to get a chance to see them

    1. @S 5 days ago, Alaskan sky, but u already knew that huh….11 99 ….
      ” sleestack” ….🤔….

    1. I’m not so sure it’s a blessing. Sure it’s beautiful but the strong sun flares it takes to cause this is a little scary to me.

    1. I was born and raised in northern Maine and I have seen them several times over the years. They are absolutely breathtaking at times

  1. Normally you see something like this only in the far north. It’s a magnetic storm coming from the sun. This threatens the energy supply and satellite communication.

    1. @Homer Simpson I’m asking the network not the country and I’m on YouTube and this video didn’t tell me where. I’ve seen them several times from northern Maine so I was curious

  2. Mesmerizing northern lights colour the sky above Minnesota | USA TODAY 1916pm 24.4.23 akin to the: gotta outdo you at every turn clique…. i am finding state sponsored news casts are each trynna vie for best northern lights anomaly footage. which is cool.. but it seemingly boils down to, as uncouth as that does seem, if you’ve done a pooh he has gotta do a bigger one routine….

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