Michigan Certifies Election Results, Making Biden’s Win Official | Deadline | MSNBC

Michigan Certifies Election Results, Making Biden's Win Official | Deadline | MSNBC 1


The state of Michigan voted 3-0 to certify the election results, making President-elect Joe Biden's win there official and dealing a blow to President Trump's legal challenges. Nicolle Wallace discusses the breaking news with Eddie Glaude and A.B. Stoddard. Aired on 11/23/2020.
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About Deadline White House: Before getting into cable news, Nicolle Wallace worked in politics, including as President George W. Bush’s communications director during his administration and for his 2004 re-election campaign. Those experiences helped contribute to the knowledge and unique point of view she brings to this program. Wallace leads dynamic discussions on the political stories driving the news cycle with Washington insiders and well-sourced journalists. She also provides in-depth reporting while delivering up-to-the-minute breaking news to viewers.

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Michigan Certifies Election Results, Making Biden's Win Official | Deadline | MSNBC

85 Comments on "Michigan Certifies Election Results, Making Biden’s Win Official | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. Systemic government. It all trickles down from the government and they’ve been peeing on you.

  2. Steve Pimentel | November 23, 2020 at 6:40 PM | Reply

    Goes to show you how deep the rabbit hole really is

  3. How can a person abstain?They should be fired.

    • @S Day No, there are not more votes than people. Idiots a]re using OLD registration DATA to try and say there are. Instead of listening to the very “fake news” you denigrate others doing, try going to the Government website and compare number of votes with number of registrations in the year 2020 ONLY. Link me if you find a discrepancy on the official Government website/official 2020 data. I won’t hold my breath, because I know you won’t find one.

    • @Ashafi since when is covfefe considered coherent? Where is your evidence that Joe Biden sleeps 16 hours a day? Even if that is true, he is still more effective than Trump who spent most of his presidency golfing.

    • @The Internet Not crying or seething. Election was stolen, enjoy the 2021 commie take over fren.

    • @My Own Private Idaho Look i was kidding, but you really don’t understand; Biden is an obvious puppet, things are going to take a turn for the worse, and he’s promised us over and over again a dark winter. Look up operation dark winter, look into the meaning of this phrase. This guy is not good for America man

    • @Chiehli Lee Ah yes, nothing better than a president who is comatosed, makes it easier for the puppeteers to pull the strings ya know.

  4. Manuel Sanchez | November 23, 2020 at 6:43 PM | Reply

    I wonder where’s the MAGA landslide….

  5. Unbelievable! Let’s move on already! Lindsey graham step down already! Take Mitch with you!

    • I bet it’s more likely Pelosi will be disgraced than either Graham or McConnell

    • Joseph Vacanti | November 23, 2020 at 9:40 PM | Reply

      Did Hillary tell Joe Biden to “move on” if it looked like he lost? No she told him not to give an inch, not to concede under ANY circumstamces. If that was ok for Biden, why not for Trump as well? The news media cannot declare a winner. This is not over until all challenges have been addressed and resolved, just as Hillary said it should be.

    • Long live Cocaine Mitch! ⛄️

    • John Patriot eagle freedom boner | November 23, 2020 at 10:16 PM | Reply

      @Joseph Vacanti
      Crying 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
      That’s all you have left.

  6. I just hope that all of this is over, but it probably isn’t

  7. I thought Biden already won?

    • @Alan Krebs newsmax and aon is all fake dude. Whenever in doubt use factcheck to debunk or confirm things you see on the news and look up the credibility of news outlets. Just to warn you when you do a little research you wont like what you find.

    • @hugh g rection Whenever in doubt, use a website to tell you instead of finding an answer on your own.

    • @Alan Krebs NEWSMAX, AON and of course FOX.
      A daily dose of these network makes you brain dead.

    • @jackryan Well THANK YOU! Now I understand PERFECTLY who YOU are and where YOU are coming from! With the exception of OAN and Newsmax… ALL those OTHER Networks, INCLUDING FOX, and this includes CNN,CBS,MSNBC, ABC etc… is owned by the SAME 6 “elite” FAMILIES! I have a MEME I could show you but there isn’t any way to post it in this venue. So I’m SURE we can get “fair and balanced” “news” from the SAME people who OWN and CONTROL pretty much of everything else on Earth! But hey, thanks for clarifying what “brain dead” really means. If you really think those people are giving you “news”… I have a wonderful deal on a Bridge in Brooklyn for you!

    • @hugh g rection Once again..ALL the networks BUT those 2 are OWNED and CONTROLLED by the SAME 6 “elite”… dare I say SAY TAN ICK families! Do any of you ever bother to RESEARCH ANYTHING? Next thing you’ll tell me is you use Snopes to “fact check” things. You better start fact checking the fact checkers. But hey, ignore me! I’m a “conspiracy nut”! Know who invented that term? THE C_A after folks didn’t believe a lone gunmen shot JFK!

  8. Well somebody tell the U-Haul to “stand back and standby”.

  9. This is getting to be like Ground Hog Day. Biden wins, today…again.

  10. Kevin Ghidorah | November 23, 2020 at 7:12 PM | Reply

    This ought to be a fun comment section

  11. Nothing like dragging your feet. If I were to work like that I would be looking for new employment.

  12. Sebastien Rudiaschy | November 23, 2020 at 7:23 PM | Reply

    I remember how this administration and its supports back in the day were so quick to insist that a loss was a loss and the other side should just get over it.

  13. What ya gonna do when they turn on you? just go back and watch Bush senior talk about political correctness

  14. The world is lol’ing at us. Again.

    • @Robert Fernandez “Lesser nations” this is the cancer of nationalism. Our country sucks for the majority of people. Our living standards are dogshit but you think we’re superior because we have the most billionaires and the largest military so we can spread our imperialism.

    • @RushFlaut He’s talking about the US being the number one country in the world lol. In reality we’re a failed state about to completely fall apart.

    • @RushFlaut We’re still a very powerful force in the geo-politics, but over her things are falling apart. We will either rise from the ashes completely changed or else we will fade and become increasingly irrelevant. Give it 30 more years.

    • @Joebidenlegair123 Jjj Norway Switzerland the uk .France germany.austria

    • @Robert Fernandez and yet 20million Americans cant even get basic healthcare, America ranks low in average life expectancy in all 1st world economies

  15. Meanwhile, KAREN-ING Intensifies!

  16. A B Stoddard: “The system works.” REALLY?!? 😂😂

  17. Well somebody tell the U-Haul to “stand back and standby”.

  18. Didn’t he say the world wouldn’t be laughing at us if he was president he did not make us MAGA he put us at each other’s throats to our shame it is what it is.

    • Hey, noticed how you blamed the horrible and horrific separation of America on the president. I’m a democrat, and it’s not from him. It’s from the countless amount of times the media falsely covered stories on him and slandered him. It would be bad enough for just those actions, but the media then decided to turn each others’ supporters against each other. CNN turned Biden supporters against Trump supporters, and Fox turned Trump supporters against Biden supporters. I understand how it feels to want to blame something on others, but you have to take some responsibility and some action towards your claims. Have a good day

  19. Drumpf: “I’d like you to do me a favour, though…”
    Michigan: “No.”

  20. When u live in a state where everything is blue let’s just stay that way 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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