1. @David Stonebarger What a pathetic logic?!! 391 million was mentioned a 100 times in the hearing. Should we have it in court? Should we have Ukraine or Zelensky in court?

      No. It’s the impeachment trial of Donald J Trump. It’s about his violation of the constitutional obligations and abusing the office of POTUS for personal political benefit. Adding oil to the camp fire he started to keep him cosy is not senate needs to do.

    2. @iDroid And your drivel is logic? Nice try, but no. How much of the hearing did you watch? Did you hear anything Pam Bondi said? No need for an answer. I already know. If you’d listened at all, you’d have a clue. But, hey, keep getting your news from YouTube and Facebook. I’d rather hear the news for myself instead of having it spoon fed to me. Sleep well, sheep.

  1. I would like to know and hear all the crooks running this country . It’s time to clean house and start a new .

  2. Hitler’s cousin should testify or do a prime-time interview. If it affects his book sales, I’ll do a crowd funding page for him…..

    1. Blak3 Brutus. You think Iran had nuclear weapons ?, how much orange KoolAid have you been drinking ?…

    2. If Bolton’s manuscript is hearsay *_because it’s a written statement_* that makes trumpsky’s transcript of *A Perfect Call* hearsay as well.

    1. @Miles North All he is doing is talking smack and propping up BeBe. More deflection, more than 70 percent of Americans want witnesses. Not going away 😊

    2. @F Sh Right, that’s baloney. Ask farmers in Iowa how those tariffs are working for them? He’s raised the deficit to pay for his lousy tax cuts.

    3. @Miles North If Biden had really done something that was so glaring, Trey Gowdy would have held more hearings but he didn’t did he?

    1. If Bolton’s manuscript is hearsay *_because it’s a written statement_* that makes trumpsky’s transcript of *A Perfect Call* hearsay as well.

    1. @HMS memaw there was no crime. The looney left believed Schiff that there was, but what a suprise (not really) he lied. Your side will believe anything with zero evidence because you don’t like trump.

    2. @P m V The transcript has never been released. All we have is a summary. Why people keep calling something that literally has the words “THIS IS NOT A TRANSCRIPT” printed across the top of the first page is beyond me.

    3. reesie2222 , have you not seen the correspondence, video, phone records, and photos? Parnas may be a scumbag, but he has the receipts!

    1. If Bolton’s manuscript is hearsay *_because it’s a written statement_* that makes trumpsky’s transcript of *A Perfect Call* hearsay as well.

    2. @Samuel Floyd Uh, yah. If it’s relevant to the case then subpoena them and allow them to testify. Bring all the people that are close to trumpsky and can testify he did nothing wrong. Oh that’s right. He’s hiding something and won’t allow them to prove he did nothing wrong. 🤣


    1. elliot fuselier. They only are doing this because, they fear looking bad and having this used against them during their up coming reelection…

    2. ROMNEY is tied to the pay to play in Ukraine as well.. Just wait and see…The Senate is under NO obligation to hear ANYTHING further than the case that the Democrats ALREADY USED to impeach the President.. If the information they had was good enough to impeach Trump then that’s what we want to hear.. WHAT evidence and facts did they use to justify impeaching a duly elected President and cancel out the votes of 60 MILLION voters… It’s NOT the Senates job to FURTHER help the House to prove its case.. Proving High crimes, Bribery or Treason was THEIR job and they failed miserably.. The articles don’t even list a real crime.. Just their “opinion” that he abused his power… ??? But they don’t have anything close to a solid case even though they all voted to impeach.. That’s why Nancy held the articles for an ENTIRE month so they could find something else, pay off, dig up, bribe someone to help their pathetic case…. They just KNEW it wouldn’t hold up in a REAL court of law and when presented to intellectually honest, fair minded people.. Trumps team has LAID WASTE to their case already w REAL facts, evidence, emails, and people’s own testimony….Trump will NOT be impeached because he did NOTHING wrong and NOTHING EVERY other President had done..

  3. Why waste all our money on these Scams and cover-ups? It’s obvious he is guilty, look at all the people that went to jail covering for him. Just throw the book at him and get it over with.

  4. we need to hear about the “drug deal” that Bolton spoke of. i can bet that trump is the ringleader of the drug deal.

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