Michelle Obama Issues Blistering Takedown Of Trump In DNC Speech | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Michelle Obama Issues Blistering Takedown Of Trump In DNC Speech | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


In a barn burner of a political speech, Michelle Obama issued a fierce repudiation of Trump's America and called for a return to a 'compassionate' America. Philip Rucker, Claire McCaskill, and Errin Haines all react. Aired on 08/17/2020.
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Michelle Obama Issues Blistering Takedown Of Trump In DNC Speech | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Good for her, she has more courage than the republicans who remain silent and complicit during the downfall of America!

    1. D’Meat Roberson every president since JFK assassination has been terrible, doesn’t matter what party side they are on. And it’s funny how everybody thinks if you don’t hate trump, must be republican. And fun fact, the republicans freed the slaves the democrats were trying to keep as slaves.

    2. This Too Shall Pass i was actually talking about stuff that has already happen, so the past tense of run is ran. Even if they still run that city or state, it is past tense actions. And I see you can’t answer the question cause you know the truth and it doesn’t match your propaganda. so while this too shall pass, your stupidity will always remain.

    1. @Connie Plum Dear Connie, Thank You for your voting by mail information. We remain on 2 different sides, but I did enjoy your dialogue because you gave me intelligent reasons and info for your position against Trump. Regardless of who wins the election, I sincerely wish you my Best.

    2. @Bob Smith
      Oh, Bob…Is it really 20/20 for money laundering? Well, at least the Trump kids won’t be able to dump their old man in some cheesy old folks home. They’ll take good care of him in prison, so don’t fret.

    3. @Mr. Meerkat
      YES!!! Twenty years for money laundering, twenty years for treason! But Trump knows that. He’s just not telling you so you won’t “panic”.

  2. I haven’t seen Michelle look that angry since she had to stand in the rain and watch President Trump get sworn in at his inauguration.

  3. If your state allows early voting – do it. In general, you need to get your mail-in vote in by October 20 to have it counted. Check your state deadlines, and buy as many stamps as possible to support the Postal Service.

    Election day is October 20. Spread it.

    1. @Jessee Nixon
      Anyone with a brain is pushing mail in voting. There are states that have been voting by mail successfully for years. This year is special/different only because a con man and his rich campaign-doner postmaster general are using it for their own political and monetary gain.

    2. @Connie Plum aww I have a great brain not perfect and I also know mail in ballots are not new but man I feel so much smarter that half the people on this planet falling for the Democratic party. Thank God for descernment

    3. @Jessee Nixon
      It’s nice that you think you are so smart – that’s one person, at least. By the way, it’s spelled “discernment”.

  4. “Elegant Shade”…perfectly descriptive evaluation of Michelle’s delivery. What a class act!

    1. Superb phrasing from Claire McCaskill. Michelle points the way to a gloomy political graveyard for the failure and his inept menagerie.

  5. 2016: Trump said “How bad could it be, what do you have to lose?’

    2020: Your Life, Job, Healthcare, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Pensions, 401K, Stock Gains, House, Apartment, Air Quality, Water Quality, Wildlife, Voting & Protesting Rights, Citizenship, Religious liberties, Sanity!

    1. @BlewideScorpio Law and order must prevail, but if a police officer breaks the law, he should be punished without burning 200 businesses in Minneapolis of different ethnic groups including African Americans

    2. sugarbist That’s how liberal cities are ran. Pro union which protects the cops. Lack of qualified officials in office to carry out a successful societal operation

    3. @BlewideScorpio It’s very simple. If someone severely breaks the law they should be arrested, which will inhibit criminal behavior. If a police officer does something wrong he should prosecuted. We cannot have a country without Law and Order. Another reason why illegals gravitate to the U.S. is because they feel safer than they do in El Salvador, or Guatemala

  6. I registered to vote for the first time in my life. This election is too important to not participate. Tell everyone you know. Register now and vote early!

    1. @sugarbist “Where is your evidence that Trump’s kids are getting millions of dollars because their father is president?”
      Don’t you know how to Google?
      Try : Trump kids benefit you get
      “Trump’s Children Take In Million Overseas as President Slams Bidens”
      “How the Trump Kids Have Profited Off Their Dads Presidency”
      ” A Look at the Ethical Conflicts Trump’s Children Have Faced”
      “Those Foreign Business Ties? Trump Sons Have Plenty”

      Sayings things at random like you do, doesn’t make you correct nor does it convince anybody but yourself. And that’s not much.

    2. @Rick B Trump’s kids were in business and making money before Trump became president, unlike Biden’s family and son Hunter who made millions as a result of Quid Pro Quo Joe. I hope you’re enjoying your basement candidate. Should I be like Biden? No more questions?

    3. @sugarbist Now you are making even less sense than you did when you first posted. You’re running out of gas, and it’s telling.

    1. @Mr. Meerkat
      I’m thinking of another song that reminds me of a certain president…”why did you believe me when I told you that I love you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life?”.

  7. You know your screwed when an honest person can take the words you spoke in a rare moment of honesty and destroy you with them.
    Indeed trump supporters, “it is what it is.”

    1. @Elizabeth Cimino – Coming from a neighbour north of the border…I’ve always thought that if Count Dracula had a wife. she would sound like melania trump (the lower case spelling of her name is deliberate BTW).

    2. Yes!! For a man who yells, “send them back”…& questions birth certificates, perhaps we should SEND HER BACK…take your entire trump family & husband with you.

    3. President Obama’s blistering attack on djt is BRILLIANT! (DNC)
      Doubt djt understand Obama’s vocabulary, but he was tweeting like a fool.

    4. @Richard Smart – Oooh, I’ve called her that myself in the past. What a useless waste of space that female is.

  8. “So I told my people Please, Slow down the testing!!……….and his weak corrupts, puppet monger sycophants did exactly] that!

  9. What a difference hearing people who can actually speak with class, eloquence and brains. They went high.

    1. @Brian Tobin The part that is unbelievable is your just lying. You’re just making stuff up out of thin air. The Muller report and all senate investigations came to the same conclusion. NO AMERICAN COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA. but you just pretend all the investigations say something different. That’s what’s unbelievable. No one is saying Russia didn’t interfere they always do. We interfere in other countries elections all the time. But the whole point was trump was allegedly colluding with the Russians. And all investigations found NO AMERICAN COLLUDED. But you for whatever reason cant except that. Point me to one investigation that said any American colluded with Russia. Name the American that any investigation said colluded. If you could you would but you cant so you’ll just act like you ain’t hearing me

    2. @Brian Tobin lol keep telling yourself that I suppose that’s why fbi attorney clinesmith just plead guilty for falsifying documents to spy on Carter page.

    3. @Skytrotter Great then it should be so simple for you to name by name the American that colluded. But you cant. You just say “colluded” and that’s what the bipartisan investigation found. If that’s true just name the American they found colluding with Russia.

    4. kyle alexander you are a very funny guy !!! Why do you think the pdf link I am sending to you now is redacted, there is an ongoing investigation that is going further than just the report. I thought you were smart and knew that no names can be revealed during this investigation and don’t forget that the senate is with a Republican majority that defended Trump but still the conclusion of the report contradict you and the believers of Trump. So what is your take on this they are lying too it is Fake intelligence report hence anything that doesn’t go the way Trump and his blind followers are it can only be a lie or fake !

      Happy reading although as you are blinded by your one-eyed king beliefs I doubt that you can actually red the Intelligence report below !
      Only 966 pages and I have read some 300 pages of what interested me…
      Anything could be shown to you or demonstrated you will always think it is fake it is really interesting psychologically the way you are functioning !


    5. @Skytrotter Pages 941 and 943. You just want to believe trump colluded with Russia. You’ve been fooled by fake news. Now you got so emotionally involved you refuse to except reality. First the Senate bipartisan committee your talking about didn’t have nearly the power or authority Bob Muller did. Muller had a grand jury. So the idea Muller didn’t find nothing and the Senate did is crazy on its face. But at least you’re trying I’ll respect that and indulge you. This bipartisan investigation you’re talking about was anything but bipartisan. As clearly proved on page 941 and 943 it clearly states the Republicans “VIEWS” and the Democrats “VIEWS” All the Democrats said in there conclusion was what they have already been saying on cnn every day. Which was nothing all speculation and rumors and lies. Just random events thrown out to deceive. But no evidence that’s why no charges related to anything to do with colluding or conspiring with Russia. For instance when they speak about Paul Manafort they talk about all the deals hes done with billionaire Russians going back years. They point to shady deals Manafort was part of years ago. And all this proves nothing!!! No where in that report do they got actual evidence of collusion. It just ain’t there. Let me show you how to prove a point. We all know Christopher Steele worked for and was paid by Hillary Clinton and the dnc. No one disputes that. We all know now Steele wrote his dossier based on Russian disinformation which under oath he got from a ex Russian agent. We know the dossier had been proven to be a lie and disinformation. We know from testimony the fbi new the dossier was paid for by Hillary and was unreliable. But they lied to a fisa court saying it was verified to get warrants to spy on trump. Fbi attorney clinesmith just plead guilty to falsifying documents to once again lie to a fisa judge to get a warrant to spy. Theses are all verifiable facts. But there are no facts saying any American colluded with Russia. Just speculation meant to deceive. But I’ll never change your mind. Look I dont love trump like that he’ll be gone in November or 4 years later. But he’ll be gone. But what he has showed me is there are real powerful people out there who just want to get back to business as usual. And with trump in office they cant. And that has forever changed my mind of America. I’ll never believe the people truly have the power in America. The true power is unelected rich people. They control every thing and will turn that awesome power on any one that gets in there way.

    1. Cerberus I Hope everyone in America has some bankruptcies and winds up being a billionaire including you. What is this “ You lose again “ thing? I thought we were sharing information?

    2. Cerberus Did you see the tribute today of Cindy McCain honoring her husband’s friendship with Joe Biden? I wonder if Obama regrets calling McCain on 3 different campaign stops in 2008?

    3. @Mr. Meerkat Won’t be quite as original as Omg, but she didn’t tell dumbasses one thing, and the truth to Woodward on tape!

  10. When Michelle said “it is what it is” I nearly fell from my chair laughing. She killed it. Great job First Lady.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought after I heard Michelle speak. Too bad Melania won’t get the chance. She’ll be back in NY, living in her penthouse, divorced from Trump, trolling for rich husband #2.

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