Mike Pompeo says U.S. is “focused” on freeing Canadians detained in China

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assures Canada that the detained Canadians in China is being discussed at the highest level possible.

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  1. Thumbs up if you think Trudeau has zero credibility and respect world-wide.
    Comment if you do and say where that respect and credibility is.

    1. Sorry my only comment is that I can’t give this 100 thumbs up. Drama teachers aren’t leaders their next step is usually only an actor.

    2. @Ron Peer lol no doubt and a part-time substitute drama teacher as well, he couldn’t even get a full day in and this is his first real job lol.

  2. What a shock. Didn’t Canadian PM state no one will push Canada ? 😂 Where are the rolled up sleeves, pink shirt and falling eyebrows??

  3. What Prosperity Canada’s business is closed by the work’s of PM Justin Trudeau and his Thieving Cabinet!

    1. Yes. Our founding fathers experienced this first hand and said themselves political parties are an ailment to prospering nations. That and central banks, both things we accept wholeheartedly in western culture. For whatever reason.

    2. @Semi Who is this “we?” A very small number of elites ave destroyed our countries. Usually Jewish. Just saying.

  4. If you see two big guys are fighting, you don’t jump in between unless you have the ability to separate them apart.

    1. They’re our ally. You don’t leave them to fight alone. Besides, what can they do… eh? Offer them maple syrup?

    2. Lol, with narcissist, virtue signaling, Freeland and Trudeau, Canada hasn’t got a chance at anything except going broke.

  5. Liars all of them Trudeau the law breaker wants to learn the finer points of breaking international law May war crimes Weapons of Mass Destruction

  6. Mr. Pompeo can free Canadian prisoners from China & Prez Trump’ll free the Canadian economy from China. Sounds like a plan – get the Canadian dollar back up in value.

    Then Canada can afford to shop and go to Disney World in the USA again!

  7. “I was a CIA director, we lied, we cheated we stole… like, we had entire training courses.”

  8. Speaking two different languages in one connected statement is an exhibition of reta4dation.  The obvious purpose is social justice virtue signaling, where pandering to French Canadian’s has become mainstream, although they represent less then 20% of Canada’s population (mainly Quebec)..  What an exercise in futility; to have everyone listen to an interpreter live, when it will be translated in full anyways for the French speaking population.  This is liberal ideology manifest in it’s full light of stupidity.

  9. Canada loves to participate in everything even its not that much related to them and if something happens ,no way out only yelling

  10. Whenever Freeland smiles, it looks like she’s holding a fart in her mouth. Wicked, corrupt and incompetent.

  11. You folks should take a deep look at freelands involvement with the Lima Group. Be sure to look beyond the corrupt msm.

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