1. The one who put HUMANITY before the EMPIRE.
    Rest In Peace
    Marked One ✊

    1. @Nikolas Hanks As malicious, heavy-handed and chalk–block full of managerial incompetence as it was, the USSR was responsible for the mass industrialization and modernization of the Russian Federation. It Czarist predecessor, supported by a coddled and out of touch aristocracy, a Church entrusted with grandeur illusions of itself, and a bigoted agrarian peasantry (courtesy of the aforementioned players) cynical about urbanization, did everything to prevent needed reforms. The Communist Bolsheviks, a small player among all the various political interests in Russia, representing a small, mostly urban working-class, won control of the Revolutionary Government, because it was the most unified segment from a number of divided interests wanting to rid themselves of the Czar. In winning, they became the pariah of the governing, business and cultural classes of the World, whose hostility provided money, mercenaries and weapons to create a Civil War, to no avail. Inspite of this hostility, the Reds won, had their Reign of Terror over those trying to bring it down, created an industrial powerhorse with little help from the outside World, endured the homicidal invasion of the Nazis and became a World Power, unrivaled by anyone, but the United States.

      The Soviets were often petty, cruel, rigid and irresponsive to the immediate needs of its people, but their ability to create a powerful state, educate its people, provide a system of social care for the needs of its populace (eventually emulated by almost all developed societies), and became one of only two major World superpowers following WW2, were hardly a sign of a failed state.

  2. A pivotal figure in history … this time one who’ll be remember for the PEACE he effectuated, rather than war.

    1. He will be remembered for trying to make peace, while other’s will be remembered for trying to start a war.

  3. He is the only politician i knew who traded Power for ideals, not the other way round. Not saying he was perfect or anything…

    1. @Ernest Khalimov the SU was broke, nothing to do with Gorbachev, but a decades long arms race, space race and then there was the afghan war, all that while the economic power was not matching up with that of the west. Then there were bad harvests if i remember correctly where the west chiped in and helped. All these things i guess are conveniently forgotten or not known to start with.

  4. I as a German am very saddened by his passing , remembering his policies of perestroika and glasnost made the fall of the Berlin Wall even possible… Germans hold him in high regards

    1. @Lemor El Gambino My family, friends and I want you to think about President Trump. Please vote TRUMP 2024.

    2. @Cornelius Gal “I would never call Kim Jong Un short and fat, I would never do that.”
      >President Donald Trump

    3. @Ken Jackson Because he wasn’t. Reagan deserves a lot of credit for helping end the Cold War but he was not the main player in it. Another exaggeration the GOP made about him.

  5. Wow! I didn’t even realize he was still alive. But this really makes me reflect on my youth through the 80s and 90s

    1. I was now thinking the same thing we getting old 😇, we all got to go some day and its really sad that as humans were not living better while we’re here ….

  6. Intelligent politics, great human that change the history. He was loved everywhere but his country. RIP 🙏

  7. I met Mr Gorbachev in the early 90’s on a class trip while studying Russian language. He was a good person and was the best of his country’s modern leaders.

    1. Oh yes, I’m sure you had a 1 minute conversation if that and know all about him right? Give me a break. He was not a good person he was WEF.

    2. вы не являетесь гражданином России, но рассуждаете о том, что он был лучшим президентом для России? С чего вдруг вам это знать? Может для вас он был лучшим, но уж точно не для России.

  8. RIP, Mikhail Gorbachev. A true reformer and peacebringer—the man who ended the Cold War and sincerely tried, unsuccessfully, to make the Soviet Union a better place. You will be remembered with honor.

  9. As an American, RIP Gorbachev, you tried to create peace between the Soviet Union and the United States, it’s something history won’t forget.

    1. agreed. RIP Gorbachev. He’s one of the biggest reasons why this world isn’t destroyed by nukes.

  10. The only Soviet leader who really tried to make a mark, but failed. The Cold War ended partially because of him. RIP Gorbachev!

    1. @Djoker Dominator the other Soviet countries were free of the Russian oppression. Starting with East Germany. Ask the Estonians, for example, if they want to go back.
      I think the Soviet Empire was really the Russian empire with slave states.

  11. RIP Mikhail Gorbachev. I haven’t known much of Gorbachev when I was in history class (I remember taking Texas and US history in high school) but I do know know he was a great leader. In a Russia with Vladimir Putins, be a Mikhail Gorbachev.

    1. @Elle Belle
      Ok and? That doesn’t mean what he said was wrong. Look it up bruh. Look up Russia’s life expectancy in the 90s.

  12. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Goodbye Sir, you will not be forgotten for trying to make the world a better place.

    1. @Chris Bolland He was wrong in some things and right in other things. To know oneself is the ultimate goal of philosophy and he most certainly did that. His studies and sketches of human psychology through philology and philosophy have stood the test of time. Sigmund freud said ‘Nietzsche had the most penetrating knowledge of himself’ this is Freud talking who is ranked with lacan and jung as the greatest psychologists of our history. Nietzsche’s knowledge of human nature inspired other great philosophers like those mentioned and Beauvoir, camus, sartre among thousand others. So in my view your view doesn’t matter. I care about truth

    2. Gorbachev died. His legacy? Russia’s GDP dropped by 40%. Real wages halved. Poverty ballooned from 2.2 million in 1987-88 to 66 million in 1993-95. Millions died under the brutal regime of privatization and shock therapy. Half a million women were trafficked into sexual slavery.

    3. @Djoker Dominator Man, you could have like changed that comment up a little bit each copy and paste dude.

  13. Thank You For Having The Totally Unparalleled Courage To Save All Of Our Lives Mr. Gorbachev!

    The Modern World has in fact, unknowingly, suffered an extremely enormous loss!

    Mikhail Gorbachev was an extremely corageous man, he flatout put his life on the line, against the Soviet Hardliners who wanted to neutralize him, to bring down the Berlin Wall, Disdolve The Soviet Union and most importantly to Totally Reverse Extremely Deadly Nuclear Proliferation!

    Modern Russians might not appreciate Mr Gorbachev so much but, as a global populace Mikhail Gorbachev represents the 2nd time that Russia had the courage to save the world from a deadly militant threat, First in the form of hyper-miltant global Nazism and Second in the form of exponentially more deadly Nuclear Proliferation!

    Mr. Gorbachev was a real public servant of the like that absolutely does not exist today in a world where we have Political Self-servants who don’t give a single millisecond of thought to public service.

    Mr. Gorbachev didn’t just wake up one day and decide to disdolve The Soviet Union, he toured as much of the huge Soviet Union as he could to get the people’s opinion about what kind of country, world, and block they wanted to live in and the overwhelming feedback that he got back from the Soviet People, whom still remebered the untold horrors of World War 2, was that They Absolutely Did Not Want Another World War so, Mr. Gorbechov decided to do the unthinkable and dissolve a primary part of the nuclear threat and thereby largely precipitated the nuclear threat’s collapse.

    Today, there aren’t totally inconceivably hardcore, totally dedicated politicians who have the courage to do this!

    Black people don’t believe in fear because being afraid is far too dangerous but at a time when global superpowers possessed enough weapons to kill every man, woman and child on Earth 1,000 times over again Mikhail Gorbachev bought modern civilization some time and took a great amount of fear out of ordinary people’s lives and for that, “We should all be eternally thankful to Mikhail “Gorby” Gorbachev!”

  14. Rest in piece, you have done great actions such as ending the cold war, and bringing more peace. May you rest well.

  15. Even as an American I am very saddened by his passing as he changed history forever, and had a different kind of mindset. RIP Mikhail.

  16. I remember hearing a joke which shows what a deep sense of humor he had. Apparently, he was asked if he thought the course of world history would have been drastically altered if Nikita Khrushchev had been assassinated instead of JFK. Without missing a beat, he replied “Oh my goodness, yes. Mr. Onassis NEVER would have married Mrs. Khrushchev.”

  17. I took a “personality test” long ago, when I was a kid, that paired me with a historic figure. Mikhail Gorbachev was my closet link. I do not believe I am anywhere capable of his accomplishments. I believe I understand his desire to do good in the world. Rest In Peace.

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