Missed opportunities in budget to aid climate crisis: Singh | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discusses his party's support for the 2023 federal budget, and what he believes the Liberals could've cut.

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    1. A reminder, Harper had a surplus in his final year as Prime minister. The budget was on route to be balanced until the Liberals showed up.

    1. @Paul O he’s gone NDP will lose if he stay in. NO will vote for him. NDP Will never win with him in there.

  1. Instead of an inflationary grocery inflation rebate, why not address the cause of grocery inflation and cut the carbon tax. Every item in food stores take multiple truck trips to get there.

  2. Will Freeland be coming clean about her Nah-tsee Grandpa or her ties to the Neo Nah-tsee Azov Battalion??

    1. Yep! Remember seeing him wearing awr outfit for a film made à St-Bruno/Qc??

      He did warn he’d be our learder or a peace keeper, dressed to remind ourself of, euh… Germany.

  3. Honestly as someone who thinks climate change is a thing, and its bad and we should work to reduce it, saying that the climate is a crisis is horribly out of touch with what is happening in this country. Housing prices are a crisis. Food costs are a crisis. Addiction is a crisis. How about we deal with those, climate is a problem, not a crisis. If we did nothing for the climate for a decade, the world will barely notice. If we do nothing for addiction, homelessness, food gouging, large corporate greed for a decade we are honestly totally screwed.

    1. @Daphne Ford A little less then fifth of Canada voters are ussually NDP including myself most of the time. So it’s not a joke, and he or she is correct.

  4. If we have such a climate crises why are we paying for the government’s private vacation flights and not allowed to save for ourselves, it’s a crises? Oh don’t forget the flights from Waterloo to Toronto…

  5. its a bad sign when a person raises their eyebrows when answering a question. It means they are not really answering spontaneously – but saying what they think someone wants to hear.

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