Military on high alert for North Korea ‘gift’ after Christmas passed without one

Now that the Christmas holiday has passed without a "gift" from the North Korean regime, US officials are puzzled why Kim Jong Un chose not to conduct a weapons test so far. The Trump administration had widely interpreted the North Korean promise of a "Christmas gift" to mean a weapons test, especially as intelligence indicators grew. Officials remain watchful in the days following the holiday. CNN Paula Hancocks reports.

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    1. @branden8045 theultramangofighter All adults of all political party should worry about the children 1st before anything.

    2. @branden8045 theultramangofighter I hate being in danger like you and a bunch of other democrat, republican, independent, or whatever political party that is in this state and the people from across the globe that fear the same danger that we fear. But why are we still acting like nobody’s life matters when children are screaming to the roof tops to be with their parents and that they are what make us matter? Huh?

    3. @branden8045 theultramangofighter you’re bragging that Trump met with a dictator who murders his family and people and a US CITIZEN?

  1. Its no coincidence that random Chinese women keep getting caught strolling around Mara Lago.
    I bet Kims christmas gift will turn out to be the same one he sent his half brother

  2. If we ignored Kim like before, he wouldn’t have pushed all this. He wouldn’t have been able to measure just how far he could go. He would have been unsure just what might he’d be dealing with. Now with the orange do-tard running around acting like an idiot, Kim has no qualms puffing up his threats. Thanks Trump, ya fucking idiot moron.

    1. Ever see Tom & Jerry when Tom lights the fuse and plugs his ears with his fingers while he laughs but the fuse goes out?? That’s exactly what happened here!!

    2. @Wolfreign Valenford If you dying by these nukes are a prank then, go head. Be my guess and go turn those nukes on and nearly wipe all life as we know it off the face of the Earth and leave nothing for survivors to live off of.

    3. @Wolfreign Valenford And no, I do not mean you you but they know who they are. They just need to know that they wouldn’t last a second themselves once they die, too.

    4. @Wolfreign Valenford But I don’t think anyone is going to let this slide. Too many lives died for this country, by this country. And the numbers keeps on sky rocketing.

  3. The reason that Trump is so fond of Kim Jong Un is because they’re mirror images. When they get down into the cheesy insults, it’s lover’s spat.
    Kim won’t launch a nuclear weapon– it would be suicide, and he knows that. He’s doing the same thing, exactly, as Trump does.
    He’s working out his teeny weeny ego at the expense of the whole world.

  4. Because he’s not dumb enough to do it on Christmas… he’ll do it when we least expect it. And to think it’s just a test he made a threat with is ridiculous. You dont make a threat unless you plan to carry through with it.

  5. Reportage mixed with specuilation. The reporter’s speculations belong in an editorial segment or program NOT in the straight news. 20 seconds of news. 1:34 of spin filler.
    BAD reporter (worse editor) ! No Pulitzer.

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