Miami condo collapse: Drone footage shows the destruction | USA TODAY 1

Miami condo collapse: Drone footage shows the destruction | USA TODAY


A condominium building partially collapsed in Surfside, Florida. Many are still considered missing.
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Families waited to hear news about missing loved ones Thursday morning as rescue efforts continued after a 12-story oceanside condo collapsed into a heap of rubble, leaving residents trapped and at least one person dead.

About 70 people crammed into a room with chairs and blue gym mats on the floor at a reunification site set up by the American Red Cross. Family members and building residents listened to police give updates in anxious silence. Young children slept in blankets. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett confirmed at least one person had died.

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    1. I guess what you mean son. “I’m disappointed because it didn’t show me what I wanted to see: people still alive with broken arm and legs or missing members, bodies without heads, etc.”
      The drone shows what most of us need to see. What else you want idiot?


    3. @I know You’re Right why do you have to equate not wanting to see video akin to having vaseline smeared all over the lens to you want gore?

    1. That is Cleary an explosion. Very interesting timing with this infrastructure deal…Infrastructure just collapsing…

    1. @angiebby1122
      Wow. Somewhere, there’s an alcoholic, whose inability to leave a bar until closing time just saved his life.

      “If I hadn’t gone drinking…that could have been me!”

  1. And *THIS* boys and girls, is why having REGULATIONS and BUILDING INSPECTORS (and heavy FINES for violators!) is a *GOOD THING* !!

    1. @Geen R exactly, and that goes all the way up to Defense Contracts, NASA and the Space Shuttle corruption, Naval ships’s engines stopping at the middle of the sea, COVID relief money ending in studies of “fish reproduction”, political activists buying Multi-Million Dollars Properties, and an interminable etc.

    2. @David L It would be interesting to take a look at the inspection records for the construction of that building, and I’m sure that will happen as the investigation into the collapse moves forward.

    3. @Rapture Bound Nature/god aborts millions of babies on its own, but apparently you’re unaware of that. In fact if the human birth rates were *LOWER* this accident wouldn’t have happened, because there would have been FEWER PEOPLE to crowd onto the beach properties and therefor less pressures to build structures too tall and heavy for the underlying soil to properly support.

    4. @WWZenaDo I’ll take that as a long winded evasive guilt motivated yes you do support the killing of babies because they take up space.
      So how long have you been a god? First year or a seasoned pro?

  2. solid 420p camera bro.. i actually went to fix my buffer quality when i realized it was just trash footage.. well done..

  3. How did this happen? If a building cab just collapse than I would not ever want to be in a building EVER again. So, what happened???

  4. I saw the film of that coming down. It came down in two sections the middle and then the right tower. And with the speed that it all collapsed – if anyone was inside I would not expect many survivors. And it came down at 1:30am, so …

    1. @Sislertx Why would you think that? Looks very realistic to me. And I’m sure there will be other cam footage discovered.

  5. I guess USA today doesn’t know they make drones with REAL cameras now, instead of what is clearly a photographic potato!

  6. Exact same building three buildings to the north, could check out structural engineering of that one.

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