Michael Moore: John Bolton May Be GOP’s Turning Point | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Executive privilege does not apply. Bolton does not work for the white house anymore. He can testify at any time. He’s already written the information in his book.

    1. WRONG !!!!! Even if you are no longer employed by Trump he can Exert Executive privilege for conversations with Bolton. Scotus has already ruled on that. 😀

    2. @Lee Kress
      Liberals are having WET dreams about Bolton testimony , they again for the 100th time believe that ” this is it this will take Trump down ” Liberals crying Wolf again as Bolton will NOT provide anything of value as the last thing Bolton wants is a liberal in the WH

    1. Gordon Crozier This coming from a Republican. They are stuck in the Trump-bubble. Greetings from Switzerland.

    2. @The Meek From New Zealand too who sees Trump aka Don the Con, as a cancer world wild that needs to be removed! The worst President ever you have had.

  2. If he is forbidden from testifying, then that means he’s serious and the GOP knows it.

    The cover-up that the GOP are engaging in is just shameless and shameful.

    1. @Tim Countis Moscow Mitch is in the hot seat: do he go with tRump and block testimony and risk the repukes who are up for election lose their seats because the majority of Americans want a fair trial

  3. John Bolton: Buy my book!
    Me: I’d like you to do us a favor though, because our country’s been through a lot, and you know a lot about it. TESTIFY!

    1. @Antonio A. that is something that would be par for the course . Another reason that the secure server must be part of the evidence in this impeachment.

    2. @B Bodziak absolutely. So bring out the secure server in redacted. That will be solid evidence as to the truth of Bolton’s testimony.

    3. Careful what you wish for, chump for you might get it. Let’s have ALL of them testify including PIGlosi, penguin Nadler, Shifty Schitt, Mueller, Obozo, Queen Killary, and the whistle blower too.

  4. If Rudy is forced to testify in the trial, he would be like Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men.”

    “Rudy…did you aid Trump in bribing Ukraine?!?!”
    Giuliani: “You’re gawd-d@mn right I did!!!!  You messed with the wrong penguin!!!!” 😂 As he’s being dragged out.😄

    1. Calvin Campbell
      I believe that CHINA is going to drop down on everyones pink little butts. While you frigin snowflakes decide which bathroom transgenders should be using!

    2. @Bruce strkland I want front row billings for this upcoming film. ☺️ you guys have wit- makes life easier to take.❤

    3. Mark Brown:  You are lost my friend,  Trump protects himself and lies; he is and continues to be a draft dodger/ womanizer/ and the deliver of hate and diversity.  He knows nothing of a soldier.  He cares only for his power and has sucker many in to believing he cares.  Ask a Ukraine soldier / ask a American soldier

  5. Trials have witnesses; cover-ups do not.
    So, what’s it gonna be, Senators…a trial or a cover-up?🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. John Bolton might be assassinated before he testified I got a feeling or apparent suicide

    1. Won’t do any good to silence Bolton. Like Giuliani has insurance against the President, Bolton probably has insurance also. He probably has a video statement with supporting evidence locked in the vault just waiting to surface at any time.

    2. That’s what Bill Casey did like a week before he was called to testify about the Iran-Contra scandal with Reagan and Bush. But being a devout little Nazi who was dedicated enough to fall on the sword, from what I’ve read it sounded like HE actually did it HIMSELF!

  7. This discussion between AV and MM is moot. Pond toad will never testify.
    Let’s live in the real World. Bolton is humping his book, nothing more.

    1. Eric Blair Iwouldnt purchase JB’s book, but if testified I may well just to see if there is corroborating evidence of WH shenanigans.

    2. Eric B ……………….   Don’t you see the irony, George ?  Bolton is an OPPORTUNIST . There’s no way he’s ever in the good graces of trumpsylvania again, or in any future Repuke administration . He’ll testisfy BECAUSE it will sell books .

  8. People are putting too much faith in John Bolton. I’ll wait to hear what he has to say before I praise him in any way.

    1. Really don’t matter its all in his book rather he get on the stand or not its all coming out in his book.

  9. The House should just open a new investigation and subpoena Bolton. That way Moscow Mitch can’t cover up Bolton’s words

    1. @Judy Bargenquast “cut and dried high crimes and misdemeanors”? OK, let’s put your King Obozo in jail for having given the Iranians cold hard cash for nothing to the tune of 1.7 Billions. You probably think that was ok, don’t you chump?

    2. You mean Schiff and Nadler should have been competent the first time, but incredibly weren’t, so they should go for a do over and maybe let the Democrats hire a competent prosecutor to run Impeachment Inquiry 2.0?


    1. @MrSmokelife
      Those in a coma don’t gush about woke. You wigo waga whack jobs are the most INANE FRAUDS that ever self lobotomized! Are you still waiting for JFK Jr to stand by trumps side?
      The majority of Americans, and the rest of the world see Trump for what he is. A corrupt incompetent immoral pathological liar, a life long criminal, who is deliberately and with malice, attempting to destroy our democratic nation, and cause our society to be as morally and psychologically bankrupt as he is. I think his trade wars, which have contributed to economical bankruptcy, is purposeful. He WILL be held responsible, make no mistake about that. He will go down in history as the worst President to ever hold the office, hated by the majority of Americans, and derided and not trusted by world leaders.

    2. @MrSmokelife We don’t have a great president. Only a bloated orange pedophile who is worshipped by inbred morons

    1. Printagic Online. What do you that the orange idiots paying the corrupt republican senators off with. Everyone of them are already bought and paid for.

    2. @Alan Clarke Both sides are about power of course. If you believe Democrats are for “the people” you should check your history. Trump is the man of the people now.

    1. @Malcom Lahey You speak of war. Everyone in congress was part of the war. It was only when the elections started when the divide on the war happened. Congress had no problem going to war back then. The economy, Oh really? care to share these numbers where the economy is on the verge of financial meltdown? The economy was supposed to collapse in 2018 and 2019. I guess it will be this year because you say it’s going to be. Right on man, perfect logic. You get the thumbs up.

    2. Dirt Merchant Hey, Stevie Miller, this is your assignment now? Or do you write the crap for jollies. It the difference between a Mafia Hit Man and Ted Bundt.

    3. amiho gatai: not only Obama’s name eats at him…. The fact that Obama is admired by millions around the world makes Trump vindictive, wiping out a lot of the environmental protections Obama implemented.

    4. @Dirt Merchant. We have never had a compulsive liar in the WH. Trump lies just to lie. You seem to have forgotten that most people probably wouldn’t have a house or job if Obama had not brought this country out of the recession you GOP’S put us in. You don’t have amnesia. You just hate that a black man saved this country. Trump will never be respected like Obama. So hate on HATERS.

  11. If he thought Bolton had something that would help his case to prove his innocence he would not block him from testifying. It’s a no brainer. But he knows Bolton will also confirm his corruption. Sham president

    1. I would be shocked if Bolton ended up testifying and I would guess he would too. That said, while I disagree with Bolton on some of his hard-line stances, my impression is that he is a patriot and honorable person. If subpoenaed, I do believe he will put country above party. That said, even if his testimony corroborates what witnesses have already testified to, if it is not ironclad then it may still not be enough.

    2. @John Mininger attorneys and advisors to president get the privilege that was afforded Turman, Nixon, Clinton. As long as the Supreme Court follows the constitution, they won’t be testifying. Ironic that traitors like yourself claim they know the law, but what to abuse the law and selectively apply it so you can create a totalitarian state.

    3. @Bruce Smith – That is just absurd Bruce. It is also projection. Maybe you should read about the Nixon case and executive privilege. The argument for privilege is NOT “because article II” or “because it’s a sham.” If that were the case then oversight would be completely toothless and the president could do anything he wanted, exactly what the framers were trying to prevent. They also didn’t intend for the Senate to be as partisan as it is, designed to be appointed and not by popular vote. A president without oversight is one step away from an elected dictator. If he has exculpatory evidence then it is his own fault that he has been impeached. If he has done what he has essentially been indicted for then he has trampled on the constitution. Traitor is an overused word but I think anybody who wants to see Trump continue to stonewall congress and a trial without witnesses or evidence really needs to question whether their loyalty is to Trump or to the country and the constitution.

  12. The rule of law must Prevail there must be witnesses to testify in a court hearing that is our mandate of policy

    1. The Demo’s had all the time to call their witnesses to testify since they are the prosecutors in an impeachment. The senate is the jury and not the place to call new witnesses. That was the House’s job!

    2. the rule of law states the House must deliver the articles and present a case. if the case is deemed legitimate they will call witnesses otherwise they will toss it in the garbage. that is the rule of law.

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