Mike Bloomberg’s Democratic Rivals Sharpen Their Attacks | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Over the weekend, Mike Bloomberg's Democratic rivals spoke about the former NYC mayor's bid for the White House over the weekend, saying his wealth can buy a lot of ad time. The panel discusses. Aired on 2/17/2020.
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Mike Bloomberg's Democratic Rivals Sharpen Their Attacks | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I’m sickened by another billionaire who goes after people who he thinks can’t fight back – Bernie Sanders supporters. We’ll show him with our votes. Hopefully there aren’t too many voters suckered in by his wealth rhetoric.

    1. David, Rev. Al, Black people don’t listen to you like we use to. We now know you are a bought piece of goods that’s been tainted. We are for Bernie Sanders. I notice you didn’t mention Bernie is the only candidate that marched and went to jail with Blacks. I wonder why? You brought up his vote but didn’t bring up that.

    2. @David Hale The workers unions DOES support him. Get your facts straight. And I guess you want a country where big corporations can give people starving wages and get away scot free cause ” hey man he has a job” but people who are at least relatively normal and unserstand the difference between Venezuela and Sweden DON’T WANT THAT.

    1. Didn’t Bernie get in trouble for not paying his campaign staff correctly? Didn’t Bernie say Terrorist and murderers should have right to vote from prison?

  2. Why don’t the 99 percent vote for the person who can do them the most good. I want to give Bernie Sanders a Chance !!!

    1. Because, many people remember his Marxism. Because his policies were not well fleshed out. Because his record was a lot of talk, but doing nothing to help anyone. He will only help himself, as he always has. He will not change.

    2. @NotGivingMy Nam Nothing?. All Trump would have to do is, play one of the several clips of Sanders advocating for the state to seize the means of productions, and he’d win. The video of him pushing for the “violent overthrow of the government” is pretty damning too. And Sanders’ morals are even lower than Trump’s. Not only did he not marry his baby mama, he was a deadbeat that did not pay court mandated child support. What fool would still trust him when they learned that?

    3. @Deborah Freedman I am interested in educating myself. Do you have primary sources? The only places I have found these mentioned are fringe news sites who did not cite their reporting.

      Also we live in an identity politics era, where people vote fanatically for ideals built from grass root up-swellings. Who would logically trust the presidency to a 6-time bankrupt adulterer? Its because it isn’t about their history it is about the ideals they represent in the here and now. Bernie and his ideals of the past 20 plus years represent hope for many downtrodden Americans. No stance from 50 years ago is going to make people want to give up that hope.

    1. Bloomberg plans to have crooked Hillary as his VP..if he wins he is resigning the presidency and letting crooked Hillary take over … he’s such a schmuck

  3. This guy is a monster who openly stated he was fine with Isreal murdering Palistinie children when at school. Bloomberg is an absolute monster…. And a Republican.

    1. @exeuropean only a very very wealthy person would approve a republican over a socialist. America overwhelming approves socialist ideas. Many are already being implemented. How much tax did Amazon pay lasts year. Here is a hint…. You paid more than they did.

  4. It’s a disgrace to our democracy that Bloomberg doesn’t have the guts to stand on the debate stage and answer for his past.

    1. @Deborah Freedman you’re living proof that we’re living in the times where the senseless champion’s the idiots. Bernie2020!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. @Mister G Hey Mister Naive, you have access to google just as I do! You Research the Bills that Bernie Sanders help implement. I already did! This is why I am a Unwavering Bernie supporter! Bernie2020!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. @exeuropean I see you found two idiots to like your comment! Youself & your extended broken off turd of a friend. Smh

  5. I want Bloomberg on the debate stage so they can all destroy him. Of course Al Sharpton would defend Bloomberg

  6. Rest assured there are literally MILLIONS of us that consider Bloomberg finished! As a racist should be!

    1. @Oh Dang Mostly action but thanks for your attention! I raised $19k for Bernie Sanders without even raising my voice.

  7. Buying the Media is easy, buying elections as well! Just link the results to the APP and all your elections worries are gone!

  8. Bloomberg is a billionaire buying his way in. He is the Democratic version of Trump. No different. He’s a horrible choice.

    1. I’d agree it it weren’t for the fascists ‘and other good people on both sides’ with Trump. He’s far worse than his failed businesses.

      Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat until 2001, when he switched to the Republican Party before running for Mayor. He switched to an independent in 2007, and registered again as a Democrat in October 2018

      It’s okay that he talks out of both sides of his mouth because he has many faces. Which one are you looking at? He a Janus-faced puke, trying to buy his way in, just like you say. Spineless, out for power, not a man of the people as far as I can see with $61.8 billion in his warchest

    2. You are too blind by a plutocracy to try to defend a greedy plutocrat who is definitely just as horrible as the one in office now.

    1. which candidate isn’t a self-entitled egomaniac? At least Bloomberg is self made and doesn’t need a court order to donate money to charitable causes. Bloomberg donated 10% of his wealth, Bernie only donated 2% of his multimillion dollar empire. hmmm.

    2. sean jokela Yes but, the richer you are the more you have to give money to charity in order to get tax deductions.
      I believe that people are free to give or not to give to charity, I am not conscience police.

  9. Michael Bloomberg should run as a Republican because he is one. Why would any democratic voter support him, unless they have been paid to do so…

    1. @Deborah Freedman Bigotberg doesn’t support the minimum wage increase, he believes that entitlements should be cut, but he is all for tax cuts for the billionaires, he removed housing rights that would have protected the LGBTQ community, he fought for ten years against giving the Central Park Five restitution, in spite, of the fact, that the real perpetrator admitted to the crime and DNA proved that the Central Park Five were innocent. You clearly have no clue what the differences is between Marxist, Socialism and a mix economy, Bernie is actually talking about a mix economy that has socialist policies like free healthcare, all developed countries have this. In the US insulin for type 2 diabetes would cost $1,300 per month here in the UK it cost $86.00 per month and would be free for the unemployed. No one in the UK or in any developed country goes bankrupt or end up in a debtor prison because of medical bills except for the US, you better pray that you or a family member don’t become seriously ill or end up in accident that makes you incapacitated that you are unable to work and you can’t pay that extortionate healthcare insurance.

    2. Why anybody support ANY democratic candidate. They are all pandering liars, weak and dishonest. The incompetence of the left runs throughout the entire party including the candidates.

  10. Mike Bloomberg can go on and Frisk himself for all I care, I will write in Bernies name and vote independent all the way down the ticket if the DNC tries to steal this again, and we can all kiss a blue wave behind but ofcourse, that’s exactly what Bloomberg wants anyways, to keep his billionair tax cuts right where they are.

    1. Like you, I’m not falling for his mess. He should have cleaned it up years ago and not support the very racist tactics of the previous elected officials. If money could buy forgiveness….we would all be shelling it out.

    2. @Joh Mayo oy vey. Please vote for Bloomberg, Steyer, Bernie or Klobuchar. The jewish people have it very tough and totally don’t belong to the most privileged group in the history of mankind.

    1. Lazy and lack of leadership and balls. Not worthy of being president. The money will not buy the presidency.

    2. @Fumontaindew2012 and false bravado and criminal activity and bilking MILLIONS from TAXPAYERS EVERY day is. LMAO YOUR ORANGE KOOLAID IS rancid

    1. Brian C
      The Durham Investigation has gone into overdrive. You can hear the Democrats freaking out on all channels – AM talk Radio, TV, and on Social Media now.

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