Michael Bloomberg takes punches in his first debate | USA TODAY

Michael Bloomberg takes punches in his first debate | USA TODAY 1


Michael Bloomberg takes debate stage and brunt of attacks.
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The Democratic Primary Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada featured former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, who took the majority of attacks for the evening.

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28 Comments on "Michael Bloomberg takes punches in his first debate | USA TODAY"

  1. Why don’t we just forget about the black white controversy Brown where’s the red let’s live together there’s no more fighting on the plains

  2. Brunilda Torres | February 20, 2020 at 7:02 AM | Reply

    Michael Bloomberg looked like a deer in front of headlights

  3. Zero doubt in anyone’s mind that Trump is going to win re-election handily.

    • My Purple Flower | February 20, 2020 at 8:45 AM | Reply

      Andy Griffith Our health care system needs to change because our doctors do not know naturopathy… natural ways to heal. Many think it’s a load of crap. In naturopathic health care many health issues can be healed that we have been made to believe can not be healed. Our health care system is more about money than healing. I am not saying all doctors are bad what I am saying they go by what they were taught to believe is right. Look up the history of our health care system……oh and by the way Obamacare has made you a slave because it has made slavery legal in the USA. I kid you not. And Bloombug will be doing the same as obummer and hildog want to do.
      I hope one day to be a doctor you will have to also be a naturopath too.

    • @My Purple Flower
      You think Trump is going to make healthcare any better for the average American? You are sadly mistaken!

    • My Purple Flower | February 20, 2020 at 2:25 PM | Reply

      Andy Griffith I can only hope

    • My Purple Flower | February 20, 2020 at 7:15 PM | Reply

      Andy Griffith just the other day Trump guaranteed our social security.
      “Golden State” channel shows Trump’s speeches so you can hear what he is saying first hand

  4. Brunilda Torres | February 20, 2020 at 7:27 AM | Reply

    Yang did better than Bloomberg last night LOL

  5. He got the Marcellus Wallace treatment last night, gimp suit and all, I loved every minute of it, Bernie and Warren destroyed him, I wish they’d make up and team up, they are formidable, that would be quite the ticket. She really made him look stupid on the NDA issue. I would assume he’s essentially unelectable after this debate because he doesn’t have the cult behind him trump did when his allegations came out.

  6. Who else got a bernie sanders ad

  7. juan carlos ugalde martinez | February 20, 2020 at 7:58 AM | Reply

    Looked liked Elizabeth warren

  8. Wow nice video you are Salma to me and I hope you are doing well and I hope you are doing well and I hope you are doing well and I hope you are……. News

  9. Is Bloomberg standing on a Box

  10. Not one of these candidates should be Anywhere near the White House !

  11. Do they have a message?? At all? Anywhere? Maybe hidden… Must be hidden.. If they had to pay a dime for every time they open their mouth and say nothing, our country would be in surplus..

  12. Mike to Elizabeth during commercial break: “I’ll do you in a 2nd!”😂

  13. Deacon Dave Larrabee | February 20, 2020 at 10:27 AM | Reply

    He didnt get shook.
    Klobuchar and Bloomberg took lots of shots and stayed on task, pitching what they have to OFFER us if we want them for the job. That’s what I came for.
    Those 2 and Biden consistently focused on ME. the Ordinary American and offering multiple concrete realistic ways they are ready willing and able to be useful to ME.
    I am the sensible American wat thing to decide and those 3 never lost sight of that respect for Me and for my kids and how their future will be impacted by who leads and how. TRUST ME. I AM NOT ALONE in being an American who APPRECIATES this humility, strength and respect.
    The demeanor of these 3 contrasted sharply with the unruly more Trump-like debate beha for of the other 3, for whom I also feel a great deal of admiration respect and gratitude.
    I watched from start to finish and my reactions were mirrored by many around me.
    In terms of debating, Klobuchar, Bloomberg were by far the most grounded and exhibited qualities of leadership,
    Zingers and gotchas are valuable in campaigning, but in terms of MY PURPOSE as a parent in evaluating candidates for the strongest leadership readiness — OF THE 6 ON THE STAGE – for the position of commander in chief of USA – I’d have to go Bloomberg or Klobuchar. Buttegieg had his moments.
    Biden Bloomberg and Klobuchar had the respect for ME to offer me the chance to consider how examples of how positive aspects of their track record and proven skillset may make them in my eyes a good mat h for a successful tenure in the position.
    That Matters.
    Buttegieg should go easier on the platitudes but I came out liking him better than I had b4 this debate performance. Bloomberg and Biden kept it classy but Bidens strong respectful constructive positive messaging – with clear concrete examples of his creds – was hampered by a slightly watery debate delivery. The artificial tiime and communication constraints of debate seem to aggravate hamper him. His delivery was a little weak and unconvincing. But like Bloomberg and Klobuchar his messaging was on point. As a political leader he has the best creds and Bloomberg the next best creds. Bloomberg and Klobuchar had the best demeanor and use of time to talk to ME, the everyday American viewer and tell ME what I WANT to hear to evaluate them for their ability to succeed in DOING THE WORK. Their leadership qualities shone.
    The debate looked like 3 over-excited agitated little dogs yapping at 3 calm strong BIG DOGS.
    Bottom line: if Bloomberg and KLOBUCHAR teamed up it’d be a wrap.
    If Bloomberg took VEEP to KLOBUCHAR as PREZ
    T!hey’d be AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE. !
    WOULD BE AN EPIC BATTLE worth tuning in and showing up at the pulls for. 🙂
    Talk about energizing American participation in living
    WOOOO !!!

  14. I uh really. Is he their right blood line?

  15. Danyaahl's Vision | February 20, 2020 at 10:55 AM | Reply

    Punched?!? Bloomberg was stopped, frisked, and cavity checked! 😂🤣
    Mike didnt know what to do when Warren put the gloves on and began insert plan here! 😂🤣

  16. She attached him about his pass. But she forgot about her pass and how much benefits she got when she said she was an indian

  17. They would all destroy the economy with their stupid policies.

  18. Warren really showed what a sleazebag Bloomberg is, glad she didn’t let him off the hook and let him squirm for all of us to see exactly what kind of man he is

  19. My toe hurts Ow | February 20, 2020 at 4:13 PM | Reply

    This old lady has problems

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