Michael Moore On The American Takeaways From The UK Conservative Victory | All In | MSNBC

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore tells Chris Hayes what he learned when he grabbed a drink with Jeremy Corbyn a week before the first Brexit vote. Aired on 12/13/19.
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Michael Moore On The American Takeaways From The UK Conservative Victory | All In | MSNBC


    1. I like him too, in fact I think I’m going to send him a 5 gallon pail of spaghetti and meatballs for his christmas day dinner. On second thought I better make it two pails.

    2. @Gino Jones Start a Go Fund Me. Pails of Spaghetti for Michael’s Christmas! I’ll donate, he’s done so much for America.

  1. Parallels between US politics and UK politics look bloody similar, but they are so fundamentally different in ways people aren’t paying attention to.
    They just see the meme fluff, that’s superficial similarity at best. Bojo’s ridiculous appearance and boorish behavior compared to Trump do not equal political and legal similarities.
    Similar ridiculous paintjobs, completely different cars.

    1. 4c1dr3fl3x You have shown the paint job similarities but you have failed to show the cars differ . BTW politics is all about the paint job especially with demagogues like the Drumpf and Bojo, the UK’s brexit was its MAGA they used the same internet propaganda techniques targeting very similar demographics using an army of far right activists organized by shady operators funded with dark money same companies by the way and probably same funds and same IRA service provider , they sell the same policies lowering of taxes mainly for the rich promising to solve the heath care system problems while doing their best to drive it into the ground , deregulation as the almighty problem solver they both use racist dogwhistles and on and on .

      There is however a major difference Bojo’s got the toy version of the car , and size matters when you purport to play it hard as they both do. He’s already begging for a US towline it’ll be a blood draining one .

    2. @claude ghendrih Trumpism is about a minority voter bloc that is over enfranchised throwing a hissy fit because a Black Guy was president. And they will do anything to prevent a repeat of that event. That’s all. Racial superiority complex. It’s Professional Wrestling in the Deep South.
      Tories are about English pride, and lingering ego regarding their dwindled empire. Hence, they can’t stand being part of something greater than themselves unless they are steering the ship. It’s either secede, or be treated as more equal than others. Victim complex. It’s Football hooligan politics rather than Professional Wrestling.

  2. This guy extraction is Irish and so am I . He is a disgrace to the people he came from . He is what ever the prevailing wind is , At heart he is a conservative making loads of money and pretending to be a solicistist

  3. Michael Moore, proving again that no matter what you think of him, he has his finger on the pulse of America and knows what she is thinking and what she wants.

    The reason we know him and the reason he is famous, is because of his knowledge of what American thinks and wants.

    1. My Philippine Diary

      Michael Moore went around in 2000 encouraging people to vote for Ralph Nader instead of Al Gore. So instead of getting a President who is a leader on climate change we got Cheney/Bush and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the Patriot Act and cancer clusters around fracking.

      Michael Moore may know what you’re thinking but as far as I’m concerned he can shove it.

    2. @Wendy Pastore Voting for a third party is not wasting your vote. Voting for a third party is voting for someone who earned your vote, instead of just voting for someone you don’t like or don’t like as much, just to avoid someone you really dislike (that would be wasting your vote). When you vote third party, you send a message to the major party closest to your views that if they want your vote next time (which they should want, especially if it was a close race – win or lose), then they need to adopt policies that match your third party. I say that as someone who supports Al Gore (whom should have won in 2000, regardless of Ralph Nader, if it weren’t for interference from the State of Florida’s judiciary and governor – Bush’s brother – and the Supreme Court).

  4. So Democrats need to ignore the working class? What does he mean lead? He says “Democrats need to lead, they need to say this is what needs to happen….” Then the clip is cut off.

    I must be misunderstanding because if Democrats ignore working class concerns and just focus on college educated city dwellers and suburban women thinking they don’t need the working class, Trump will win again.
    But Mr Moore knows this, cause he predicted it in 2016, so I must be mistaken

    1. The Labour party spent the last 3 years doing everything they could to stop BREXIT from happening even though their supporters voted for it, the people just showed them whos boss.

    2. He is saying that the Democrats know what they need to do, they need policies that will actually help the people, and they need to stay firm to those policies, regardless of how to day to day trends in the polls move, regardless if a right-wing sentiment starts to rise (that is no reason to run to the right). In addition, the Democrats need to be clear about what they are proposing for the American people; example: no saying we support Medicare for All, but not Medicare for All (or Medicare for All in 3 years maybe, or Medicare for All Who Want It with Private Insurers, Etc…). The Democrats need to be leaders.

    1. If the people of Scotland wish to govern themselves then they should be allowed to, that is democracy in action.

    2. Scottish vote to become independent was defeated so what are you talking about? But some absolutely want another vote on independence because the Scottish are remainers in the EU.

  5. LOL! Brexit is about trying to save the average Briton, the common man, and their middle class. You know, the people the left claims to want to help and represent. Remain voters tended to be wealthier and were aligned with the banking class pushing to stay inside a system that benefits them while harming everyday folks. This show is beyond empty and vapid. MSNBC has zero credibility.

    1. Is that true in Scotland? Only richer people wanted to remain? Scotland overall seemed to want to remain. They still do. The worst case predictions are that once Brexit happens( it probably will now), it may cause the breakup of UK.

    2. Man, Brexit is about to make the Sun shining in the night. Yes, it can shine, but on the other side of the Earth. But Britain is not going to become Fiji or California, yes?) So Brexit is not deliverable, people voted for their wishes, but wishes and reality are very often compely opposite to each other.

  6. The brownshirts have been empowered by the filth of man that has taken control of our nation. Now that your 1% owners have purchased the republican party, they control the senate, the white house and the supreme court. We have become nothing more than 1932 Germany, and all will happen again. Remember the words of Martin Niemöller…

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    1. @swansea007791 Jeremy Corbyn is not anti-semitic, a conservative party, orthodox rabbi who just so happens to have some influence claimed he was anti-semitic, claiming his criticism of the state of Israel as evidence. Being against Israel, is not anti-semitic, and there were many Jews and Jewish advocacy groups that supporter Corbyn, just as there were those whom opposed him.

  7. ….. or maybe the majority of people in the UK are for Brexit and they became fed up with 3 years of Parliament stalling and obstruction that choice. Maybe that’s all there is to the Conservatives winning

  8. The take away is this… invest in crayola crayons and play-doh because with the conservative landslide that is coming in the U.S. in 2020 it will send the left over the ledge. Safe spaces will be stocking up.

  9. For Brexit,

    Reasons to Stay:
    * Common Currency (though it has some drawbacks, and is not relevant to the U.K. anyway, they used their own currency)
    * Freedom of Movement
    * European Solidarity
    * Increased Bargaining Power Internationally
    * Long List of Human Rights Protections (though it still needs to be expanded further)
    * Etc…

    Reasons to Leave:
    * The EU is spreading neo-liberalism around the world
    * The EU is not truly democratic, and it would take a long time, with a massive movement, that must go through indirect channels to make it more democratic
    * The unfair treatment of some of the weaker members of the EU

  10. Corbyn was a hard socialist and a Leaver but he couldn’t say that as his Labour MPs and Union support were Remainers. Corbyn betrayed his electorate in the North of England for the Remainer London vote. Boris realized this.

    First thing Boris did was purge the Remainers from the Conservative Party, so they couldn’t do to him what they did to Theresa May. He went down to a majority of like -40, crazy. He then did crazy stuff to get Brexiteers back on his side and engineered a checkmate election. Boris now has a majority of +80 and that’s Thatcher level. Yeah, okay so lead but you have to be smart too.

  11. Well, I guess this impeachment thing has brought out all trolls…kinda like the neighbors moving out and then the exterminators spray so the roaches run to all the other apartments…hey trolls you have been put on notice…RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

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