Mexican authorities arrest son of notorious drug lord ‘El Chapo’

Mexican authorities have arrested Ovidio Guzmán, son of notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, a source from the federal government of Mexico told CNN, in a dramatic operation in the northern state of Sinaloa that led to clashes around the city of Culiacán. CNN correspondent Rafael Romo reports. #CNN #News


    1. Yes could say that , I have a 10 minute video of what’s happening in Sinaloa, I report on cartels on my channel

    1. Hmm, well, his dad aka chapo back in 2010 had el mayos son go have a meeting with the dea regarding information on el z40 aka los zetas boss! In return of them keeping heat of themselves… so technically, they all work with the dea! Just against another….

      After that meeting he was arrested

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  1. Arresting these murderers is not a deterrent. There is crime and there is war. These guys are paramilitaries and should be treated as hostiles.

    1. @TheDevilsAdvodkate if We The People decided to legally produce the substances and distribute them for free [along with free efficacious voluntary rehabilitation programs for those who develop additions], wouldn’t the money that would have been spent on the illegal for-profit substances then instead be spent in the regular licit economy creating more jobs like builders, professors, healthcare professionals, manufactures instead of creating pushers, cops, defense lawyers, prosecutors, and prison guards ?

    2. @thrisbt1 I love your point on making it free. See if they treated it like medication and sold it people would still commit crimes to obtain them, hence the courts and prisons would profit. I know the repercussions economically would be hard but it’s already hard on it combatting this drug war. The legacy in which it will show the rest of the world and the future that countries who adopted this system finally combat an evil, like abolishing slavery, will be noteworthy in the annals of history.

    3. @TheDevilsAdvodkate it wouldn’t be hard economically – the revenue [tens of billions at least] that is currently being sucked out of the economy by illicit operators would stay in the licit system and create jobs and generate tax revenue for programs that help anyone who needs it. but the biggest impact it will have is that exponentially more people will have been spared the horrible traumas that are the product of the illicit for-profit system – traumas that are incurred by trying to come up with the cash to buy the for-profit fix – the of losing family and friend connections because of borrowing and never paying them back and then that leads to the trauma of theft or prostitution and then the trauma of prison – it breaks people permanently many times and all for what – so a handful of people can tyrannically rich ? ? ? things can only get better from where they are now.

    1. The way to do that is legalize guns and legalize all drugs. Let ppl do what they want with their body. They’re gonna find a way to do that anyway. Instead education about the consequences. But all this would prevent a lot of corrupt individuals from making a lot of money.


    2. @Angel Celis  haha nah man that’s mexico city which they officially extracted him out of sinaloa see the problem is in sinaloa ! Once in mexico city! That’s the hub of the military! Not much the cartel of sinaloa can do there! Only in their state

  2. Better extradite him to America or he’ll be broken out of prison like his father was multiple times! Time for him to join his dad at the super max prison in CO.

  3. I do not see how this arrest will make a major difference. It could increase violence against Mexican authorities.

    1. @Revelacion 32 amigo, dijo k no vë como esto va ayudar a la gente, esto nomas va a hacer la violencia contra el gov mas peor

    2. I report on cartels on my channel, I can you see , el ratón is a major blow to los chapitos / Sinaloa cartel , there are irreplaceable members

  4. Anyone who takes drugs is in part responsible for this type of social breakdown. Don’t be a dopehead.

  5. If you have watched Narcos you can imagine the enormous work they must have done to capture such person, this is very sophisticated mission.

    1. @Leggo My Ego  its a bribe for biden pretty much. Like hey Mr. President our efforts on the war on drugs is working we didn’t get El Mayo but we got the world’s most renowned drug dealers son. Keep giving us assistance. That’s pretty much why they captured him. It was known by the Mexican president but they kept it hush hush the only people that got the short end of the stick was el chapos son. He got blind sighted but the president knew all along. Members of the cartel in sinaloa pretty much roam freely its controlled by them so they ain’t hard to find

  6. Mexico is so beautiful..kudos to brave and not corrupt officers….
    cuidado Mexico , precioso Mexico 🇲🇽 👏 😍 👌 😳 🙌 🇲🇽 👏 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Some are not corrupt by choice, imagine your a cop they come to your house and say do what we say or we kill your family….

    2. @bisbo See this is the problem with Mexican drug enforcement. They have allowed corruption to go on for SO long, that now the drug cartels are so entrenched and so self-entitled to continue their criminal enterprises that the police forces bend the knee. Every. Goddamned. Time.

  7. Let him go and save lives you will never end the drug war with one or two arrest even 1 million it will never end it’s the American way

  8. With his looks they should take him to Hollywood
    Blame your citizens for taking his drugs as well
    If sentences were harsher you may not have these problems

  9. Didn’t they try this before , then cave and release him. This is what happens when you let your local gangs grow larger than the actual law enforcement. Beautiful country ran by incompetent individuals it’s rather sad.

  10. “Make drugs illegal and you will make many fools wealthy. Make drugs legal, tell people to be wise and stop lying about drugs and you will make many people rich with life.”

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