Mike Bloomberg under fire for past comments on race

Michael Bloomberg's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination has been bombarded with criticism of one of his signature policies as mayor of New York City: "stop and frisk," the controversial police practice of temporarily detaining, questioning and searching residents who were overwhelmingly black or Latino.

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    1. @Major Minor Don’t blame the democratic voters. Blame the establishment democrats who would want to rig their own elections to undermine the will of their voters.

    1. @Daekj32 don’t you republicans get bent out of shape over confederate monuments being taken down? lol don’t even start.

    1. @Ian Mangham What part do you love about Trump?
      A. His Nut Sack
      B. His fake tupay.
      C. His narcissism
      D. His lies
      E. His hypocritical stupidity

    2. Sylvie Walker you think the US has never been in this much political turmoil? Have you ever opened a history book?

  1. CNN needs to stop using the phrase “critics say” when the true statement should be “the evidence is”.

    1. The reason they say”Critics” or “Sources”, is because they have ZERO EVIDENCE. It’s just like Creepy Joe says: “Come on man, CNN is Fake News!”.

    2. Can I just say ‘manufactured consent’ in plain sight. Check out Noam Chomsky. Every voice has an agenda whether we each realize it or not.

    3. Darren Schmidt CNN is not a reporting new channel! They are a tabloid and want you to think they are a real news source.

    4. @David Grover Exactly
      You fcking tell em David
      He didn’t fcking pay Stormy Daniels
      He never said that he would show his taxes
      He never said Mexico was paying for the wall
      He never said he business ties with Russia
      He never said Obama was born in Kenya
      He never cheated on his wives
      He never asked China to open investigations
      He never said he would sit and talk to Mueller
      He never said he didn’t know who Parnas was
      CNN needs to stop making up bullshyt that came directly from tRUMPs own mouth

    1. Socialism is now thriving in the lone star state courtesy of companies relocating from California. It’s about time them Wal-Mart shopping Neanderthals learn some real discipline.

    1. Fake News CNN Lost to Nick Sandmann The people do. The DNC establishment is bought and sold just like the GOP establishment.

    2. @Joshua Valentine, how old are you? What have you been done that outstanding in your life? What have you been achieved that make yourself credible in your career? Use whatever you claimed about Michael Bloomberg done terrible things to compare to your own. Then you can see how your brain works.

    3. @Chinese American Is it wrong to ask questions?
      So… where should wrong thinkers be sent to according to you?

  2. The guy who vetoed a minimum wage increase in NY is concerned about the wage gap, and has a plan for the wage gap?

    1. @Fake News CNN Lost to Nick Sandmann, hey virtually brainless, your kind of stupidity understand what is humiliation? Really? Open your legs for this shitty president is not humiliated right?

    2. J K That’s a cool argument if you’re running as a Republican, Bloomberg is running as a Democrat right now and the point is he’s a right winger who has no business being the Democratic nominee

    1. @BooBoo Bear Hillary Clinton said you f. ing j. w b@ stards. Sand N. r was used in Hillary’s email. Hillary Clinton all Black Politician’s look the same Hillary Clinton mad at her chef when in office called the chef a nr

  3. The Devil talking about good deeds!!!😆 he is just trying to buy the election💰💵💴💵💴💰💵💴💵💰💵💴💰$!

    1. @W Towns did Trump drop 401 million in fundraising, from himself? I’ll rather have Trump over the ACTUAL racist Bloomberg

    2. Anything it takes to get it away from Trump. Keep that in mind. There’s no point in being right but an also-ran in this race.

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