Minimum Wage Fight Puts Renewed Focus On Undemocratic Filibuster In Senate | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Minimum Wage Fight Puts Renewed Focus On Undemocratic Filibuster In Senate | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on the limited options available to Democrats to pass the extremely popular minimum wage increase even though Democrats control Congress and the White House, as long as the filibuster allows the Republican minority to obstruct the will of the American people. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Minimum Wage Fight Puts Renewed Focus On Undemocratic Filibuster In Senate | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Critical ity I do what? Idk what you’re referring to. And don’t get me wrong, Ik Biden doesn’t want to pass this as part of the covid relief bill. He was already backing away from it before the parliamentarian came out with a verdict. And this is why dems will always be losers. The republicans fired the last parliamentarian that ruled against them. I’m not saying dems should go that far but nothing’s stopping them from passing it except for the conservative dems like Sinnema and Manchin. Something that’s a slam dunk politically and the dems are folding like a lawn chair. I voted in the last 2 primaries, midterms, and the general. If the dems are gonna continue to be weak on policies they campaigned on, ill be sitting out the next election. They don’t want to past things that are popular. Then they can go back to the minority.

    2. @Critical ity So you’re saying you support it, but don’t think it should be in the package? If that’s not the case please correct me.

    3. @Santiago it is irrelevant if I support the minimum wage hike. If the purpose of the bill is Covid relief and demanding the minimum wage condition is contrary to the stated goal. It predictably delays the process by inserting partisan issues. Due to the predictability then it has to be deliberate, the mechanism of delay or failure has been inserted, poison pill. Question should be, why do they want it delayed? The point of helping “heros” is faulty as they are also having their relief withheld here as well, and the lower income the more they are eligible. All this while the minimum wage hike isn’t effective till next year.

    4. @Santiago I bet your going to show me some cnn or nbc communist propaganda to show how giving g money to the fascist left states that allowed riots to cause billions in damages is a good thing.

    1. Somebody hires these people, I blame the employers for knowingly aiding and abetting these people, not the workers themselves.

    2. Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.

      Thomas Jefferson

    1. they call it socialism, dems been trying to get rid of middle class income since 1993. Only 2 classes in socialism , Elites and peons and where you were born is where you stay. Big problem, it has been proven with socialism , when the other guy’s money runs out so does your food.

    2. The right will come up with any excuse not to help common folks. However, when it comes to donating money to billionaires you’re all for it… idiots

    3. @Lucas Lima The poor cannot create jobs that fuel the economy. If you are a person that feels handouts are the help you need, then you are a lost cause already. Ask for a job instead of a hand out.

  1. The minimum wage hike shouldn’t be in the “Covid” relief bill. How about a simple Covid bill with just the stuff we agree on, like direct payments. It’s $1.9T because there’s too much pork.

    1. How about the government keeps their stinking fingers out of the business end of things and just runs the government. Quit giving people money they’re stealing from others. Quit Forcing businesses to pay what is not reasonable

  2. They need to tax rich people live Maddow that make seven million dollars a year and do not pay their fair share in taxes. Has anyone.seen Maddow claiming she is.not paying enough in taxes? Never

    1. @Bob Thompson im just a regular person that stays in cali that works an hr wage job. I wish I married a sugarmama so i don’t have to be in this position

    2. @will-da-mac 1 small business takes time big business has a set a stepping stone. So if you have 500 employees that pay taxes off there pay check to pay federal and state which help out the community edd,schools,and the communities. So where would the government relay on?

    3. I think every state should have its own tax bracket. It doesn’t make since why The golden state makes more money and people struggles with the live in cost?

    1. @synthesis Yeah but that won’t happen, sorry to break it to you.

      It didn’t happen in Florida, CA, or NY. We just got tons more homeless people living out of their cars.

      You have to wake up and smell the coffee. Politicians spout pretty lies. The reason they love this idea is because it eliminates competition for the huge corporations who are writing them checks under the table.

      Until you accept that they don’t care about you they will be able to talk you into anything, even writing your own starvation sentence.

    2. @james wheeler 4 years? It’s not going to be enough for states who will be doubling the wages. How do y’all not understand this?

    3. @The Weapon Collection how preposterous to say that, minimum wage should actually be 40$ because if yo think about after taxes and higher living people will barely have anything left so put 40$ to combat that and give people more money

    4. @The Weapon Collection Ya boi just said “how dare you guess I don’t know what hyperinflation is, lemme prove I don’t know what it is”

  3. And as a token of support The Senators and Congress Representatives will not take a salary increase in the next 10 years. Imagine that

    1. will everybody get a 48% raise? You’ve worked your job for 10 years. You’ve gotten raises until your at $15.25 hr. All of a sudden, the people who’ve hired in well after you is making almost as much as you! AND YOU’VE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT?

    2. @Daniel Royse The founders were civil servants. They went to The government seat, did their duty then went home where they had real jobs.
      They try and impeach the president because he wasn’t a politician for a living.

    1. No, political activism was Sean Hannity campaigning for the sitting president at his rallies.

      What none of you like to admit is that facts and reality have a left/liberal bias, which is why educated people tend to reject conservatism. Why do you think Trump and Republicans “love the uneducated?” They are easy to exploit, because ignorance is inherent to bigotry.

      Republican politicians weaponize cultural issues to convince the base to vote against their own economic interests in favor of corporations and the billionaire class. It works like a charm, as long as they can also rely on gerrymandering, voter suppression and the Electoral College to “win” elections despite the shrinking popularity of the GOP.

      Eventually Republicans will require democratic elections to be completely subverted (as they are in Russia, and as Trump tried to do) because the party is rapidly ageing-out. Thank God it didn’t work in 2020, but if we are to maintain a representative democracy these cheats must be abolished once and for all while Democrats have the majority.

    2. That sounds pretty judgemental, and like you’re grouping a “set” of people into a”group, you know, like races. Making wide sweeping comments about millions of people, simply parroting what is said. Stop hating people for who they are. Idiots still understand elitism

    1. @Real Talk76 Your solution is Screw small businesses then increase costs to the government by giving each a half million a year?
      My God how did you get so messed up?
      Solution. Government leave businesses alone. Get rid of low cost labor.
      It saves government money and every American is better off.

    2. @Grampa Genuity No…let’s say a company sells 1 million dollars worth of products/services and then they pay 500K In expenses (including labor). That means they made 500K in profit but they need to pay taxes on that income. But let’s say their labor costs have doubled from last year because of the minimum wage, from 100K to 200K. I propose that they get a 100K tax credit that they can spread over the next 10 years to help offset the increased expense. That way, it helps the wage earner and doesn’t hurt the business.

    3. @Grampa Genuity :

      Yes, BLACK GLOBALISM! It’s going to happen, the wheels of time are spinning it into existence. Besides, America can’t do without its’ war and that will be the instrument used to bring in BLACK GLOBALIZATION!

    1. @Rose Huber ahhhh. Just asking. And what’s very old? I’m only 48 and some mornings I feel very old. Lol.

    2. Minimum wage is the floor which means it jobs which require harder labor, greater risk, more education/experience, etc will also be adjusted upward. Look up executive pay compared to the average worker. The executives r earning something like 300x more today compared to around 30x more back around 60&70’s. That’s bc the fair share of the profits the laborers used to earn now goes to the executives and shareholders due to minimum wage full-time job set at the poverty level, declining L class wages and stagnant M class, loss of labor unions, significant decrease in taxes paid by the wealthy and corporations, allowing monopolies, writing policies which allows 80+% of new growth to go the upper class and corporations, allowing corporations to pay such low wages that their full-time minimum wage workers w/children qualify for Medicaid, food stamps,hud, etc which the taxpayers r paying so that the wealthy and corporations can get insanely rich (socialism for the wealthy). This has all resulted in the skyrocketing of income and wealth inequality since republicans took control of the house, senate, WH, and Supreme Court most of the time from 1980-2020. We saw the same outcomes the last time republicans had extended control, 1880-1932. This is the result of policy, how the system is set-up, rigged for the wealthy and corporations. We saw the complete opposite outcomes, note the income and wealth inequality from 1880-2020, when Dems controlled the house, senate, and WH most of the time from 1933-1979. FDR, a progressive Dem, Dem congress, and many progressive bills including switching from a regressive tax code, where the more one earns, the lower % of taxes they pay, many $0, some get refunds, and some r paying a tax % than many working class/M class. Minimum wage should be around $20/hr had it kept up w/inflation and cost of living since the ‘70’s. It’s the M&L classes who keep the economy going and produce the majority of the gdp. When the M&L classes have a higher purchasing power, gdp is higher, and more jobs r created bc the M&L classes can buy more.

    3. Logically, if the minimum wage goes up then your wage should also increase, but sure, if you want to flip burgers, go for it!

  4. Asking the right questions gathering relevant data, and following the facts with the logical conclusion. ‘Even if that conclusion turns out to be unpopular.’

    Importance of Incentives:
    Reality of trade-offs in addressing social problems.

    The Belief of a Groups Upward Mobility Derives Primarily From its Development of HUMAN Capital.

    1. The minimum wage is suppose to be around 22-23 dollars from inflation the only reason the passed it in 09 was because it was a supplement increase from the 08 economic crash

    1. @David Eby In Europe McDonalds workers are paid 22 per hour built yet they do not pay more for a burger. Prices only went up by 10 cents. Man the CEO’s in America has brained wash you guys good.

    2. @longbeach225 By the way,I looked up what McDonalds pays per hour in Europe. It turns out you are a liar.Typical Demonrats just making crap up because they aren’t smart enough to argue thier point. Stupid.

    3. @David Eby Oh this too. In Thailand the minimum wage is 313 to 336 bath per hour which is about $ 10.43 to 11.20 US dollars per hour. Embarrassing the richest country in the world that the so called Third World country America calls can pay its workers more than America. LOL. America is working hard to go to the bottom.

    1. @TLS Music Production There are many factors involve and everything needs to be considered. For instance: The summit of the hierarchy is cost of living in any given state or country, and the minimum wage is less than a fraction, but gas prices skyrocketed, mortgage payments when up according to the cost of living expenses; by the way, car payments when up as well (vehicles, phones became a necessity) UNIONS are scarce resource; CIO’s get paid 400x as much money as minimum slave wage worker, minimum wage has been stagnant since 2007-2009 when the economy collapsed. And then you wonder?

      Why is there so many people living in the streets without a home. Go figure?

      Whatever happened to the American Dream?

      Our culture is in downward spiral!

      Raising taxes is no problem!? keeping the minimum wages stagnant is a no brainer.

    2. @S B Also companies will replace people with automated systems and will never need to rehire even if the economy warranted the hiring.

  5. It won’t end there. If they get it, in 5 years we will see “fight for $20”. Minimum wage=minimum skill. Don’t like it? Go out there and learn a trade.

    1. Everything else goes up – the cost of gas, food, rent, goods, but wages should remain the same? How is that right?

    2. @Mark Ovich So you are saying if everyone worked harder they could all be in jobs that paid enough money for them to live on? Interesting hypothesis. So who does those low-paid jobs then?

    3. @Mark Ovich Im definitely not saying this for me i 50% agree with you and your logic, however there are community’s who have difficult living circumstances and need the help because they dont have the guidance or programs to better themselves. not only would this help the lower income in my eyes but the gov has trillions of dollars so i could care less how they spent it helping struggling community’s and individuals. i feel like you’re being narrow minded as all.

    4. @Mark Ovich The idea that working in a retail store , restaurant , grocery store etc isnt a “real job ” is absolutely ridiculous and ignorant . Every person deserves to be paid a living wage . The fact that major companies only hire part time employees to avoid giving benefits while paying less than a living wage and people are working 2-3 jobs , 50-70 hrs a week , paying taxes on all 3 jobs , barely scraping by and still no benefits is absolutely sickening , ridiculous and disgusting . The so called “greatest country” , supposedly the “richest country ” ? What a pathetic joke . SMFH

    1. We’ve been heading towards automation for decades. Robots work better than people, don’t get sick, don’t need breaks, and cost less in the long run. Why wouldn’t that be the natural progression for most business models?

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