Michael Steele On GOP Ignoring Biden's Win: Math Is Still Math | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Michael Steele On GOP Ignoring Biden’s Win: Math Is Still Math | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Fmr. RNC Chairman Michael Steele reacts to Republicans who have yet to acknowledged Joe Biden's win over Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Aired on 11/12/2020.
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Michael Steele On GOP Ignoring Biden's Win: Math Is Still Math | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @My Dude – I guess you and I have a different understanding of the definition of “mass.” TENS OF THOUSANDS of ballots would have to be invalidated to effect a change in outcome in ANY state. That isn’t happening – as even prominent Republicans acknowledge…

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Yes, because it’s true. When cases of voter fraud are investigated and it is found that it would have had no impact on the election then I will accept that sleepy joe won. I mean you guys got 2 years worth of investigations into the Russia thing, you should be all about letting investigations happen… right?

    3. @My Dude – It’s now NINE days since the election and as yet NO – NONE – ZERO – ZIP – NADA evidence of voter fraud on a scale that would change the result in even ONE state has been brought forth. Um – it’s PAST time to put up or shut up – or are we waiting til the 4th of July?

    4. @Godfrey Daniel So you guys got 2 years to investigate “russia collusion”, but we only get 9 days? Hardly seems fair

    1. What if Trump wins the recount? Will you accept the results of the election or will you freak out, riot, loot and set a city on fire? I hate to break it to you but Biden’s in trouble.

    2. @ABC DEFG will YOU accept the results of the recount?!?!? cause when joe biden is inaugurated on jan 21’st no recount will save trump..

    1. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch You really have a serious lack of intelligence if you could not understand what I said. Is english your first language?

    2. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch I don’t use YT as a source especially when someone compiles footage, grow up, get educated if you can

    3. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch I’m going to tell you the same thing trump supporters said when trump was elected in 2016, STOP CRYING AND DEAL WITH IT!

  1. Chickens will grow teeth before His Royal Orangeness stops his grievances and falsehoods. In other words: NEVER!

    1. Whats the problem?President Trump is only following Hillary Clinton’s advice. “Never concede under any circumstances .” Hillary never conceded in 2016.

    1. We should require political candidates disclose their tax returns, pass some level of IQ, literacy, sanity and psychological test.

  2. The so called “stable Genius” can’t even do basic math to figure out that he’s LOST. Just give up donny boy. You’re not conning your way to become president again!

    1. Do you know the election hasn’t been certified and there’s recounts that are about to happen? Are you aware of the fraud?

    2. @ABC DEFG yeah it’s a fact Biden is only a PROJECTED WINNER YET TO BE APPROVED OFFICIALLY and media has declared him as PRESIDENT ELECT wrongly which show that dems with the help of media and globalists ELITES have planned to do so via most rigged and and cheated election in US history and the history of the developed world……

    1. Did Stacey Abrams do the same thing when she lost the election. She still hasn’t conceded and still says she won. Hillary never conceded in 2016.

  3. Would people still be silly enough to vote him in if he were to run in 2024 after what he has done the last four years.

  4. I agree with him, why are they giving him that much attention let him stew in the embarrassment of it all. I can’t wait for the recount of the ballots in GA to allow another opp of vindication…

  5. “Let’s be absolutely clear: Trump has no realistic chance of winning this election. Courts are not just dismissing his lawsuits, they’re scornful of them. He produces allegations but no evidence, and his allegations collapse when examined. Meanwhile, even if there were statewide recounts, the average such recount over the last 20 years has changed just 430 votes. That’s why every previous presidential contender in this situation has gracefully conceded defeat — not because it’s good for the winner, but because it’s necessary for the country to heal. … Yet Trump is denying reality and impeding a lawful transition in ways that diminish the United States before the world, that make our country less governable and that risk inciting violence. This is presidential vandalism.”
    — Nicholas Kristof, November 11, 2020

    1. @David
      don’t you listen to trump ?
      there are conservative gun owners.
      there is the “loony left” who want to take guns away.

      it’s the only thing trump has EVER gotten right.
      gun ownership seperates the liberal from the conservative

      liberals want to ban firearms !

      conservatives ?
      always America’s shooters.
      always !

      what do you really fear ?
      urban conservative gun owners coming to the suburbs and acting like conservative gun owners.

    2. @phillup space my guns are here to keep ME safe. I’m very certain the people killing other people with guns aren’t advocates of the 2A, but inner city gang criminals.

    3. @phillup space you think all these Chicago gang members are proud Republicans? Lefties really are as deranged as it gets.

  6. when Trump leaves the white house he will probably steal the light bulbs and leave the toilet dirty thats what evicted tenants do those with a low character

  7. If House and Senate Republican leaders had any integrity at all, they would force Donald Trump to pick up the phone and concede the race to Joe Biden.

    1. Mitch McConnell couldn’t get Senate “Tea Party Republicans” to sign onto Pelosi’s House democrats stimulus package that would have put $1200 into the middle classes hands and handed trump a victory.
      there are at least 3 different kinds of republicans and there is NO republican party.
      it is a coalition of radicalized conservative extremist.

  8. “..once his days in court are over, the president should do his part for the country by leading a peaceful transition and letting his grievances go..”
    ~Carl Rove~

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